An Anti-Prep Does Scrapbooking. Also, Mad Men Clothing For Our Very Own?

G’day everyone, we hope it is going swimmingly wherever you may be.

We are very excited here in the Corner Condo at Princess InterGalactic HQ: we spoke with the Lilly Pulitzer Stationery folks yesterday and everything is on track for them to ship our order this coming Monday! That means we will have things in house by Thursday or Friday – we can start shipping to you by the end of next week!  Whoo-hoo!

Because of that good news and because the Princess Consort has been working amazing hours to get some of the Lilly on the site, we thought we’d share a few more items. We start with the Beverage Napkins with Fun Sayings:

Lilly Pulitzer at

Lilly Pulitzer at

The Lilly words of wisdom include “Only count the happy hours,” a philosophy we can live by, and at $5 for a package of 20 napkins, a price we can smile at!

Frenzied parents can appreciate the wisdom of having Lilly’s My Activity Book on hand for little ones:

Lilly P

Lilly Pulitzer Activity Book at

These have 65 pages of activity sheets, stickers, 8 non-toxic jumbo sharpened pencils and an elastic closure.  The books will be $18, and they look just perfect for keeping the Young Miss and Master of your household entertained.

A reminder these items and some of our other Lilly merchandise is up on the Princess website for pre-ordering.  With everything shipping Monday (Feb. 1st) we expect our first shipment here by the 4th or 5th. Pre-ordering means your order gets out the door first when the Lilly merchandise arrives here. Pre-orders are at the top of the list and will be turned around on the same day we receive the merchandise from Lilly.


On to our quasi-prep news headling, beginning with a story that was really quite a shock to the system: Word that the original Anti-Prep, Paris Hilton, is going into scrapbooking.

Ben Tsui/Splash News

PHOTO: Ben Tsui/Splash News

Paris Hilton, the Creativity Collection™ is described as “a multi-faceted line of fashion crafting kits from some of the most popular craft segments including scrapbooking, jewelry making and fabric embellishment.”

This has left us speechless. Not to do your thinking for you, but allow us to do your thinking for you: we are presuming you probably prefer we not start affixing crystals and other sparkly embellishment to your preppy placemats, towels and other items.  Is this a good guess?


From our “You Can’t Make this Stuff Up” files, news today that the PETA ad for Sunday’s Super Bowl has been rejected by NBC; it is considered too sexually explicit for air.  How could a spot from this activist group involve sex, you wonder? We did too. Apparently because the ad features woman having relations. With vegetables.  Seriously.

PETA has their version of the story:

“After we submitted our proposed Super Bowl ad, which features a comely crop of models demonstrating their fondness for fresh produce, NBC nixed the ad, saying it “depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.” No joke, this is straight from NBC—so stop fondling your fruit salad right now and read the list of shots NBC requested we cut before they’d reconsider:”

The group then lists some of the banned shots, not seen above, because we’re not listing them. One of their examples? “…rubbing —– region with pumpkin….” and the rest are far more explicit. And insane. But that’s just us. So there you have it.

On a related note, we *are* curious what PETA will have to say about Inaugural gown designer Jason Wu, creator of the party frock Michelle Obama wore last week.  In statements made by the  designer last week he did say he is “…working on a significant fur collection.”

For any readers still interested in behind-the-scenes details about J. Crew working on designs for Sasha and Malia Obama, the Telegraph has another story on the topic.

“Although the team never communicated directly with Mrs. Obama over the wardrobe created for the inauguration celebrations, says Lyons, they wanted to wish them well. “We tucked little notes in the coat pockets saying, ‘Congratulations, we love you guys!’ “


The increasingly popular Mad Men continues to leave its mark on the fashion world.  Today we have news there may be a Mad Men clothing line in the works from the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant. In an interview with Glamour, Ms. Bryant hedges a bit when asked specifically about future projects, and fashionistas have translated this response into meaning “possible/probable clothing line.”

Courtesy amc-tv/Everett Collection

Courtesy amc-tv/Everett Collection

One of the more interesting parts of the articles delves into sources of inspiration for Ms. Bryant when designing for “Betty Draper,” played by the incredible January Jones.

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) & Betty Draper (January Jones) in Episode 6

Betty Draper

The designer reveals in the story that her inspiration comes from Grace Kelly, as well as from her own grandmother.

