Pink’s New Shirt, Talbots & Target Sneak Peeks


We are hyper-busy today, so we shall do some quick blog-bombs! (Essentially Headlines with a brief tidbit, and/or photos.)

There will be a new addition to this fall’s line of Thomas Pink shirts. This WWD story explains the upscale retailer’s announcement that it will offer a wrinkle-free shirt in its Men’s line.  An intriguing thought, although we are somewhat disconcerted, uncertain we wish to purchase ‘crease-resistant’ shirts for the Consort at Pink.

Speaking of TSU (The Spousal Unit), he was more-than-disappointed to learn one of his favorite haunts for apparel is struggling.  Mark Shale becomes another unfortunate SOTT (Sign of the Times), with word they are filing bankruptcy and plan to close stores in Kansas City, Atlanta, and Dallas. The 3 Chicago-area stores will be kept open as a buyer for them is sought; the outlet store closed on Monday. 

When visiting Chicago it is not unusual for TSU to pop into the Michigan Avenue store; he is also fond of the Galleria location (Dallas).  The retailer has women’s apparel as well, with brands many readers will recognize for their exceptional quality and style. This is a shame, as Mark Shale runs an outstanding operation with customer service unmatched by 99.% of their counterparts. 


Those who follow TP on Twitter may remember yesterday’s Tweet about Talbots’ boosting the age of its target customer; previously they were hoping to reach Women age 45 – 55/65, now it is 45 to 65+.  Yikes.

We wanted to share a few looks from Talbots’ fall line. (We don’t know if these styles fit with a marketing plan aimed at women 65+… your thoughts?)

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

The look in the picture above seems more suitable for the under-55 demo IOHO, while this next style easily transcends age. 

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

The Women’s Wear Daily story describes some of the looks: 

“Among some of the highlights of the fall collection, are cardigans with ruffles, bows and rosettes; printed scarves and waist sashes; sheath and lace evening dresses from $129 to $149…”

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Here in the corner condo we are hopeful these photos do not represent the best of the fall fashions, as there is little that appealed to us.   


We have an update on the eco-friendly Loomstate for Target Collection due in stores in time for Earth Day which is April 22. 


Photo by Talaya Centeno

All of these pieces are made from certified 100% organic cotton. 

Photo by Talaya Centeno

Photo by Talaya Centeno

 It is nice to see a GO International line with menswear, just a few photos down. 

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

These next two photos are via the fabulous Nitrolicious, who has several more pictures from the group on her site.  


Pieces in the collection will range in price from $14.99 through $44.99. The men’s collection will be in stores about a month longer than the women’s, but as with many of Target’s limited edition collections, pieces may go quickly.  

That serves as a good reminder: the Thakoon for Target Collection is now drastically reduced. The clearance pricing includes things like tops at $4.24 and dresses at $13.99 


For today’s Pretty in Pink we have several offerings, simply because we have absolutely no self-control in some areas. (We recognize that for most readers this is not new information.)

How about the Hello Kitty Polka Dots rain coat for kids?

Of course there is a matching Hello Kitty umbrella available, also at DLL Rainwear.

No need to be alarmed about finding something of this sort for your very own: the Pink Damask Raincoat for Women.

On that cheery note we say ‘bye, as we fly out the door!


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17 responses to “Pink’s New Shirt, Talbots & Target Sneak Peeks

  1. Maureen

    Oh I love the damask rain coat.

  2. I LOVE the first three …very Hitchcock.

  3. love all of the pink raingear! tagged you back bubble!


  4. Princess Freckles

    I may need that Hello Kitty umbrella! I love all things Hello.

  5. I love me some Target! Thanks for spreading the word; I always like going for a greener option when it’s available.

  6. If I am wearing an outfit like that at age 65, then GO ME!! Wow.

    I’m thrilled to hear about the organic cotton at Target – what a great step to take.

    And that Hello Kitty raincoat? Too adorable for words. I’d be praying to the rain gods just so my little girl could wear it 🙂

  7. What a darling umbrella and raincoat! I so need a granddaughter 😉

  8. I just looked at the Talbots catalog this afternoon…didn’t see much that appealed to me either and I am usually a HUGE Talbots fan. Hmmmm…

  9. Loving those pink items!! In elementary school I was such a fan of Hello Kitty. Each year I would pick out a Hello Kitty (or one of the other HK friends) bookbag, lunchbag and all matching supplies. So fun! The damask raincoat is fabulous!

  10. OMG I need that Pink Damask raincoat!!!!

  11. Your blog is adorable!

  12. I love those samples that you posted from Talbots!!! Shoot, I’d wear them, and I’m over thirty years younger than their target age. LOL=)

  13. That damask raincoat is precious.

    Poor Talbots – weren’t they just trying to appeal to a younger demographic mere months ago? For a brief moment, they were carrying things I’d consider buying, but looks like they’ve gone in another direction again. Wouldn’t say that new direction is 65+, however, based on those photos.

  14. I am very grouchy about Talbots doing this – they were getting younger and cuter for a while and am worried they’ll frump it up again. I get almost all my suits there and will be sad if they go back to calf-length skirts and tapered pants.

  15. Oh, I love the Hello Kitty umbrella and raincoat! If I had a girl, I’d be in serious trouble… I already shop way too much for my boys!

  16. Wow, you found raingear for Little Miss and me! Thanks!

  17. I think I really need to buy this pattern!lovely..

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