Lilly Pulitzer & Bridal Fashion Updates, Sales of a Preptastic Sort

Hello-Hello, is everyone recovered from all the frenzy about the Lilly Pulitzer special featured yesterday on the Martha Stewart show? We all need to congratulate the beautiful bloggers we know who were part of the studio audience, they looked so wonderful! To see all of the looks modeled during the show, click here to scoot over to the Lilly site for sketches, photos and more.

Everyone in the audience received incredible gift bags with a pair of sunglasses, sandals and a set of the new Lilly Pencils!

Lilly Pulitzer Pencil Set

Lilly Pulitzer Pencil Set

When the commercials came on during the show we continued to open up more boxes full of re-orders and new additions to our Lilly Stationery & Gifts line, including these much-too-fun File Folders.

Lilly Pulitzer at

Lilly Pulitzer at

There are a number of luscious Lilly markdowns and sales in so many brick & mortar stores as well as quite a few online shops.  In fact, today we shall combine our Pretty in Pink and Adventures in Argyle features to bring you this yummy item at the über-chic Cloister Collection:

If you are comfortable with the little exercise that we call “buying forward,” then this Rosalynn Cardigan is made for your walk-in!  Originally $188, the sweater is now $72.50.  Next, the Gather Round sandal at Zappo’s 6pm site, ideal for this spring unless you are overly concerned about items from previous seasons.

The 6pm site also carries apparel (news to us!), and offers the darling Lilly Pulitzer Kids Mini Kimmie Novelty Skort at almost 50% off the original price. This cutie is still available in a good range of sizes as of this writing.

Deals such as these are very difficult to pass up!


Style steals abound, and in keeping with our whale theme (there’s a stretch) we share this from Kate Spade, the Whale of a Time Imprintable Invitations at $13, previously $25.

In addition to the Sale section of the website, the retailer is also taking 25% off their Spring ‘Must-Have’ items.

This offer runs through March 17th.


Just when we think the luxury purveyors can’t come up with anything more ghastly than previously seen, a new entrant shows itself. Behold, the Lanvin sneakers:

If curious about the decor, those are pearls.  Created for the man of the house, they are available at Colette for the mere investment of $770.  Call us crazy, but we just aren’t seeing the Consort in these for St. Patrick’s Day. (Our thanks to High Snobiety for the original tip on these.)

Surprisingly, this pair from Chanel is nowhere near as hideous.

In fact, we would almost classify the logo as “borderline discreet,” although we don’t remember seeing Chanel high-tops before….?


And finally, an update on the Bridal Fashion Crisis we discussed here and then updated here.  The bride-to-be, Daisy at Legally Blonde Ambition, shared the latest on her shoe hunt via email.

First and foremost, she is immensely grateful for everyone’s input here at the Princess blog, as well as the great suggestions sent in to her blog.

“I love the idea of a shoe to match the bridesmaids. They are wearing espresso and I found a gorgeous J.Crew ballet flat in espresso as well as delicate metallics.”

“I also liked some of the individual heels some of your lovely ladies found. I’m now quite confident I will find the perfect slipper…”

And with such grand news from Miss Daisy, we shall sign off until next time!


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18 responses to “Lilly Pulitzer & Bridal Fashion Updates, Sales of a Preptastic Sort

  1. TP what a wonderful post! I have a question since you are far more versed in wonderful stationary than I am. I’m looking for chic and fun 3 X 5 notecards to collect notes for a book, have you seen any great designs? Any help would be appreciated, I’m afraid for this project regular 3 X 5 cards just won’t do.

  2. I’m pretty sure that Coco C. does not approve of the the new high-top sneaker.

  3. When I think Chanel, high tops just do not come to mind – in any circumstances – haha! What in the world is Coco thinking about those shoes? 😉 xoxo

  4. Vicki

    OMG, thank you, thank you TPP for enlightening me about the existence of I love them even more now that I know they have Lilly on sale.

  5. Oh how I’m loving this Lilly-filled week!

  6. Hi-tops for watching whales!
    Spouting, sporting and simply witty!

  7. That little novely skort is absolutely adorable. BTW, it is really fun/funny to say “novelty skort.”

  8. That Mini Kimmie Novelty Skort was almost mine – that site does not ship to Canada, so it appears my little girl will not be sporting that ADORABLE skort this summer. Sad. On a lighter note, I haven’t seen the Martha show yet, although I have it recorded and plan to catch up on it over the weekend!!

    And those Lilly file folders are the sweetest – they would make even the most mundane filing tasks a little brighter now, wouldn’t they???

  9. I so wish I could have attended the show…their gift bags look like they were quite lovely! And even though I must agree that the Chanel shoes are not hideous, I am quite saddened by having to think of Chanel & Athletics in the same sentence…ha!

  10. Lilly P does have some really cute stuff!

  11. Love it! Great blog!

  12. uh-oh…I need those sandals! so cute & I love the little bit of brass on the heels!! Thank you for posting about 6pm I’ll have to start visiting there regularly! Also thank you for NOT posting a picture of Kanye West’s new sneakers for Louis Vuitton – they are heinous. *hahaha!* Mr. West needs to stay away from the world-o-design, IMO.
    * ; )

  13. Gosh, Chanel and 80’s sneakers are not something I would have thought of either. Interesting! I hope you Lilly filled week is going well TPP!!

  14. I LOVE those whale invites!

  15. Congrats, you were the winner of the earrings on my blog.
    Please email me your address, you have until Saturday night to do so before I draw another winner.

    Again, congrats and thanks for entering.

  16. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your blog is great. That stationary is so cute. I may have to get some for myself to start writing ACTUAL letters instead of emails 🙂

  17. I feel like giving that pencil set to someone.

  18. Love every single Lilly item! Have to agree with previous commenter–can’t see Coco in high tops but she did always make it a point to be unique so who knows?

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