How the French do Preppy & New Preppy Pet Collars, Leashes, Harnesses

Hello-hello! We are ever-so-excited here at the Prepatorium, we have hit tropical temperatures! The tv Weatherologist just said it is 55 degrees!

We start with a quick update on the Lilly Stationery Giveaway triggered by this comment from the always-wonderful McMommy, who asks:

“Lilly stationery?? Squeeeee!!! My best friend would LOVE THIS!!! If I tweet this and post to facebook, can I enter those as entries too?

The answer? A resounding “Yes!” and “Yes!”

Become a Preppy Princess fan on our Facebook page, or tweet about it on Twitter and you will be entered again! That is one additional entry for Twitter & one more for Facebook. There is one caveat: do let us know by posting another comment or via email.  (If anyone wants to follow us on Twitter our name is PreppyPrincess, all one word.)


Frequent readers know we love showcasing the different ways “preppy” is perceived, not just in the U.S., but around the world.  Today we share a French perspective via the CfraisRudy Blog, and a post titled “Le Look Preppy.”  The author shows this image from the French edition of Elle.

Courtesy Elle France

Courtesy Elle France

The post starts by explaining (this is an extremely rough translation) that “…the preppy look is very popular right now, and will be for some time to come.”  Le Look Preppy is described as “…the University look…more specifically, pre-university….”.

Both Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger are cited as primary examples of the style; most readers will recognize this classic Polo ad, used in the blog as an example of the look.

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

The post closes with the author sharing their take on the style.

Courtesy CFraisRudy Blog

Courtesy CFraisRudy Blog


Last night we took a few hours for some recreational fun, watching Westminster, an annual event here at the Palace.  Frequent readers know that TP & the Consort love their four-legged family members, Tilly, our rescue bulldog, and Scooter-the-Wonder-Cat. Below, the animals at work:

Not to be confused with Silly Tilly (above), we have Champion Bulldog Silly Lilly, being judged yesterday (below).

Monika Graff/UPI/Landov

PHOTO: Monika Graff/UPI/Landov

Next, Dylan the Afghan, in an image not seen on television!

Courtesy AP

Courtesy AP

At the risk of being inappropriate, have you ever wondered how the dogs are… ah…., the way that the dogs take care of….umm…well, how they take care of personal issues?! Now we have the answer:

Julie Jacobson/AP

PHOTO: Julie Jacobson/AP

That would be Micah up above in the photo, a 2-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel visiting a plastic fire hydrant. This is a temporary dog park set up across the street from the Hotel Pennsylvania, temporary home to 1000+ prized pooches. (We are speculating that Micah is probably not too happy to be memorialized forever in this fashion…just guessing.)

Tonight we have the Sporting, Working and Toy Groups, along with the naming of Best In Show. We both love the Working group, home to our favorite breed, the Giant Schnauzer.  As we are already going to the share a few items from our new line of Preppy Pet Collars, Leashes & Harnesses!

Your kitty and your pooch will be oh-so-fashionable in these, all of them customizable per your wishes,  in ribbon and webbing choices we think you will like.

Princess Ribbon Preston Leather Products

Princess Ribbon

We are pleased to carry two styles of dog harnesses in addition to the collars, with the harness rapidly becoming a favorite among dog fanciers.

We close with the Billykirk bag at Gargyle, now in for spring, and very cool!

Billykirk at

Billykirk at

We are now racing out the door to loll about in the sunshine!


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15 responses to “How the French do Preppy & New Preppy Pet Collars, Leashes, Harnesses

  1. Jackie

    Oh we look upon Westminster as more socially significant than the Super Bowl! Loved your coverage. Any new Preppy Dog Collars and leads that are more male dog appropriate? Love the new additions.

  2. We watch westminster too, the beagle that won best of show last year now resides in Austin and my boxers have a little fantasy of meeting said beagle at the dark park… or perhaps it’s my fantasy – he was just too cute.

  3. Over here in LBA land we cannot wait to rescue our first pup. We are hoping towards the end of this summer we can offer a rescue puppy a forever home….and spoil him/her with all sorts of fun leashes & collars.

  4. I love the dog leashes and collars! Miss Darcy just got a new pink-and-yellow polka dot collar from Old Navy. She will not be mistaken for a boy at the dog park any longer!

  5. I love how you segue in your post. The transition from item to item- all with a lovely theme!

  6. Ooh, love the pic of Tilly & Scooter wonder cat! The Pretty household also got caught up in Westminster last night; such fun.

    And I am so excited you’re carrying harnesses now, since HRH Pug cannot (for Pugly health reasons) wear a collar. Off to investigate!

  7. A fine looking brood at the Palace!

    The collar and leashes are adorable. If my four legged babies weren’t prone to finding the grossest of gross and rolling about – they would most definitely be adorned with the above. *sigh* But, we just can’t have nice things.

  8. TCP

    I love getting a glimpse of the French preppy aesthetic…reminds me of an article I read years ago where the author stated that if you ran into someone with really great preppy style on the street, the odds were that they wouldn’t speak English.

  9. Thanks so much for the JL encouragement. It was a fun meeting! Have a fabulous afternoon!

  10. ooh french preppy – tres interesant! I’ll have to post on ‘Dutch Preppy’ – there is a definitive ‘uniform’ going on there!

  11. FUN photos and fashion! Love to watch the Westminster dog show!

  12. I watched until the Peke was robbed of the toy group prize!

  13. I need those leashes for Bitty and Bear!

  14. I love the whale leash – how doggily adorable 🙂 My cocker spaniel would be STYLIN’ walking around the ‘hood in that!!!

  15. love those pups!

    I have a ? about the lily stationary..are you going to get the crown that the dog wears in the ad? I kinda need it for my best friends birthday:) thanks!

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