Gossip Girls & Guys at Fashion Week, Preppy Nail Polish?

It is a grand and glorious day, despite the wild wind outside and prospect of more s-n-o-w. Bleh. But it is warm and bright here in the corner condo at Princess Intergalactic HQ, we are doing all we can to create our own sunshine!

While it is always fun to look at the styles being shown at New York Fashion Week, it is even more fun to share a philanthropic story about the goings-on in the city.  In conjunction with the opening of his new flagship store on Fifth Avenue, Giorgio Armani donated $1 million to the Fund for Public Schools in New York.

PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP
PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

That is news that brings a smile to this camper’s face, it is wonderful to see anyone sharing like this.

One could almost term the celebrities ubiquitous at the gala celebrating the store’s opening, including one of our favorites, January Jones of Mad Men.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner
PHOTO: Steve Eichner

Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford makes another Fashion Week appearance:

PHOTO: Evan Agostini/AP
PHOTO: Evan Agostini/AP

Also at the festivities, designer Thom Browne, he of Brooks Brothers Black Fleece fame.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner
PHOTO: Steve Eichner

Mr. Browne is also known for the length (or lack thereof) of the pants in his men’s suit designs.  Mayor Bloomberg and Caroline Kennedy joined Mr. Armani as part of the ceremony marking the designer’s donation to the City’s schools.

PHOTO: Evan Agostini/AP
PHOTO: Evan Agostini/AP


We mentioned Thom Browne above; it reminds us of the sneakers he designed along with Converse for the fabulous French store, Colette.


Other Gossip Girls stars were spotted at varying shows. First, Taylor Momsen at Anna Sui.

PHOTO: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

PHOTO: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Also seen, Leighton Meester in attendance at Proenza Schouler.

PHOTO: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

PHOTO: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Ms. Meester appears to be sporting a new do, with bangs!


The Tommy Hilfiger show was this morning; we will effort more photos later today, in tomorrow’s post at the latest. This grouping is from a just-published story in the Telegraph.

PHOTO: Getty via The Telegraph

PHOTO COLLAGE: Getty Images via The Telegraph

You know that TP is simply ga-ga over the pink coat. Below, four more looks from this morning’s show.


PHOTO COLLAGE: Getty Images via The Telegraph

We shall have additional photos as promised. We intend to do the same with another prep-style designer, Tory Burch, who showed her Fall 2009 collection yesterday.

PHOTO: Imaxtree

PHOTO: Imaxtree

According to this story from the WWD staff, the designer has shifted her approach:

“Tory Burch is trading in her sandals and ballet flats for a pair of ready-to-rumble combat boots. This season, she’s gone streetwise and edgy.”

Here is one more style:

PHOTO: Giovanni Giannoni

PHOTO: Giovanni Giannoni

The WWD story cautions those fond of a little more tailored or conservative look not to be alarmed by the edgier pieces. Apparently the collection also includes designs more familiar to the Tory Burch customer.

Actually, Ms. Burch was in the front row at a show herself, viewing Narciso Rodriguez yesterday.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner

PHOTO: Steve Eichner


Because we attempt to keep an eye on all things prepatitious (?), we thought we’d share the following with you from this post at the Fashion Matters blog:

“Anyway, Orly has introduced new spring colors for its Prepster Collection.  Prepster. Preppie. Get it?”

PHOTO: Courtesy NewsOK

We are loving the names for the different colors, they are fun and witty:

  • Prim & Proper – lavender shimmer
  • Tennis Anyone? – nude crème
  • OMG – fuchsia pink crème
  • Polo Princess – pastel pink crème
  • Country Club Khaki – taupe crème
  • Cashmere Cardigan – iris blue crème

Below, a closer look at Polo Princess, courtesy of the always-ahead-of-the-trend Katee at the E-Polish blog.

Courtesy E-Polish Blog
Courtesy E-Polish Blog

We simply have to ask: what name do you fancy the most?


We share a little piece of heaven we just got in, part of our Lilly Pulitzer stationery and gift line here at the Princess. Below, the Take Note Mousepad:

Lilly Stationery at PreppyPrincess.com

Lilly Pulitzer at PreppyPrincess.com

This is too fun in the pink and green Cabanarama pattern, a standard size mousepad topped with a pad of paper! (And all for only $15, who can beat that?!)


The always-wonderful Ronda at All the Best shared some insight today about this poster, long a favorite of ours.

The message just says it all, don’t you think?  We’ll close on that thought dolls, we hope your day is splendid!


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14 responses to “Gossip Girls & Guys at Fashion Week, Preppy Nail Polish?

  1. Fantastic people and nails!
    Gossip Girl is so much fun!

    a kiss for you friend!

  2. TCP

    I *just* dropped that poster off to be framed on Monday! Great minds think alike as usual, PP!

  3. I love the cashmere cardigan of course, all though I prefer my nail polish to have rather snarky names like those of the Urban Decay collections….

    As a child of the 80’s I must say I am shuddering, and twitching to see the 80’s style coming back more strongly year after year. I’m afraid the 80’s didn’t do much for anyone’s figure, complexion or hair, and yet this is the era we want to emulate? Bleh….

  4. “Streetwise and edgy”? Noooooooo….

  5. great update! my blonde question of the day because I’m sure the answer is painfully obvious- where and when can I get the preppylicious Orly polish? Love Tennis Anyone and Polo Princess for the fingers and OMG for the toesies!


  6. You know what Miss Queen Bee, that is a great question, because yours truly DID NOT manage to include the “available in April” fact in the post. As is said these days, Duh!

    However, Ms. Katee at the e-polishblog.blogspot.com says in her post about this that she has had reports of it popping up early in beauty supply stores.

    Thanks for asking, excellent question!

  7. My sister has that poster in green (in a pink frame)!

  8. I just love Leighton Meester & January Jones. I think they’re both such classy starlets in today’s icky-Hollywood society. Love the nail polish! It’s nice to find a good pastel matte color…

  9. Oh, that pink coat is fab!

    Not sure if I like Leighton with bangs… pondering… no I don’t think so. Still gorgeous.

    I love that Orly makes three free friendly nail polish, I love the names but I’m def not wearing iris blue, taupe or lavender shimmer. I’m SO BORING, I know…

    That model to the left under the pink coat photo looks like she is about to die of starvation… like her neck is too think to hold up her head. Just my observation. No?

  10. yay for preppy nail polish! thanks for the mention 😉

  11. Ooh! I pick Prim & Proper. 😉

  12. Polo Princess here, reporting for prepalicious duty.

    I love the January Jones ensemble. I don’t always like her (non “MM”) choices, but she is a showstopper when she gets it right.

    I hadn’t made it to the Tory Burch collection yet, but had heard she was going for a different look; glad to hear there are still some classic pieces coming out.

  13. I’m in love with all that nail polish! How cute? Thanks for the top!

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