A Gossip Girl is Pretty in Pink, J. Crew Sneak Peek

Hello-Hello everyone, and happy rainy day!

Yes, it is raining cats & dogs, but for many reasons, we are in happy mode here at the Prepatorium. One reason could be our gratitude for so many things, some of them seemingly insignificant, but special little markers in the ebb and flow of a day. Seeing darling photos on Facebook from a friend’s daughter in her finest pink & green tennis apparel, the chance to be a conduit in helping someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one, making plans for an evening with the ladies for Club Mom tonight. (Despite our status as a non-Mom, at least of human children, which is generally the standard for determining such things.)

We start with a thank to our new bloggy friend, Kebi, at Hanging by a Thread.

She hosted a giveaway and look what The Princess won! How fabulous are these?! Thank you Miss Kebi!

Next, a sneak peek at some of the pieces in J. Crew’s Fall 2009 collection.

Courtesy J. Crew via WWD

Courtesy J. Crew via WWD.com

The photos accompany this story in Women’s Wear Daily online (subscription required).

Courtesy J. Crew via WWD.com

Courtesy J. Crew via WWD.com

In the story J. Crew execs share some of the theory behind this Fall’s collection:

“We paid attention to things we know make people happy,” said creative director Jenna Lyons Mazeau of the T-shirts sporting giant jewel-encrusted necks and dog prints. “Everyone needs a little levity right now.”

J. Crew Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

J. Crew Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Hhhhmmm… what do you think? Recognizing that more earth tones are seen in fall collections, we still hoped for some brighter pops of color. Perhaps WWD just didn’t select any of those photos for their story, or they weren’t provided. We’ll cross our fingers.

As far as the Men’s styles are concerned:

“…it was all about the unexpected. Classic pieces such as chunky cardigans, chalk-striped suits, buffalo-plaid sport shirts and trenchcoats sported unique touches such as leather buttons or lighter-weight fabrics that updated the trends and made them modern.”

J. Crew Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

J. Crew Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

For those interested in more in-depth background on Crew’s thoughts about spring fashion, pop over to visit J. Crewaholics for a great article she has on her site.


Banana Republic is pursuing a new concept store featuring accessories only. “Edition by Banana Republic” is slated to open at Westfield Mall in San Francisco in mid-May.  The store will carry limited edition items that will not be available online or at Banana Republic stores, an interesting tactic from a strategic standpoint.

In a Monday story, WWD explains most everything in the shop will be priced at less than $100, another wise move on the retailer’s part.  Below, the ‘Luxe jasmine chandelier earrings in semi-precious green onyx for $79.’

Banana Republic Courtesy Photo via WWD

Banana Republic Courtesy Photo via WWD

This one will be fun to watch; hopefully we’ll have some ‘on-the-scene-reports’ from our west coast bloggers!


For today’s Pretty in Pink we feature a face familiar to many readers, the lovely Blake Lively from TV’s Gossip Girl.  Ms. Lively is seen in a fun frock after her appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman Tuesday evening.

Courtesy Flynet

Courtesy Fly Net

Earlier this week Ms. Lively and co-star Penn Badgley (also her real-life love) were seen out to dinner with a Hollywood heavy hitter, Harvey Weinstein.

Mr. Weinstein’s wife, Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman made it a foursome. Naturally everyone is all abuzz, wondering if a Gossip Girl film is in the works.

We can’t help ourselves, and simply must share another Pretty in Pink. Meet Millie, the spoilt red-headed child.


'Milly the Spoilt Red-haired Child'

Milly is the creation of Yali, a gifted artisan with a remarkable shop on etsy.

Is Milly preppy? We think not. Do we have red hair? No, we do not. But we don’t care about these dreary facts, as Milly just epitomizes perfectly how The Princess has felt at times, and we find her altogether loveable.  There are loads of other treasures at this shop, including magnets, prints, more dolls, and all of them are just fun-fun-fun!

That’s it for us dollfaces, we are frantic for time!



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12 responses to “A Gossip Girl is Pretty in Pink, J. Crew Sneak Peek

  1. LPC

    Princess, as you know I am sure that if I squint my eyes I can actually be Blake Lively. Second to that however I choose seeing her in bright pink here. BTW, I will gladly go take a look at the BR accessories spot in the Westfield Mall, just remind me when the day comes and I will hop on over and report.

  2. Is it just me, or does Blake Lively always look perfect?

  3. Oh, a Gossip Girl movie would be FANTASTIC!!!!! I hope we hear more soon!

  4. Aww…It’s tough to be a red head out here in this day in age with sayings such as “the red headed step-child,” drinks such as the “red headed slut,” etc. It’s hard to be a red head! Although I agree that “MILLY” is not exactly Prep-tastic, red heads are 🙂 P.S. Thank you for the sneak peak at J.Crew’s new line. I too wish there was more color!

  5. J. Crew clothes always make me happy ;-)!!! As well as your daily posts!!

  6. I still have yet to watch Gossip Girl!

    Excited for the J Crew line 🙂

  7. You know, I’ve been opposed to this one-sleeve formal dress trend, but I truly think it works here on Ms. Lively. That & the wonderful color make it unique in a good way. (So, the opposite of that heinous Reese Witherspoon dress you tweeted about the other day – too funny).

    I would like it very much if J. Crew would stop with the pants / jeans rolly-uppy thing right now. Stop stop stop!

  8. Love Blake…J. Crew colors are a little too earthy for me now!

  9. FUN fashions!
    Your printed luggage will be off to you today!
    NOW… about you loving my art and not putting me in your blogroll… how can it be… hmmmmmm
    ENJOY your day!

  10. Ms. Fifi – Oooops! You are SO in the blogroll! Thanks bunches!

  11. Blake Lively is always so gorgeous, but I ofter wonder what kind of career she will after Gossip Girl. Mischa Barton hasn’t really done much since the OC ended. I hope Blake Lively does not have the same fate!

  12. Think I’m heading to J Crew right now!

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