Lacoste Limited Editions, Forever 21 Does Plus-Size

Hello-Hello everyone, we hope your day is sun-splashed and bright, as ours is turning out to be!

We will blast our way through a number of headlines today without going into too much detail, there is simply so much going on!

Most importantly, we used to select a winner of our Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway:


Congratulations to Tales of a Golf Gal at Country Club Livin’! Please send us your information so we may get your Lilly Mouse Pad and Lilly coffee mug on their way to you! Whoo-hoo!

And as we are speaking of giveaways, over at Misadventures Manor…

… the always-fabulous Mrs. Newlywed is doing a Giveaway of her own, debuting some of our new classic totes!

We hope the photos are bright enough to show these off, as they are just wonderful! The totes are good sized, made with heavy-duty cotton canvas that can take a beating, but they’re also fashionable, with their grosgrain ribbon trim. The new line will come with ribbon in iconic preppy images…

As well as images that…ummmm, well….let’s just say ribbon that inspired a healthy debate here at the Prepatarium!

It’s simply this: we don’t really consider certain images to be ‘classics.’ It’s not so much the pretty little ballerinas, but the pirate ribbon that generated the “discussion.” (Ahem.) But we are guessing many of our kind readers have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc., who simply adore the skull and crossbones imagery…perhaps? Perhaps yes?  So, the new totes shall be offered in all of our favorite ribbons as well as some designs considered to be more ‘contemporary.’

Best of all, the pricepoint on these is more than fiscally-friendly: at $35 they are a whale of a deal! (Yes, tedious pun intended.) We are mortified to admit these are not yet available at the Preppy Princess, we promise to have them online early next week.


Regular readers know we adore the clean lines and understated elegance one finds in apparel and swimsuits by Shoshanna. If you are going to be anywhere near the city next week, the designer will be showing her latest looks at the Saks mother ship (5th Ave.) next Thursday, the 12th, from 4-7pm.

Here is just one of the new pieces from the collection:

Courtesy Saks Fifth Avenue

Courtesy Saks Fifth Avenue

The Ruffle-Front Eyelet Dress is done in a chic cotton, ideal for your spring break or this summer’s cocktail functions!


Lacoste is doing another limited edition collection, this one featuring nine different shoes, all  celebrating the myths surrounding crocodiles.


Lacoste Tennis 91 West Africa

The blue shoe is meant to be representative of West Africa, the green Tiller model relates to Egypt and the brown commemorates crocodiles in Polynesia.

Lacoste Tiller

Lacoste Tiller

Should you find these appealing, they will be available in April.


Lacoste Tennis Polynesia

Recognizing our remarkably self-indulgent stick-in-the-mud fashion sense, we must acknowledge they probably are not for us. These are more our speed:

The Espa 2 can be found any number of places; our photo is from Zappos.


We have news that the wildly popular Forever 21 stores will be launching plus-size fashions.


“Faith 21” is slated to launch in May, although not at all stores. For example, the Trib reports the retailer’s Michigan Avenue store will not carry the collection.

The Princess has never set even so much as a little itty-bitty toe in a Forever 21, primarily out of fear that upon doing so all movement would cease, every head would swivel in her direction and an emergency message would begin emanating from the store’s loudspeakers: “Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! We have an old lady in the store!”  Thus we were intrigued by the shop’s Nautical Collection:

Forever 21

Forever 21

Something tells us this collection will not be seen here at the Palace.


We’ll close with a Pretty in Pink offered by the Princess Consort!

Courtesy  via TMZ

PHOTO Courtesy Caters News via TMZ

He tells us this is an albino dolphin. He also promises this is the truth and he is not making it up. We suggest taking it under advisement and consulting with local counsel.  Indeed.

Until next time dolls, have a super sunny day no matter where you are!


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15 responses to “Lacoste Limited Editions, Forever 21 Does Plus-Size

  1. The pink dolphin picture sent me through a loop yesterday!

    Your totes are a hit over here at Misadventure Manor! The entries just keep coming!

  2. JM

    That comment just brightened my day, and believe me it hasn’t been very bright today. Thank you! This is the first smile I’ve had all day pretty much. And, the pink dolphin just topped it off. I don’t care if they call it an albino, it’s still pink plain as day to me:)

  3. If you love Shoshanna then you need to check out the upcoming Rue La La boutique. If you aren’t familar with Rue La La its an online limited sale boutique. All types of designers are on there but only for a limited time. For example I bought a Vera Wang dress that retailed for $450 for $129 and a Shoshanna dress for $125. If you are interested shoot me an email and I will send you the invite.

  4. The black ruffle dress is REALLY what I’m talkin’ bout!

  5. I just wanted to say I received my Lily crown today, and it was soo speedy and perfectly packaged.

    I look forward to getting all my lily needs from you!!! 🙂

  6. LOL about the Intruder Alert at Forever 21!!!! I would get busted too…”Alert—woman with un-cool shoes and C-section scars approaching the accessories…”

  7. I love the black ruffle dress! Tres chic ~~ and Preppy 101 certainly appreciates the Preppy Princess for always giving me something divine to read and covet 😉 xoxo

  8. I once went into Forever 21 to look for something for my 14 year old. Saw some cute trendy summer shirts tryed one on and it may have been my size but not meant for a 40 plus year olds body. It was stuck on me and I had to practically dislocate my shoulder to get out of it. I yelled at the teenager working the dressing room I told her she should have never let me in there. Hee Hee some how my back fat was her fault!

  9. kepster

    As the owner of a green tote with the most adorable pink pirate skulls, I welcome the whole skull motif to the prep pantheon, albeit the “edgy” end of such! Thank you Preppy Princess for always brightening my day!

  10. I’m going to voice the minority opinion here and say that I adore the pirate ribbon! I prefer my prep with a bit (or a lot) of irony, and this somehow just tickles me.

    Liking those Shoshanna pieces a lot. She really is great at simple dresses.

  11. TCP

    Those new bags are TDF! Love them!

  12. Great finds!! I have to admit that I lean towards “sporty” preppy so I am actually liking the Lacoste Tennis 91 West Africa shoes – they are so bright and perfect for spring!

  13. love the totes, especially the sail boat trim! I just saw your post that I won your Lily giveaway, how exciting, thank you! I think I lost you during your move, but I’m back. Let me know what you need, but I did send you an email. Thanks again!

  14. Both blogs have great headers!

  15. jo

    Hey stupid, there really IS a pink dolphin in La. Its an albino.

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