New Tommy Hilfiger, Sneak Peek at the K-Swiss Ads With You-Know-Who


We apologize for the lack of a post yesterday, we spent the day lunching and cavorting about The Big City with The Queen Mother.  We were simply having too much fun, and TP did not return to the Prepatorium until very late!

We begin with news that Tommy Hilfiger has announced they are doing limited edition runs of two perfumes, Tommy Summer and Tommy Girl Summer.  According to Now Smell This, the scents will launch next month.

Courtesy Tommy Hilfiger

Courtesy Tommy Hilfiger

On a related note, the Hilfiger website shows an Additional 50% off All Markdowns, providing significant savings opportunities for those looking for fiscally friendly merchandise.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger


Because a touch of Spring could brighten the day, we share a few images from the new Lacoste ad campaign:

Lacoste S/S 2009

Lacoste S/S 2009

Sadly, the core colors in this early collection are not the best for TP, sunny yellows, vibrant orange and coral hues.

Lacoste S/S 2009

Lacoste S/S 2009

If seeking more immediate gratification than the soon-to-be-released line, the preppy retailer is running their Clearance sale.  Bargains abound, like this Cotton Crewneck Sweater at $74.99, half of its original selling price.



This Girl’s V-Neck sweater is  $49.99, down from $85.




A few follow-ups now to previous posts, starting with the Jason Wu Fur Collection, initially discussed here, where we mentioned that designer Jason Wu (of the Michelle Obama inaugural gown) said he was planning a “significant fur collection,” and we wondered how that was going to fly with PETA…? Well, it turns out they don’t have to get involved, as Mr. Wu told Women’s Wear Daily the fur collection is “on hold.”

It was just yesterday we shared a number of “When Pink Goes Bad” incidents of a most heinous nature.  Egregious because they were all men’s suits! In pink. (If you need photographic evidence of this, click here.) Perhaps we’d best get used to the idea, as there is now word we should expect to see more:

“Spring wardrobe memo to men: Think pink. And orange, lilac and cobalt blue, while you’re at it.”

That comes via this story at The Journal (WSJ) Online by Ray Smith, and it is accompanied by a slide show of some of the bright fashions for men.  Below, another photo from the Calvin Klein show:

Dan Lecca

PHOTO: Dan Lecca

And this next look is from upscale London clothiers Bamford & Sons:

Courtesy Bamford via WSJ Online

Bamford & Sons via WSJ Online

Our final follow-up takes us back to this post about Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick being selected as a face for the K-Swiss Classic shoe.  Those ads have now been revealed:

Courtesy K-Swiss via People

Courtesy K-Swiss via People

Is this what one calls a “brooding” look?

Courtesy K-Swiss via People

Courtesy K-Swiss via People


In honor of TQM (the Queen Mother) we share the following photo, for no reason other than it has a very high cool factor:

Courtesy Selectism

Courtesy Crooked Brains via Selectism

It is the facade to a parking lot in Kansas City, of all things!  Appropriately, it surrounds a portion of the parking area at the Kansas City Public Library; the books depicted were selected for their representation of the city.  We were alerted to the parking lot decor by this post at one of our favorite reads, the Selectism blog.  For more photos of this facade and another in Wales, pop over to Crooked Brains.


And we close with another Pretty in Pink, sharing this treasure from Lulu Guinness, whom we absolutely adore.

Lulu Guiness

Lulu Guinness

The Bow Purse in Fuchsia is simply TDF, without question.  Especially since we are all about the bow here at the Prepatorium.

We hope you all enjoy a splendid day!


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9 responses to “New Tommy Hilfiger, Sneak Peek at the K-Swiss Ads With You-Know-Who

  1. As usual, a fabulous post from you!! xoxo

  2. looks like I’ll just “have” to buy some Lacoste, thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. So glad you had a nice day with the Queen Mother!

    On a broodier note, please raise your hand if you’ve seen Ed Westwick ever, EVER not make that pouty, lemony face. There, I didn’t think so. I can’t help but think of “Zoolander” every time I see that, erm, expression.

    That Lulu is divine, as usual!

  4. I adore that purse, and I think that parking garage is charming. I find the utility architecture of parking garages and flat roofed high rises so tiresome.

  5. Oh, Ed…so good looking without trying.

    Oh, Lacoste, you make me want to buy that little girls sweater even though I have no little girls…

  6. Queen Mother

    The Queen Mother had a great day yesterday when The Princess came to the Big City. And I wonder if the local library board would approve of all those books surrounding our local parking area—it would be so fabulous!

  7. KK

    I heart the pink bow clutch! It looks like it matches perfectly with my pink bow flats from Talbots last week.

  8. I love the KC parking lot image. What a wonderful idea to attract the right kind attention to a very important service provided to our communities! Kudos to KC.

    On a low note – I would rather eat a lemon then have the NRH strutting about in a suit looking like one. I’m sure he would echo the sentiment.

    Great weekend, TP!

  9. Love the post.
    Thank you for the beautiful picks of Chuck in KS

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