A Preppy Idol Contestant? Felix Rey at Target Online Early!

Hello-Hello everyone, and Happy, Happy Friday!

We apologize for the lack of a post yesterday, but the ever-so-wonderful Consort took us out for a late lunch as a surprise, and then we both dawdled with the Brownie Bomb dessert we shared. It was really over the top delicious. Way. Over. The. Top.

We thought we might share a few rather mindless tidbits today, things that won’t tax anyone’s brain, as it has been a long week…oui?

We start with an outstanding invention, updated once again: the Kitchen-Aid 90th Anniversary Mixer, as seen in this slide from Business Week.


Courtesy KitchenAid via Business Week

The Business Week information says the Mixer is available now, but we could not locate it on the KitchenAid website. All we know is that we *love* the idea of the clear bowl!


Next on the hit parade, a question we have that will eliminate any doubts readers may harbor about residents of the Prepatorium being “hip.” We are asking if this young man is appropriately referred to as “preppy”?

Courtesy American Idol

Courtesy American Idol

Apparently he is a contestant on the wildly popular American Idol television show; following is a snippet from the LA Times blog American Idol Tracker:

“Nor will Anoop Desai’s survival…(be a )surprise… considering the wholesome heat the preppy pinup projects.”

Is he a “preppy pin-up” in your estimation?

Courtesy American Idol

Courtesy American Idol

Wholesome heat. Indeed.


WWD recently carried a story on the Fall 2009 collection from Nautica.

Photo By Asha Fuller

Photo By Asha Fuller

We love the location the company selected for their presentation of the collection: aboard the USS Intrepid.

Photo by Asha

Photo by Asha Fuller

A wise choice from a marketing perspective, as it may reinforce a belief that Nautica actually has seagoing roots, which it does not.

Because yours truly is such a selfish beast, we far prefer gazing at the brand’s apparel for women. How do you like their Boat Couture collection?



There is loads to love with this group, it is that simple. Now anyone who has spent any time on a boat knows “Boat Couture” is almost an oxymoron, unless one is planning to be a guest on an ELB (Extra Large, or Excessively Large Boat), but that’s not what this is all about. It is about goodies like the Cotton Cashmere Anchor Sweater.



Available in two colorways, machine-washable and only $78, this one merits consideration for your sweater collection. For a fun little top, the Pima Cotton Sail Tee is not only darling, but also fiscally-friendly.


There are so many other divine pieces, we may need to do an entirely separate post! We’ll cease our shrieking about the fabulosity by showing the little Girl’s Stinson Canvas Tote.



At only $19.50 we can overlook the twitches arising from a mild case of Logophobia, and instead sing the praises of the bow and the madras. A reminder: to the best of our knowledge Nautica no longer does women’s clothing for retail stores, they are only making it available online. (Sniff.)


A quick heads-up on the Felix Rey for Target Collection due in stores this Sunday, March 29.  Most of the Collection is now available online, twelve pieces are shown on the site.

Felix Rey for Target

Felix Rey for Target

Above we show the Envelope Clutch with Shell in blue. For more on this line, as well as a look at the soon-to-be-released Miss Trish of Capri for Target collection, just check this post.


Frequent readers are familiar with our Pretty In Pink feature, which is precisely as it sounds. While this next item is pink, personal taste prevents it fitting in the PIP category, so we’ll simply say “Here is a _____ in Pink.”

Courtesy Shuella.com

Courtesy Shuella.com

Yes, they are back: the Shuella shoe/boot covers are all ready for upcoming April showers.

For today’s actual Pretty in Pink we are ever-so-happy to feature two darling girls whom we have known for ages. Really. For. Ages.

Meet Pete and Wendy, two charming, bright, witty and beautiful dolls we more-than-adore. Wendy is the whiz behind The Princess website look, and Pilar is someone we have known since she was…. well, you just don’t want to know! (Her mother is TP’s closest friend after The Consort & The Queen Mother.)

Knowing they would be sending us photos of their days scampering about southern California, they dressed in their best Princess colors. (We could almost have this picture do double-duty as an Adventure in Argyle.)

In fact, we told Petey we didn’t care about her follow-through form, it was all about the wardrobe.

What a terrible message for us to send these young ladies, both still at an impressionable age…sigh.  Naughty Princess.

On that note, we hope you are able to enjoy some Pretty in Pink of your own this weekend!



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16 responses to “A Preppy Idol Contestant? Felix Rey at Target Online Early!

  1. I am seriously drooling over that mixer!

  2. pete is darling and tell her it’s all about the hips with the follow thru- they need to be what moves forward first. hips drive the swing, not the shoulders- pretend that someone is pulling her belt buckle forward during her swing.

    that and keep your eye on the ball are what queenbee always falls back on failing everything else.


  3. I think ELB is my new favorite acronym. And that’s saying something.

  4. Totally random comment here – just bought my hubby his bday present from Lacoste and I actually walked out of the store with just that – his present – and not those 2 adorable shirts I wanted to buy for my boys, OR that beautiful, beautiful, pink zippy hoodie that I soooo badly need for all those evening walks to the park with my kids! How good was I, huh? At least for today, anyway…)

  5. Oh I do enjoy that mixer………. perhaps it could sneak its way onto my wedding registry??

  6. Have a wonderful weekend!!! Love the Nautica items!! xoxo

  7. Wow, I love love love the Kitchen Aid clear bowl! And that Nautica tote with the little bow on the handle is darling 🙂

  8. I guess great minds think alike! I am loving all of the Nautica right now 🙂

  9. LeBarron

    Like Anoop, I go to the UNC-Chapel Hill and I went to many of his concerts with the Clef Hangers (an all-male a capella group on campus) when he was an undergrad. Anoop’s totally preppy and I think the stylists on American Idol have a hard time with it. When he dresses himself, he often looks very collegiately preppy. But I don’t think the show’s stylists know what to do with that, so their solution is to constantly put him in polos and hoodies with funky jackets in some effort to make him fashionably relevant or something.

    I say let the man dress himself. I do love that they let him sport his Wallabees though.

  10. KK

    They are adorable!! Do you happen to know where she purchased the fabu green shorts? Love them!

  11. I have to say, I love my KitchenAid Mixer, but the see-through bowl would be pretty cool. All hail the mixer!

    ps: Just found your blog, it’s great.

  12. Amy

    I am loving the cashmere anchor sweater!!!

    And I agree with LeBarron… although I am a Wake Forest alumna and I often root against UNC Chapel Hill, I am a big fan of Anoop. Let the man dress himself!! 🙂

  13. That mixer is cute but I must say I have my commercial Kitchen Aid with the stainless steel–when we make cookies, we make A LOT (think 4 kids + all their friends!).

    The two girls look so sweet–I hope my girls dress so sweet 🙂

    And of course I love the boots!

  14. I LOVE the clear bowl for the KitchenAid…wonder if they’ll ever sell it seperately…hmm. I already have the pink one (natch) but the red might have to come home for the bowl itself!
    Love the two girls too, Pete has a great swing, I’m jealous!

  15. I saw the Felix Rey items at Target this weekend. Too cute! Aren’t preppy golf outfits just the best? 🙂 Pete and Wendy look adorable!

  16. Two things:
    1. I wanted my Kitchenaid mixer and now that I have it I never use it.
    2. I almost bought that Felix Rey handbag and didn’t. Why didn’t I??????

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