More Price Cuts: Lacoste, Coach, J. Crew + Gossip Girls & Guys Do Rolling Stone

Hello-Hello! We hope your week is progressing splendidly, and that a touch of spring has entered your spirits, if not your habitat!

Before anything else, we must thank the one and only Preppy Player, who was much-too-kind in bestowing the Kreativ Blogger award on TP!

Thank You Preppy Player!

Thank You Preppy Player!

Thank you Miss Player, we are flattered by your generosity!

Today we have a jumble of all things preppy, or something akin to that, so let’s jump in with the topic near and dear to almost everyone’s pocketbook, the cost of enhancing one’s wardrobe.  (Yes, we are completely suspending the ‘no discussion of the M-word’ rule, as it is simply too top-of-mind and relevant to today’s content. So there.)

Regular readers may recall our posts last November and this January about permanent price cuts being implemented at J. Crew.  One example we shared was the Jane suede ballet flat; its original selling price was $98, less than what Crew previously charged for similar shoes. (One note: the Jane style flat is now marked down to $59.99 as part of the company’s Final Sale; this season’s version of the shoe is the Marjorie flat.)

The prep-style retailer is extending its pricepoint sensitivities to online marketing efforts, now offering “Instant Gratification” groups at the Crew website.

J. Crew

J. Crew

The featured merchandise is below $100; there are links for both Men’s and Women’s “gratification” items.

Now other retailers are sounding the same theme. Lacoste says they will be lowering the price of some merchandise, according to a column Jeanine Poggi recently did for Forbes.

“For the fall, Lacoste will offer cable-knit sweaters, normally $145, for $98…”

We are speculating the sweaters being referenced are similar to these, from last Fall’s collection.

Originally priced at $135, the Long Sleeve Cable Knit Sweater is now $68.99 in most colors in Women’s sizes.  The Men’s Crewneck version of the cable sweater is on sale for $73.99, marked down from $155.   One thing Lacoste is promoting heavily for Men this Spring?



Madras… the Preppy Classic” is also featured as a trend for Women.



We’re not sure how flattering this madras High-Waisted Skirt will be for most, that waistband could prove a little dicey.

Back to the Forbes story, apparently Lacoste plans to drop prices on more than just their sweaters:

“In spring 2010, Lacoste plans to lower prices in other categories, including its signature polo shirts.”

Also mentioned in the piece, party frock and gown designer extraordinaire, Monique Lhuillier

“Monique Lhullier, for example, will offer several gowns retailing for $2,500. Her dresses usually sell for between $3,000 and $7,000.”

…along with upscale leather-goods firm Coach.

“Coach is also planning to trim profit margins, reducing its average handbag price to $300 from $335.”

As we mentioned in this post on their soon-to-debut Poppy line, Coach is using a variety of strategies to offer customers different price levels.

Perhaps the most frightening item in the Forbes story is the insight on other brands offered by a retail expert, Eugene Fram. His inside perspective on two companies near and dear to TP’s heart is chilling:

“In terms of pricing, some of the organizations are now on the defensive, like Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany’s,” he says. “It wouldn’t be surprising to see price reductions of 50%-plus in their attempts to avoid Chapter 11 proceedings.”

Simply put, this can’t happen. Cannot. Happen. At. Tiffany. Or. Saks.


Also today, news of another magazine cover for stars of tv’s Gossip Girl show, but some may be surprised just which cover is featuring Blake Lively & Leighton Meester. Those with refined and/or delicate sensibilities may want to scroll quickly past the next photos as they are rather vulgar.  Perhaps we should have ascertained this from the title of the Rolling Stone story, “The Nasty Thrill of ‘Gossip Girl‘”.

PHOTO: Terry Richardson for Rolling Stone

PHOTO: Terry Richardson for Rolling Stone

For a moment we were a tad confused, sure we must be looking at images from an issue of W, as the article contains the requisite photos of the cast together in bed.

PHOTO: Terry Richardson for Rolling Stone

PHOTO: Terry Richardson for Rolling Stone

The story also includes Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szhor as well as most of the Gossip Guys, Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley.

Those interested in “more on the steamy cover shoot” can read all about it right here.


Because we feel the need to lift ourselves up and out of the gutter, we shall close with a bit of nautical accessory fun, prefaced by this Pretty in Pink, the Silk Blazer from Smythe:

Smythe Blazer at Net-a-Porter

Smythe Blazer at Net-a-Porter

We adore Smythe jackets, for they fit like a glove while somehow managing to provide room enough to move around in without feeling like you are in a strait jacket.

And our spirited nautical item? Also from Net-a-Porter, the much-too-fun shoes from Stella McCartney.

Courtesy Stella McCartney

Courtesy Stella McCartney

Yes, much-too-hip for anyone here at the Prepatorium, and a little (ahem) over the top from a budgetary perspective, but really… aren’t they darling?

Until next time dolls, smiles at each and every one of you!


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14 responses to “More Price Cuts: Lacoste, Coach, J. Crew + Gossip Girls & Guys Do Rolling Stone

  1. I love GG, but not Rolling Stone…

    Love your insight on the recent price cuts at some of the best stores. I hadn’t really noticed as I’ve sworn off shopping recently, but when I’m back, I’kk be heading to Lacoste to try on that skirt. We’ll see if its flattering or awful.

  2. VP

    I’m thinking I need that Lacoste sweater…and that copy of Rolling Stone! 🙂

  3. I have a sudden urge to go shopping…

  4. OH MY! Look at that picture of them in the bed! SCANDALOUS!!!!

  5. That is indeed sad news about Saks & Tiffany, although I’ll admit that in These Difficult Times, price reductions (and what took so long?) make it more likely that I’ll shop again at either.

  6. I hope that retailers are lowering their prices. It will put them back to a normal level (considering many of them jacked up their prices over the last couple years). Plus, who can afford $100+ for EACH item. J.Crew definitely needs to get a handle on prices and it wouldn’t hurt for others to follow suit. Speaking of suits…I just love the pink blazer!

  7. Wow! I didn’t know about your mom living in Bloomfield Hills! I grew up there. Its a great town. If you’re ever visiting let me know! 🙂

  8. I hope we don’t lose Tiffany or Saks. I have heard that they are in serious trouble. J. Crew seems to be trying to do everything possible to help themselves as well as the consumer. Mickey is smart! Thanks!!

  9. I still love those J.Crew flats . . . I may need to give in and get a pair for spring! I’m not a Gossip Girl watcher (oh, the shame!) but am intrigued now by the Rolling Stone cover . . . hmmmm!! And check out those Stella shoes – I’d like to see someone walking down the street in those without falling over 🙂

  10. I love those Stella heels but I would be a giant in them!

  11. Speaking of Tiffany & Co., I lost my Return to Tiffany bracelet that I have had for years and years… along with my C and D charms, (for each of my children)… I have looked everywhere I cannot find it! I’m giving myself a few more days and if it doesn’t turn up I’m buying it again, along with the charms, because I feel naked without it. I have like their entire silver collection and I love love love their stuff!

  12. Oh no! Saks and Tiffany simply must make it! Glad to hear about J. Crew and the lower prices. P.S. Love that you volunteer at the senior center. My sorority’s philanthropy was alzheimers so in college we volunteered at senior centers and they have a special place in my heart.

  13. So great post and good to point out when companies do something right!
    And you’re very welcome for the award, you deserve it.
    Guess what, my parents and three younger sisters lived in Plymouth, michigan for a few years 🙂

  14. Congrats on the award!

    Yes, the GG cast on a bed. Again. Perhaps the magazines are trying to say that the characters sleep around with each other too much?

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