The Princess is in Shock!

The Princess is absolutely stunned.

Dazed and amazed.

Wondering how she could be so lucky as to win not one, but two blog Giveaways! We haven’t ever won any of the giveaways we entered, so this is amazing! The other interesting thing is that both bloggers were doing their first-ever Giveaways!

Our first stroke of luck came from the wonderful Hanging by a Thread blog:


The talented Kebi is the brains and beauty behind Hanging by a Thread, and the earrings we won are the handiwork of Botanical Bird jewelry. Take a look at these beauties:


Since this was our first Giveaway win, you can imagine our amazement when we learned we were the lucky winner in another giveaway!


Kristin is the proud owner of the Summer in Newport blog.  Just as the title indicates, Kristin summers in Newport, and also has a love of things pink and green.  Winning her giveaway means we get to have this!

A thousand “Thank you” hugs to both Hanging by a Thread and Summers in Newport for their generosity! And for anyone interested in the designs created by Botanical Bird, or the goodies offered by Kristin Pearce, just clicking on their names will transport you to their Etsy shops.


Now we have some fabulous photos to share, thanks to the delightful Preppy Pit Bull, just home from her excursion to New York last week. She was one of the many bloggers fortunate enough to be part of the Lilly-clad audience for last week’s Martha Stewart show focused on the Lilly Pulitzer Jubilee.

She is ever-so-nice, sharing her photos of some of the excitement, starting with the photo above, a special shopping event at the new Lilly Mother Ship (as we call it) on Madison.  In the next photo you can two members of the design team working on new prints for the line.

And here is a shot inside the studio where the show was done live.

For anyone interested in the rest of the photos and more info, just click here and you’ll find yourself at Miss Pit Bull’s post on the topic! Thank you for sharing Miss Preppy Pit Bull!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!



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9 responses to “The Princess is in Shock!

  1. You are the lucky one! Sounds like a good omen for Spring…

  2. Congratulations!! What a wondeful way to start the spring season!! 😉 xoxo

  3. TCP

    Congrats on the wins! Doesn’t it just brighten up your day?

    I must go explore Kristin Pearce’s site immediately…

  4. Thanks for the shoutout about Botanical Bird. I got a couple of necklaces I ordered from her yesterday. I’m in love.
    I’ll be getting your earrings out soon, so glad you won!

  5. YAY! Nice way to start March 🙂 I need to check out those sites–the earrings were so pretty!

  6. Thanks for letting me share my pictures! I had a wonderful time up in NYC, and am looking forward to the Lilly event in King of Prussia tomorrow night as well, where I will hopefully see Prep-E girl, Erin and some other bloggers!
    Congrats on the drawings wins as well, what a nice way to start the weekend! xoxo PPB

  7. Oh and I tagged you 🙂

  8. So pretty! 🙂
    Congrats on your winnings, too!

  9. Congrats on your two giveaways, how fun!

    Based on the vantage point of the Preppy Pitbull, she must have sitting right in front of me at Martha!

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