A New Tiffany Collection, Preppy Chic, New Fred Perry

Happy sunshiny day everyone!

Remember when we asked everyone for their help with a bride-to-be’s pending fashion calamity? (You can read the origins of today’s update right here, or pop over to visit the delightful Miss Daisy at her Legally Blonde Ambition blog.) Below, a refresher on her gown, a silk taffeta confection by Anne Barge:

Courtesy Anne Barge via Brides.com

Courtesy Anne Barge via Brides.com

We can share good news: crisis averted, fashionable footwear has been found! Gaze upon the these lovelies destined for Daisy’s toes this fall!

Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Flat

Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Flat

Another look at Nordstrom provided a vision for our bride, the Jeffrey Campbell ‘Pearl’ Flat. These are really cute but still elegant, a very tough combo to pull off for any occasion, but for a wedding? Wow. Miraculously, we can now breath a collective sigh of relief and whisper a grateful “Mission Accomplished.”  Miss Daisy extends a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who so generously offered their assistance and helped in the hunt!


Next on today’s hit parade, has everyone noticed the recently released Keys Collection from Tiffany?

Courtesy Tiffany

PHOTO: © Tiffany & Co.

The group features key pendants in a variety of precious metals (sterling to platinum) and gemstones.  From Tiffany’s news release:

“The work of skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths, these exquisitely crafted vintage keys unlocked jewelry and keepsake boxes, albums, diaries and steamer trunks, as well as private clubs and country manors.”

Hhhhhmmm….this is one we’ll have to ponder dolls. What do you think?


The always-fun I Want You Now blog gave us another take on ‘preppy style’ in a post fittingly titled Preppy Chic is Back.  The post offers a couple of looks by designer Luella Bartlett, including this one.

Courtesy Luella Bartlett via IWantUNow.com

Courtesy Luella Bartlett via IWantUNow.com

The post is a fun read, and there is also an excellent Polyvore board.


Gargyle is showcasing their new Fred Perry Collections for both men…



…and women.  We like the Leather Frame Purse in a clutch style, sleek and chic.

Fred Perry Clutch at Gargyle.com

Fred Perry Clutch at Gargyle.com

And the Knit Dress in black is a basic, although more-than-a-little short for an aged and ancient female like TP.


Now, we are curious about a claim that purple is listed as a “must buy” color for kids.  That doesn’t srprise us so much as this WWD story (subscription req’d.); it makes this claim:

“When it comes to girls’ shoes, purple is the new pink.”

Moms, Aunts, Grandmoms, you simply must advise The Princess, as we were unaware of this! Below, a few of the items used in illustrating the story, starting with the Benetton boot:

Benetton Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Benetton Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Do tell, as we are feeling helplessly out of touch. Sigh.


The inaural Kate Spade apparel collection debuts this fall, and we’ll share photos from that tomorrow. Today we’ll simply use a clutch from the Fall Collection for our Pretty in Pink.

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

We are out the door for our volunteer stint at the senior gift shop, so until tomorrow, enjoy your day! 


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14 responses to “A New Tiffany Collection, Preppy Chic, New Fred Perry

  1. I love everything from Tiffany! Although those necklaces are not on my ‘must have right now’ list… I want to get another charm for my bracelet… I’m thinking another lock charm, but instead of a letter, the turquise heart, to go with my 2 letters! (the 2 letters, C and D, are for my sons initials).


  2. Hmmm . . . I think I will give Tiffany points for not festooning the keys with “TIFFANY! I bought this at TIFFANY!” & give them a pass. Will have to think more on this.

    Hope you’re having a great day, TP!

  3. I like the whimsy key on the far right…and of course my shoes!!

  4. LPC

    Oh yes. I have had my eyes on those keys for a few weeks. They’ve been popping up around. Notice I said “had my eyes on”, vs. purchasing. That’s another story. But High WASPs like things that used to be keys. Or opera glasses. I even have a pin that my grandmother had made out of one of her old gold retractable pencils. If I ever get a camera, I will send you a picture tp!

  5. I think the key necklaces are cute, but I’m not sure I would wear one. I also love the Kate Spade clutch you posted 🙂

  6. I love the key necklaces! I think I would want at least 2 or 3 to wear together, haha! And I’m looking forward to the Kate Spade post {apparel}. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  7. Love the Kate Spade clutch!! Anything Tiffany is wonderful 😉 xoxo

  8. I love the shoes for Daisy! Great pick

  9. Oh my goodness…I can’t even tell you how much I love that Keys Collection!!!!

  10. OT:I wrote about you!

  11. I like the Tiffany key collection.
    Thanks for all your sweet comments princess!


  12. I love the pearl flats. I am not so sure about the key necklaces…I feel like they would be cuter if they were smaller? I feel like they look HUGE, but maybe its just the screen shot that makes it look that way. I am glad Daisy found her shoes, what a relief!

  13. Hi!
    I’m glad you liked my article about the preppy-chic look and trends. This article is one my reader’s favorites and has inspired many bloggers around the world. I really enjoyed reading your article, specially the part about Fred Perry, which is probably the God of preppy-chicness in our Fashion world.

    I also wanted to ask if you could update the links to my blog since I have changed the name a few months ago. The new link is: http://www.taistoisoisbeau.com/blog/2009/03/25/preppy-chic-is-back-a-remix-of-retro-and-wasp-style/


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