WANTED: You and Your Lilly for a TV Taping

Happy, Happy Day to everyone!

Producers at the Martha Stewart show want you and your Lilly!

As part of the Lilly Pulitzer 50th Anniversary PR push, the design legend is scheduled for a March appearance on the show. And it turns out they are looking for studio audiences members dolled up in their favorite Lilly looks! The show’s website provides more information:

Head to your closets and take out your favorite Lilly Pulitzer outfit to be a part of our studio audience this spring as we celebrate Lilly Pulitzer’s 50th anniversary with a fashion show! Whether your colorful printed outfit is vintage or it’s one of her latest fashions, get ready to don it for our exciting show! Coming up in March, our entire studio audience will be filled with Lilly Pulitzer fans wearing their favorite pieces. Please be sure to explain why you would like to be a member of our Lilly Pulitzer audience and what you plan to wear!

The show is taped in New York; if plans take you there in March, you may want to keep an eye on any announcements with a specific date for the Lilly show.


The one and only Suzy Menkes has a fabulous column over at the IHT titled, “The It bag is over. Cue the hit shoe.


Ms. Menkes makes a point that brings a smile to our face:

“Inevitably, classicism is on the way back in a jittery financial climate that is encouraging customers to look for lasting value. So there is also an emotional and intellectual reason to look for a fresh fashion start after the dramatic end of the bling-bling era.”

Buh-bye to bling? Be still, my beating heart.  Although this look below from Chanel‘s Spring 2009 collection is clearly not what we would call a classic look, with the possible exception of the suit that is really not visible in this shot.

Courtesy Catwalking.com

Courtesy Catwalking.com via IHT

The writer also makes the case for shoes moving into the spotlight as the ‘It’ accessory.

“Judging by the designer offerings displayed in post-sale shop windows, shoes are out to steal the limelight, with mighty platforms, carved heels, cages of straps and all sorts of decoration, from feathers to beading.”


PHOTO: Catwalking.com

The shoes seen above are Spring 2009 designs by Louis Vuitton, Luella, Fendi and Gucci.  Ms. Menkes makes a point about the towering heights of these creations:

“Since the “model wobble” was a feature of the recent runways, the concept of “falling for” a pair of these pricey pieces is going to take on a whole new meaning.”

Precisely our concern. Well, not exactly, as it is unlikely we will be toddling to a League meeting in shoes of that height.


The company that sold the fabric used for Michelle Obama’s Inauguration day outfit wants you to buy some of that same material!  First, a reminder glance to refresh the memory cells:

Alex Brandon/AP

PHOTO: Alex Brandon/AP

The used for the Isabel Toledo designed dress and matching coat is available for anyone to purchase; that is, if one can spare $500 per yard for the fabric.  A Baltimore fabric store is offering the fabric; this message appears on their website:

We are able to purchase the fabric that First Lady Michelle Obama wore at the inauguration. It is a yellow embroidered fabric, 33” wide. It is approximately $500/yard.”

If seeking more information and/or photos on the Inauguration look, click here for one of our Inaugural Fashion posts.  Frankly, the shop looks like the sort of place where TP could get into serious trouble.

Courtesy 'A Fabric Place'

Courtesy 'A Fabric Place'


BTW, for those mourning the loss of Domino, commiseration is available not only here, but more importantly, in a vastly superior form in this story from the Times.  “A Girl World Closes, and Fans Mourn” is a great piece looking at the magazine’s loyal fan base, inconsolable now that the magazine is folding.

We close with another Pretty in Pink, this time an update to the classic Love sculpture by Robert Indiana.


Courtesy Colette

Courtesy Colette

Offered online by French retailer Colette, the pink Love paperweight is done in polished aluminum.

May everyone’s weekend be absolutely Prepalicious!


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17 responses to “WANTED: You and Your Lilly for a TV Taping

  1. Heavens. One won’t catch me toddling ANYWHERE in those ghastly heels, let alone to a League meeting.

    On a happier note, three cheers for the end of the “it” bag, at least for now. Who has the time to change purses every other week, let alone the inclination or finances?

    Have a marvelous weekend, TP! Best of luck with the Lilly influx.

  2. A Lilly show on Martha? How spectacular!! I will be absolutely sure to watch. I’m certain they don’t want babes in the audience, but my little girl would be the *cutest* Lilly-wearing sweetheart if she were chosen 🙂

    I’m really liking the LOVE paperweight!

  3. It’s so sad about the closing of Domino 😦 I’ll have to check out that story. I wish I was going to be in NY this spring to catch that MS show, how fun that would be. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. lovelovelove this post, merci beaucoup for the heads up on the Lilly show! PS- the chanel furry stilettoes made me think of my fav’ word in my spanish repetoire- “pantuflas”- literally “bedroom heels”- but fun, frilly lady heels!


  5. Vicki

    Oh no, no, no TP…you’ve enabled one person today and successfully. That fabric shop in Baltimore is in my stomping grounds! Hubby is from there and we get up there often.

    I NEED to mapquest this.

  6. Oh I do “love” that paperweight! What an adorable Valentine’s Day present. As usual, Princess, you do not disappoint me 🙂 Cannot wait to see the Martha “Lilly Show”! xoxo

  7. What a great post! A Lily Martha show? Fantastic!

    That fabric store reminds me of Mood Fabrics in Manhattan in which I did quit honestly get lost on my very first design pick-up assignment for Charlotte Moss.

    The Love Paperweight, adorable, I worked across the street from the Love statue in Manhattan on the Avenue of the Americas. Looking at it now brings back memories of my first high pressure, real world job, at which I must admit I was terribly inept… but everyone must learn and start somewhere… my start happened to be working for Vice Presidents of a stock firm… talk about in over my head!

  8. I googled it but can’t find it – but I could have sworn I’d read a quote by Martha some years ago where she completely slammed the Lilly-esque style of brightly colored clothing. Wish I could find it for you.

    One of the original LOVE sculptures is at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It’s so cool to see it.

  9. wow those shoes are cool! and that fabric store is cool but expensive.

  10. I want that paperweight, I have a “gold” LOVE ring I got at a second hand store, so i need the matching pink paperweight! and as the “gold” is rubbing off i could just spray paint it pink.
    the lilly show is a great idea. I will totally tune in to see an audience full of lilly wearers.

  11. I thought you meant my dog, Lily. Martha if you want my Lily it is going to cost you!;-)

  12. I want a “Love” paperweight! And crazy shoes! And the Spring Chanel collection!

  13. Gasp!!!! I LOVE those shoes. I don’t even know if I could pick a favorite.

  14. That paperweight would be so nice and cheerful on my desk.

  15. That first pair of shoes looks so artistic.

  16. Lyssie

    cannot find the outfit Danielle was wearing on the Martha show. Bright bold colors, daisys, etc. Said she got it off the website, help.

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