Photo Courtesy amc-tv

Photo Courtesy amc-tv writer Tracey Lomrantz is so fond of the show’s look, she named the Betty Draper character as one of her 9 Best Dressed TV Characters Of All Time.

Courtesy amc-tv

Courtesy amc-tv

Also making that Best Dressed list, Blair Waldorf’s character from the hit show Gossip Girl.

Courtesy the CW

Courtesy the CW


And in the “It Could be Worse, this Could Be You” category, a shot from yesterday’s Chanel Couture show.


PHOTOS: Imaxtree

Our thanks to Grazia and The Cut for the background on this.

A SOTT (Sign of the times) note to fans of Domino magazine that just crossed: the magazine is being shut down. WWD just sent an urgent with that sad news.

Now, in order to be sure we leave you with a smile, we end on an up note, the Big Fish Boys Sailboat Tee-shirt at one of our favorites, Best Dressed Child.

Best Dressed Child

Best Dressed Child

If that doesn’t bring thoughts of spring to you, how about the Girls Lilly Preppy Palooza Polly shirt?

Best Dressed Child

Best Dressed Child

Until next time, smiles to everyone!


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15 responses to “An Anti-Prep Does Scrapbooking. Also, Mad Men Clothing For Our Very Own?

  1. Paris Hilton scrapbooking?? What is the world coming to? As an avid scrapbooker, I’m still picking up my jaw from the floor.

    PETA, vegetables, sex? Today must be the day for crazy news stories 🙂

    I adore that little Lilly checkered shirt. I mean, seriously. How cute with little green Bermuda shorts???? Love it.

  2. I am definitely pre-ordering. I need something to smile about.

  3. A Mad Men clothing line?!? Oh how dreamy that would be!

    I have heard about the PH scrapbooking line. It is odd that an anti-prep would take to scrapbooking. Isn’t that quite the preppy/classy activity by normal standards?

  4. I am in need of new notes, so I will be popping in to your delightful online store later tonight, hopefully! Looking forward to checking out the new merchandise.

    As for The Anti-Prep Who Shall Not Be Named . . . I find this new retail venture of hers just delicious. On what astral plane would her tastes intersect with the average scrapbooker? In other TAPWSNBN news, I hate to admit it, but that new short haircut looks not atrocious on her.

    Tentatively excited at the prospect of a “Mad Men”- inspired clothing line by the costume designer. Wish I could afford the very obviously related Michael Kors right now – sigh.

  5. TCP

    Honestly, who buys the PH products? Someone must, since she keeps getting more deals to “design” things. But I just can’t fathom the target audience??

    And very interesting about the possible MM clothing line…please keep us informed!!

  6. “Paris Hilton, the Creativity Collection”? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Seriously.

  7. Ohh those napkins are so cute! I love quotes and sayings! That cracks me up about the PH scrapbooking line. I wouldn’t think that would be something she would enjoy or take the time to do!

  8. Paris Hilton scrapbooking, hahahaha! Oh, good laugh for the day, thanks.
    And god bless the gentleman who lent a helping hand to that akimbo model.

  9. Re: Paris Hilton Scrapbooking….EW!
    Re: PETA ad….EW!
    Re: Mad Men clothing line…could be interestingly fabulous, or horrendous, we shall see!
    And finally – poor, sad Chanel model. Worst luck ever! Boo!

  10. I heard about Mad Men and the clothing line. While I must admit that I have never seen the show, I have seen many pictures. I adore the style!

    Speaking of adoration, that sailboat tee is so darling!

  11. Kat

    Omg, YAY on the Mad Men clothing line! Joan Holloway is my absolute style icon, next to Blair Waldorf of course. I can’t wait to be sashaying around the office in a burnt orange pencil skirt 🙂

    A few of my fave looks:

  12. I am quite sure that PH’s scrapbooking materials will def win “tackiest” award!!

  13. sometimes TV censors can be so inconsistent

  14. He-weasel and I just went clothes shopping for him and his whole m.o. was to find ties like in Mad Men. He is mad for the look. Me too.

  15. I Love Mad Men – but January Jones needs a better stylist in real life, she always looks so much better on the show than on the red carpet.

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