Snuggie Truth Revealed, and Sperry for Spring!


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It seems there is a wildly popular cultural phenomenon we had been unaware of until recently. We are speaking of the oh-so-popular “Seen on TV” product more commonly known as the Snuggie.



Somehow we weren’t fully versed in Snuggie-speak, so we were forced to do a little research. (Okay, a lot of research.) Little did we know how popular the creations are, leading the Times to do multiple stories on them in the last few weeks!

For anyone as sadly uninformed as we were, the Snuggie is essentially a blanket with sleeves.

The oh-so-popular item is sold primarily through television infomercials.  But according to this story in the Times, the Snuggie was not the first! (Gasp!)

Nay, nay SnuggieFans, not so fast.

“On CNN recently, a segment on the Snuggie — four million of which have sold since it began advertising in October — said it “has spawned all sorts of online imitators” and later mentioned the Slanket as one “of the other versions of the Snuggie out there.”

But it turns out that the Snuggie is actually the imitator.”

We offer Exhibit A, the Slanket, seen below.




But the Times story digs even deeper, revealing news the Slanket was preceded by…are you ready? Enter Exhibit B, the Freedom Blanket!



The Freedom Blanket currently sells for $29.99, the Slanket is $44.95 and the Snuggie is $19.95, although one can apparently acquire one for only $14.99 at ‘select’ retailers like Walgreens.

All of this leaves us wondering if The Princess needs to consider pink and green blankets-with-arms? Will we be horribly out of touch with our customers if we do not carry them come next fall? Will there be anti-Princess protests across the nation if we do not add these to our inventory and keep a ready supply on hand?

The Times also ran a story by Allen Salkin, “Snuggie on the Street: Watch Your Back” investigating the merits of wearing one’s Snuggie on the street.

PHOTO: Christopher Smith for the NY Times

PHOTO: Christopher Smith for the NY Times

Above we see the Snuggie on Broadway. Below, we see one of the drawbacks to outdoor use:

PHOTO: Christopher Smith for the NY Times

PHOTO: Christopher Smith for the NY Times

There is no back on this item, creating more than a little draft when one steps away from the sofa. Hhhhmmmm.

The whole topic has us wondering if perhaps some of the womenswear designers were thinking of Snuggies or Slankets when creating next Fall’s looks….?

PHOTO: Mauricio

PHOTO: Mauricio Miranda

These photos from the Milan Fall 2009 RTW shows certainly bear a resemblance to a Snuggie, don’t you think?  These two creations are from Salvatore Ferragamo, the photos via WWD.


PHOTO: Mauricio Miranda

We are just saying….


In our unceasing efforts to hurry spring we offer footwear designed to boost everyone’s spirits, starting with the Sperry Pelican Tall Boot in a stylized anchor motif.  Miss Nautical, do you approve?


The boot comes in a number of delightful colors and patterns; above you see the blue plaid. We looked at these this weekend at Nordstrom, and would have considered trying on a pair had anyone in the store’s shoe department indicated an interest in assisting us in that endeavor.

Another Sperry shoe we are fond of is the Women’s Print Bahama, available in three colorways. The green version has anchors, the pink features sailboats and the aqua-blue pair is adorned with a seahorse print.


Also new this spring, the Waterloo from Admiral in a seersucker and chambray look.

Courtesy High Snobiety

Courtesy High Snobiety

They will also be available in this classic blue seersucker and chambray.

Courtesy High Snobiety

Courtesy High Snobiety

We thank the bright minds over at High Snobiety for their initial story on these shoes!

Until next time dolls, have a simply splendid afternoon!


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22 responses to “Snuggie Truth Revealed, and Sperry for Spring!

  1. *haha!* “snuggie” definitely sounds better – a “slanket” just sounds like a slutty blanket, and…ew! *hahaha!*

    How about a nice oversized terrycloth or fleece ROBE? With slippers and perhaps an auxilliary blanket, if needed, would that not be warm enough?
    * ; )

  2. I’m sorry, I can’t seem to get over the name “Slanket.” In fact, I may be thrown out of my lecture right now for Slanket Snorting {trying to conceal laughter over the SLanket}.

  3. This post made me laugh. The Freedom Blanket? OMG. No offense to snuggie fans, but the snuggie is a symptom of what is wrong with America! Four million have been sold in less than 6 months? FOUR MILLION BLANKETS? Good lawd.

    Cute shoes!

  4. Where can I find those Admiral Waterloo boat shoes?! I must have them! Please help!

  5. LPC

    I have watched that Snuggie commercial many times. I always laugh. I cannot shake my vision of hundreds of thousands of Gandalfs wandering into their kitchens wearing fleece.

  6. Oh Miss Bernadette, that is a good question! Tus far the only place we can find them is a Japanese website,

    The site has pother shoes from this maker, many of them far more contemporary than the pair shown in our post. If we find a stateside location selling them we shall email you soonest. (That is one of our favorite words from when telegraphs were the best way of communicating!)


  7. Oh, the snuggie! GOODNESS! I love those top siders and I have entered the giveaway!

  8. Oh I need those pink and navy Sperry’s!!! So cute!

  9. Everytime I see the snuggie ad I think of the Jones cult and kool aid 😉

    Very funny!

  10. Too, too funny! WHat’s weird, is that I think my mother-in-law would actually like one of those….

  11. Hilarious! I got a snuggie or probably a freedom blanket for Christmas last year. Who knew I was ahead of the trend?

  12. Backless dresses = good.
    Backless blanket things with funny names = bad.

  13. A slanket? WHAT? Where have I been hiding that I have not seen these hideous things? Seriously?? Who would use those? Is this where marketing is headed in the future? Egad.

    But on a happier note, I’m loving the blue plaid boots. Perfect for wet spring weather and cute as a button to boot!!

  14. My 5 year old wants a snuggie. I told her to put her robe on backwards. I want to know how they keep their backs warm??

  15. Love the new Sperry’s!!

  16. Omg, I have those green Sperry’s with the anchors!! I love them!! Now I want the Sperry wellies!!

  17. TCP

    Oh, what perfectly lovely Sperry spring-y goodness! I think a new pair of boat shoes will be calling my name this spring!

  18. My boyfriend got me a Snuggie this week!!! Its the funniest and greatest thing ever!!! I want to get mine monogrammed!

  19. I rather like the top two mugs.

    I’m not quite sure about my opinion on the Snuggie, but I did happen to see a video with a different opinion on college

  20. i’m torn between the Snuggie and the Shamwow

  21. lol. Great job with your research. I have seen so many sites that had no idea that the Freedom Blanket even existsed. The design has been around for years but it wasn’t until the snuggie that the product had enough marketing power to blast the US via TV. Pretty weird how things worked out.

  22. My son received a snuggie for his 8thbirthday. He loves it. But I find the open back annoying, in much the same way I hate hospital gowns. Can it be too long before the snuggie hospital gowns appear?

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