How About a J. Crew Wedding Store? Also, the $300 Monogram

Hello-Hello everyone!

We are a little crazed and dazed here at the Prepatorium, having just received enormous shipments of new Bungalow Scout totes and Lilly Pulitzer Stationery.  The Consort is busy supervising his minions (heh-heh-heh) in the unloading process. Us? We’re whiling away the hours watching Martha Stewart’s Lilly show, but our primary goal today is planning a foray into the stockroom housing the new treasures.  Methinks we have earned one of these:

Scout Totes at

Scout Totes at

The Poolside Stripe pattern simply shrieks “Summer” at us and it will hold a million things. (Ssshhh. Don’t tell TPC, he’ll never miss it.)


On to a few pieces of J. Crew news, starting with the one closest to your pocketbook, their ‘Private Sale.” We almost didn’t post this one ladies, as it really does not fit within the parameters of what we define as a “sale.”  To us a sale is a price that is less than the original price at which an item was sold, a discount on merchandise.

This particular “J. Crew Private Sale” is not a sale as it merely provides a discount of 20% off one’s order when spending $175 or more.  We think of this as a promotion and there’s nothing wrong with a promotion, not at all.  But we don’t want to become tedious in posting every little promotional effort offered by our favorite retailers, so we shall leave it up to you, our treasured readers:

  1. Does this qualify as a ‘sale’ in your estimation?
  2. Do you want us continue providing information on such promotions?

BTW, if interested in taking advantage of this promotion, the code to enter at checkout is SECRET.

Also, there is word that the preppy retailer is thinking about opening a bridal salon, a simply marvelous notion we heartily embrace! In a recent conference call with stock analysts, CEO Mickey Drexler talked about that possibility.

““A bridal salon store is something we’re talking about,” he said. We’re looking uptown and downtown. If the right location came up, we’d do it.””

That information comes in this story from WWD, as well as another comment from Mr. Drexler on Crew’s pricing strategy:

“We’re responding to customer preference,” Drexler said. “Our bestsellers are things that are in fact stylish and fashionable and under 80 or 90 bucks. That’s where the action is right now.

The company plans to continue with their Madewell brand, opening another 8 stores this year, and they recently announced their new Size 12 shop for children.  Speaking of children, how much do we like this as a Pretty in Pink for today?

J Crew Girls' Katy Trench

J. Crew Girls' Katy Trench

The Girls’ Katy trench coat is available in Dune (a more traditional tan), but that is nowhere near as fun as the fuchsia color!  And when we spotted the bow on the back, we were goners.


J. Crew Girls' Katy Trench


Also today, news that Louis Vuitton is offering a new service, Mon Monogram, for almost all of their items. In essence they will put your monogram on their monogram.

Courtesy Louis Vuitton

Courtesy Louis Vuitton via

A story provides this tidbit, sharing the image you see above of the Vuitton Speedy 30, available at $700 for the standard version, $1,000 if you would like to personalize the monstrosity place your initials on their initals.

Now, to be fair, Vuitton provides complimentary hot-stamp monogramming on the majority of their small leather goods. And the company offers leather-goods in patterns other than their Monogram line.


We are more than a little behind the times with our final tidbit, but we really wanted to share some of the photos of Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester from this past weekend.



The wise and wonderful Fashion Herald took the pictures at Lady Footlocker this past Saturday, and shared them on her blog.





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9 responses to “How About a J. Crew Wedding Store? Also, the $300 Monogram

  1. Ohhh because adding a monogram makes those bags less tacky?

    Gosh…I am nasty today.

  2. mmm a J. Crew wedding shop… delicious!

  3. Landlocked Mermaid

    YOU are too nice!! your comments are so sweet. I did have fun and everyone was so nice. I wish I could have packed you up in my suitcase and took you with me. everyone would have loved an extra princess in the crowd 😉 xooox

  4. Well, Princess, I think I will stick with the $15 monogram on my pink and green Scout Tote 😉 It’s fine with me if you continue to post the promotions that are not really sales! Thanks for another great post!! xoxo

  5. Received the same Private Sale notice from J. Crew. Who are they kidding?
    J’adore the mini pink trench. Wish it were available for big(ger) girls. (sigh)

    And monogramming a monogram bag is ridiculous, but I can’t wait to see which trend slave bows down to LV and forks over $1,000 to put her initials on one of their bags.

    I’ll stick with my $30 Bean Boat Tote, thanks.
    Enjoy the rest of the week, TP.

  6. oooh love LM- did you know that we both share the same birthday (April 9th)?!! Hugh Hefner and Dennis Quaid too. But I digress…. 🙂

    ’bout the pink lilies of the valley- I think that they sound super fun and tres adorable!

    lastly- what was up with the ice sheets that were coming a-shore in linvale (linwood) michigan? saw that when running at the gym earlier this week- out of control freaky!


  7. Why would one monogram this sort of LV bag, when the point is to look as much as possible like everyone else? (kidding, I’m kidding here!) (well, only about the point, not my dislike of the omnimonogram LV stuff). There are a few gems in the LV lineup – I still adore the Epi line, for example – but I almost never see those out & about.

    About posting sale news, I say post whatever you please. These promotions masquerading are perhaps less interesting, but any discount news is good news nowadays.

    On a happier note, those Scout Totes are so darling!

  8. Flattery will get you everywhere, Ms. Princess! And I’m dying over that lily kid skort w/whales, adorable!

  9. Hmmm, not sure I’d want to get my LV Speedy monogrammed… I love it the way it looks now!

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