Spring Fun & Fashions, Who Let the Dogs Out at Gossip Girl?

Hello-Hello, and happy sunshiny day! We are expecting an almost-tropical high temperature of 45 degrees today!

You realize of course, there is no way TP can resist some of the spring fashions we have been seeing, especially those designed for the Young Miss or Master of the house.

Best & Co.

Best & Co.

The Gingham Sleeveless Dress is available in the blue shown above as well as an outstanding pink, both in Girl’s sizing.  Also in Girl’s sizes, there is a Springtime Scottie Sweater that is just TDF, as well as this striped Rackets Sweater.

Racket Sweater

Racket Sweater

Not to mention the twill pants with embroidered little whales.

Best & Co.

Best & Co.

Or the seersucker skirt with embroidered sailboats.

Best & Co.

Best & Co.

There are also darling looks for your Young Man.

Best & Co.

Best & Co.

The striped sweater and button-down shirt are both ready to report for duty, basics perfect for rounding out any young man’s wardrobe.


Best & Company

Best & Company

Truly just in to our email, word that Best is doing a special promotion, offering a 25% discount from their regular prices online and in-store; the promo code to enter at checkout is SPRINGSAVINGS.


And for the youngest family members eagerly awaiting the Easter Bunny, how cute are these?

Courtesy Room Service Home

Courtesy Room Service Home

It may be difficult to discern in the photo, but these precious Snowbunny Snugs have a perky bunny face, whiskers, ears, and more.  Beyond cute, they are available at Room Service Home.

Of course, if one feels the need for their own bunnies, there is an adult version available from the online and catalog retailer.

Room Service Home

Room Service Home


We have yet another magazine cover featuring a star from everyone’s favorite prep school in the sky, the oh-so-popular Gossip Girl.


Blake Lively has landed the cover of April’s UK edition of Marie Claire.  Ms. Lively has been busy when not filming the show in New York, most recently at yesterday’s DKNYMEN Fragrance launch. The actress was sporting a Tory Burch top, but apparently plans to create some fashions for herself in the future, according to this story from USA Today:

“Lively is turning into something of a DIY girl. “I just got a Singer sewing machine and I’m so excited. I’m having a desk built at my house. It’s something I really love,” she said.”

Not to be left out, G2 co-star Chace Crawford is also receiving coverage from a pop magazine, honored with one of Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Male awards this week.  Of course.

PHOTO: Matt Sayles/AP

PHOTO: Matt Sayles/AP

Serious fans seeking a glimpse of Mr. Crawford can watch him this evening on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

While not a glossy, the Daily Princetonian is certainly more reflective of contemporary life at an Ivy League school, and assuredly more realistic.  In today’s issue they carry a fascinating story on Laura Breckenridge,



Ms. Breckenridge has the unique distinction of actually attending Princeton while also portraying a character on the Gossip Girl show.  She plays the role of Rachel Carr, a new English teacher at the hypothetical private school on the city’s Upper East Side the show is based on.  According to Preppy, Preppy blog, Preppy Princess, Preppy Princess blog, preppy style, preppy fashions, preppy look, prep senior writer Elinor Flynn’s story, “Spotted: L. drinking coffee in Chancellor Green Cafe,” not everyone on the show was a stranger to Ms. Breckenridge:

“She actually wasn’t a stranger to everyone on set: She and Leighton Meester, who plays the delightfully conniving Blair on the show, knew each other in high school and ran into each other a few times when they both lived in Los Angeles.”

When asked about life on the set, the actress offered an interesting perspective:

“The most striking feature of the “Gossip Girl” set? The number of dogs running around. Meester, Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen — to name a few — all arrive to work with a pup in tow. “All the dogs hang out in the hair and makeup room,” Breckenridge said. “There are always dogs coming up to you. It’s nice.”

The story’s subhead is “‘Gossip Girl’ Laura Breckenridge ’10 on school, acting and kissing Penn Badgley“. We’ll let you scan the article for that information.


We close today with a Pretty in Pink from St. John’s SoCa Collection.

SoCa by St. John at Saks

SoCa by St. John at Saks

And while running a bit (a bit?!) more than we currently have on hand in pin money, we still adore the Silk Taffeta Jacket, now available at Saks. To be honest, it is just making our Spring Fever worse! For some reason, it shrieks Muffy Martini at us, perhaps because it is from the Southern California line. (You know, the younger, hipper line we pretend we can wear…sigh.)

Until next time, ladies, grins and giggles for your sunny day!


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13 responses to “Spring Fun & Fashions, Who Let the Dogs Out at Gossip Girl?

  1. That seersucker skirt is completely precious. Perfect for a fresh new season!! And that pink jacket??? Gorgeous – it couldn’t look better either, those white leggings really compliment it well.

  2. one of the few advantages of being a 5 foot lady is that I can wear kids clothes- might have to get the crossed tennis racket sweater for my little ol’ self- once Lent is over of course and I can shop again 🙂


  3. Is it wrong that I want a little one just so I can buy them those ADORABLE bunny slippers?

  4. Unnnhhh…another whole week-and-a-half until a new episode of GG! Eternity! Maybe they have been waiting for Taylor Momsen’s hair to grow back out…

  5. KK

    Thanks for that article- I loved her in Related and was bummed when the show got cancelled (probably bc I was the only one who watched it but whatever).

    I so want tots just so I can dress them up in those adorable clothes!!

  6. Anonymous

    The best and Co. clothes? THE BEST!
    Thanks for the behind the scenes tidbits about gossip girl. My son’s office is near the “school” they film at and he is always teasing my daughters by testing them with Gossip Girl sightings!

  7. Love the bunny slippers too cute. Great pink jacket, perfect for spring if that ever comes! Have a great weekend Preppy!

  8. Best has unbelieveable sales in Greenwich periodically – recently, I bought a stack of $600 a piece dresses for $70 a piece. I felt like I won something! And their $300 cashmere layette – ugh, makes me feel crazy inside to think of the dry cleaning bills for my two week old to be clad in that stuff! I want them to get real and stay as beautiful…

  9. What a supercute post!!! I love the outfits for the little ones, I love the snowbunny snugs!!! I had a similar par when I was a child

  10. I LOVE the SoCa line! That jacket is super fab!


  11. Many thanks for the skinny on the Best & Co. sale…absolutely adorable!

  12. I love that sweater!

    I didn’t know that she attends Princeton.

  13. Oh, my! The Peanut may need that gingham dress…

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