Sneak Peeks: Target Shoe & Purse Collections, Coach Poppy Line

Hello-Hello & Happy Day!

Today we start with a sneak peek at the next limited edition shoe collection for Target. These are from the Miss Trish of Capri for Target line, due in stores and online April 5. Below, the Starfish Sandals.

Courtesy Target
Courtesy Target

The collection will be available until mid-June; price points are going to be about $29.99.

Courtesy Target
Courtesy Target

And don’t forget the Felix Rey handbag line due at the Boutique on March 29! Below, a photo from the designing duo’s website; we do not expect to see this bag at Target.

Courtesy Felix Rey
Courtesy Felix Rey

This next photo is hypothetically a bag from the upcoming Target collaboration.



And thanks to the always-on-top-of-things Nitrolicious, here are a few more bags from the Felix Rey line:

Courtesy Target via

Courtesy Target via


Now you know, there is absolutely no way TP can breeze through the Tar-szay site without adding at least a Pretty in Pink to the mix. Or an Adventure in Argyle.  Or both.  And these little beauties seem to land somewhere in there!

We offer the Toddler Girls’ Circo® Jenna Plaid canvas shoes for your consideration.

Courtesy Target
Courtesy Target

Ladies, do we not also need these in big, grown-up girl sizes?


Women’s Wear Daily reports that Coach is debuting a new line, Poppy,” they hope will appeal to a wider demo.  We are speculating this shall either be a smash hit or utter disaster for the upscale leather goods firm.

Below we share a bag from the collection.  The. Red. Sequin. Handbag.

Coach Courtesy photo via WWD
Coach Courtesy photo via WWD

The poppy flower has been associated with Coach for some time, featured on different items.  The story describes the collection:

“… from a tote covered in a profusion of red sequins to “Gossip Girl”-worthy tiaras to pochettes covered in strands of gold beads.”

Here are a few of the aforementioned tiaras, although we wonder if they could possibly be headbands? Which would actually be more in keeping with Gossip Girl.

Coach Courtesy photo via WWD
Coach Courtesy photo via WWD

Coach president Reed Krakoff is quoted throughout the story:

““It’s going to excite the existing Coach customer, as well as draw in a lot of age groups. It’s been a fun exploration of who the Coach woman can be.”

Coach Courtesy photo via WWD
Coach Courtesy photo via WWD

Excited? In a manner of speaking. You could say that.

And just as some lovely designs sans logos were popping up on our accessories radar, like the ever-so-wonderful Bleecker Clutch:

Coach Bleecker Clutch
Coach Bleecker Clutch



Speaking of Gossip Girl and accessories, we were intrigued by this look on Leighton Meester. She and co-star Chace Crawford are seen working on the show in New York Monday.


Also spotted on the set Monday, Taylor Momsen, in a look not quite as tailored as Ms. Leighton’s.

Fans of the hit show will be pleased to know the CW Network announced yesterday it has renewed G2 for another season.


Yesterday we read a sad SOTT (Sign of the Times) over at Mom x 2 about retailer Conrad Egan closing in Florida.  Then last night TQM (the Queen Mother) called, inquiring about us being up to speed on the looming closure of Walton-Pierce.

What?!? Noooooooo!

As described in the Detroit News:

“We know what this means: another ending. More closure to days of gentlemen and ladies, fine handwriting on embossed stationery, certain conventions of class and character long associated with the Grosse Pointes.”

“The store also famously seized upon the Lilly Pulitzer-style, pink-and-green, country club look that became synonymous with Grosse Pointe matrons,…”

Ouch. This one hurts.


In an effort to end on an up note, we close with a new addition to the Preppy Princess: here is the Grosgrain Ribbon Handbag!

Just in time for spring, these are made in classic, grosgrain ribbon atop cotton canvas, a great combination available in three colorways:

ti7808fuchsia11ti7808blk1 ti7808turq1

They’re they perfect size, roomy without looking like an overnight bag, and we priced the bags in a fiscally friendly fashion. We would love to know what you think of them!

Until next time, grins & giggles and thoughts of spring!


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15 responses to “Sneak Peeks: Target Shoe & Purse Collections, Coach Poppy Line

  1. OK, you know how I feel about the blatant logo – that black “COACH” purse is awful. Just awful! But the pink clutch is adorable, so I’ll forgive them. 😉

    I LOVE the plaid sneakers. Oh, I’m in such trouble if this bun in the oven really is a girl. And I agree, why don’t they make these adorable sneakers for women??!

  2. Those Coach bags are quite unfortunate.

  3. the grosgrain bags are adorable! and priced VERY reasonably!
    and love the felix ray bags, right?!

  4. Those ribbon bags are so cute! I love them!!

  5. Oh my. I wish you could see the many, many Coach bags in The South. Because of that, when I see anything that is not discreet, leather, or is covered in the absolutely horrible “C” logo…all I can think is, “what a redneck.” Sigh…sorry I indulged my inner snob.

  6. Wow, very excited about the Miss Trish sandals! Thanks for the heads-up!

  7. Anonymous

    Ribbon bags are a breath of fresh air. Although I haven’t one nice thing to say about all the new Coach items, I do have to give them props for trying something new…gutsy.

  8. I love the ribbon bags! There is a woman on the Main Line who makes them custom if you bring her ribbon, so I did that and I love it! I also love the little girls shoes, adorable! The Coach bags are tragic, which is sad because I normally adore their stuff 😦

  9. Taylor Momsen looks so different to how she does on GG! (Why I am suprised I have no idea, its quite ridiculous!). p.s. isn’t it sad that so many companies are going ‘bling’ I mean, isn’t it a bit late anyway, isn’t it dead and gone? Perhaps they are aiming at the Russian market – I know they love stuff like that. p.p.s I mean no harm to Russians or should my comment be interpreted as derogatory, Russians look fab in bling…. :)))))

  10. TCP

    Miss Trish at Tarjay?!?! I can’t wait to see these in person!

  11. I’d say I need the smelling salts right about now, but Coach has long been beyond the point of surprising me. Things have grown so dire over there that I don’t even want to carry my tasteful Coach of old anymore.


    At least the Miss Trish coming to Target is intriguing news.

  12. *gasp!* red sequins! Love!

  13. I love those nautical bags, especially the one with the shell! Perfect for summer 😉

  14. I hope the Miss Trish of Capri sandals look nice in person. I love that brand and can’t wait to check out the line for Target.

  15. I love the pic of Leighton! and her bag!

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