‘Patently Preppy’ and ‘Prepster Deck’ Shoes


We start with an homage to the one and only Third Coast Preppy; when we saw this hat it simply shrieked TCP.

Courtesy Refinery 29

Courtesy Refinery 29

It may be difficult to discern because the photo is so dark, but the hat is a giant lobster.  The creation is by milliner extraordinaire Stephen Jones and was worn at a gala noting the opening of the V&A’s new show “Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones.


As always, we like to bring you news of ‘preppy perspectives’ around the world. Today’s comes via The National in Dubai.  Their story, Feet on the Ground, takes an in-depth look at the saddle shoe.

“…. think appliquéd college jackets, button-down Oxford shirts and rolled-up pants – footwear that wouldn’t be out of place at a boys’ boarding school circa 1950 is back in style. Two-tone saddle shoes – usually sporting a suede upper, contrasting leather and a red rubber sole – are a key look.”

Courtesy Paul Smith via The National
Courtesy Paul Smith via The National

Red rubber sole? We think not. A number of interesting assertions are put forth in the story; we do not concur with all of them, but suggest readers may still find it an interesting read. Another point:

“The patently preppy saddle shoe has infiltrated the streetwear market as well.”

Almost every brand we can think of seems to be included in the story, from Sperry to Gucci to Fred Perry.  Happy Reading!  (As an aside, the Paul Smith website shows a number of Mens’ Brogues, but not the style seen in the photo accompanying the article.)

Regular readers know we are simply batty for Paul Smith, especially their socks with the little bow.


Adoration of these is not our fault, it is something in our genetic makeup, we are quite sure.  (Tee-hee.)


Since we seem to be featuring shoes today, we’ll share a pair used in a story proclaiming the following to be *the style* to have this summer.  We generally wear a pair so beaten up they really are an assault on the eyes, but they are our favorites and we can’t bear the thought of discarding them!

Stephanie Prommer at the Teen Fashion Blog writes:

“This may sound crazy, but I predict that prepster deck shoes are going to be THE footwear choice of the summer. I’m personally crushing on these $60 Bahama Plaid Cuff kicks from Sperry Top-Sider, which come in five adorable color combos.”

They are available in a variety of delightful colorways, including this one:

We do adore the shoes, and think another blogger of a Prepalicious sort may have already featured them.


Speaking of Prepalicious, Miss Nautical, did you see this one at Bergdorfs from Stella McCartney?

Net-a-Porter also carries it and there is a coordinating sail print skirt as well.


We almost never-ever-ever do this, but today we post a springy message lifted directly from our electronic in-bin, compliments of Bergdorf’s.

Courtesy Bergdorf Goodman

Courtesy Bergdorf Goodman

The retailer was promoting their a pink theme.

On that note, ‘bye until next time!


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13 responses to “‘Patently Preppy’ and ‘Prepster Deck’ Shoes

  1. can we call that hat a Crustacean creation?

  2. Oh I adore those boat shoes. I can imagine the sight I’ll be sporting the pink and green ones at the next “Keep Austin Weird” neighborhood block party.

    It’s getting harder and harder to stay preppy in a city that prides itself on weirdness…. 🙂

  3. positively SWOONING over the pink and green top-siders!


  4. I am so certain that boat shoes are the IT shoes this summer-big time!
    I am so happy, many good choices out there 🙂

  5. Those topsiders a simply adorable!

  6. OMG I love the topsiders ! I’d buy in a heart beat!

  7. Oh my! I have got to get those starfish sandals! They’re too cute & perfect for summer!

  8. My boyfriend loves the saddle shoe look. I think he believes he lives in the 20s. 3-piece suits included, ha.

  9. Amelia

    I had saddle shoes as a small child! I had forgotten about that till your post! Thanks for the sweet comments while I was gone. Looking forward to getting back into everything 🙂 Give Tilly a kiss for me!

  10. Shoe # 1 reminds me of golf shoes my dad used to have. The lobster hat. Wow. Do you wear that with a butter sauce?;-)

  11. I saw the Stella in person and was SO tempted to try it on. I hope the sweater goes on sale!

  12. Great, thanks. I was trying to resist buying a pair of sperrys this year, but now I’m going to end up buy three pairs thanks to you! (Although the shopaholic part of me is secretly thrilled by this, the part that is trying to control my out-of-control budget shakes it’s fist!)

    But those pink and green ones are just TOO darling.

  13. There is nothing more luxurious than Guerlain lipstick – especially in such a yummy shade of pink. Oh, Bergdorfs…they certainly do know the way to a girl’s heart.

    Happy Weekend, TP.

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