President’s Suitmaker Files Chapter 11 and a Change at 21

Hello and Happy Weekend to all, we hope it is/has been enjoyable and rejuvenating.  Here at the Palace we are simply grateful to see a yellowish orb in the sky; we believe it to be the sun, making an appearance for a few hours.

Talk about signs that the apocalypse is upon us. Gahhhh. We offer only brief Prep headlines on several stories today, as the topics themselves are far too depressing to delve into at any length. We can only speculate that Great Aunt Molly is doing far more than the proverbial “rolling over in her…” if the following news has filtered up to her:

  • The Greenbrier has laid off almost 50% of the staff and plans for casino gambling are reportedly under consideration
  • Lost City shares part of a snooze release from ’21’ that includes the following statement: “…we have (somewhat) relaxed our dress code in the lounge and bar areas, as well as the dining rooms. Ties are still preferred and greatly appreciated, but they are no longer a must.” TP is speechless. Lost City’s post on this topic is an outstanding read.

And then there is this…

“Clothier Hartmarx files for bankruptcy”

…as reported in the Trib yesterday.  The Chapter 11 filing covers the Hart Schaffner Marx, Hickey Freeman, and Hickey lines.  And while we would quibble with the paper’s description of the company’s suits as “luxury” (especially when contrasting their prices with those of other upscale retailers, such as Brooks Brothers), the news is grim indeed.

Hickey by Hickey Freeman

Hickey by Hickey Freeman

(Remember this post when we discovered what the logo for the oh-so-hip Hickey line actually is??)

It was a navy Hart Schaffner Marx suit President Obama wore when accepting the Democratic nomination in Denver; he also wore their tuxedo Tuesday evening to the Inaugural balls.  Former Vice-president Cheney also favors the brand, purchasing five Hickey Freeman suits off the rack at the Tyson’s Nordstrom back in August, as detailed in this post.

Enough about this, we’ll move on to something cheerier, like a bit of pink… and green.  For those unconcerned about dates of issue, the Lilly Pulitzer Spot-On cuff bracelets are an outstanding buy, at 60% off their retail price.

They are $38 at C. Orrico’s new online Sale Shack.  Another pink treasure, something we think the always fabulous Nautical by Nature could find appealing:

The Lilly Anchor Charm Bracelet at C. Orrico’s Sale Shack is selling for a mere $39, as opposed to its original $98. Who can resist?


The witty folks at Men’s Style are at it again with a wonderful slide show, Change We Can (Sometimes) Believe In.” The piece is a “Then” and “Now” look at popular culture now and back in 2000, when we had our last change in Presidential personages.  Back then it was “conspicuous consumption” and now it is “conscientious consumption,” that sort of fun.

As we are total Mad Men fanatics here at the Prepatorium, we had to share their take on actor Jon Hamm, starting with this 2000 image of the star playing Burt Ridley(?) in NBC’s Providence:

Courtesy Everett Collection via The Upgrader

PHOTO: Courtesy Everett Collection via The Upgrader

And as they put it:

Now: Some dude named Don (on basic cable).

Courtesy amc-tv

Courtesy amc-tv

Ummmmm…. in the interest of journalistic integrity, TP feels compelled to add a much more recent image of Mr. Hamm from the cover of today’s USA Weekend newspaper insert:

John Russo/Corbis Outline

PHOTO: John Russo/Corbis Outline

Thank heaven for those journalistic standards. (Heh-heh-heh.)

Until next time, stay warm!


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16 responses to “President’s Suitmaker Files Chapter 11 and a Change at 21

  1. Maureen

    Hubby and I loved Providence and were so sad to see it go off.

  2. I had something terribly pithy and clever to say, and then you went ahead and posted Jon Hamm pics. Hence I have nothing to contribute here but a sincere “thank you.” Swoon.

  3. TCP

    Sigh. Thanks for the eye candy!!

  4. I have that anchor bracelet! I love it. You know me well 😉

  5. I will stick with the positive–I love those bracelets! I am becoming quite the Lily fan thanks to you TP 😉

  6. I love the anchor bracelet!

  7. Jon Hamm was on Providence? Wow. Hmm. And Hartmarx, what a sad finish to what could have been a great year for them. All of this bankruptcy is getting ridiculous. Can someone create a clothing/retail bailout?

  8. what a beautiful photo of such the ideal MAN. not guy, not dude, not hottie, but delicious strong m.a.n. love madmen and love jon hamm. so thank you.

  9. Oh no, I knew about the layoffs at the Greenbrier but not that they were considering casino gambling. That’s news that would make my Mom turn in her….

    I’m lucky I got to go Back in the Day.

  10. Thanks for the C. Orrico link…lots of great deals there!

  11. I think Don is cuter than the actor who plays him. Huh, I didn’t remember him from Providence. Good eye, Princess!

  12. ok, don’t hate me, but i’ve never been much of a lily girl, but those cuffs have converted me!

  13. Beautiful.

    The bracelet and the gentleman Mr. Hamm himself 🙂 I love cuff bracelets, I think they look so classy on a wrist.

  14. How sad about the Greenbrier. Gambling and that place do not seem like a good fit, although I can understand their hopes to get more people to visit. WV is not usually on the top of a person’s vacation list unless they are going skiing.

  15. By the way, I’ve given you an award 🙂

  16. Dan

    I am a WV native and live eight miles from the Greenbrier, so here is the latest for you. Business is up a lot since local zillionaire, Jim Justice, purchased the resort, all 6500 acres and the Sporting Club (which is also on and part of the property) in May. The plan is to run the resort as it was before CSX lost its mind and mismanaged this jewel right into the ground, beginning about five years ago. Among other things, CSX’s inept management brought in new, incompetent management for the resort, then canned that management about a year later, but not before the beloved Tavern Room and wine bar venues became the tackiest, Vegas-style-trash bar possible and the famous Old White Lounge became a wannabe hip, trendy, but instead a horrible and headache-inducing by decor restaurant that was avoided like a pack of rats. It and the the “lap dance” style bar in the former Tavern Room were open only a few months. To say the properties fantastic employees (probably the best hotel staff in the country) were demoralized is a gross understatement. Fast forward—a part of the plan currently is to install discreet Monte Carlo style gambling off the lower lobbies, extending elegantly and unseen under the grand front lawn—no kidding. This below grade casino is to be out of site and unheard and accessed by a long shop corridor. There is to be a strict behavior and dress code, so this will NOT be Vegas noise in West Va’s flagship of tourism. The goal instead is a quasi-Monte Carlo casino in WV—one that guests won’t know is there unless they want to gamble during their visit. Watch now for the GB to make a roaring comeback. The resort just landed one of the PGA tournaments for one of their four spectacular courses for the next 10 years. The Justice family is planning on pouring whatever it takes to put everything right again, at this, the most historic and greatest resort in America. Moral is as high as I have ever seen it and the place is in tip-top shape. Thank heavens CSX at least didn’t let it run down by deferring maintenance.
    As to Hartmarx, I love their clothes and have worn them all my life. HSM Gold Trumpter and Hickey Freeman are all that are in in my wardrobe, other than a good dose of Brooks Brothers (well, and a little Oxxford and Brioni). I just hope the company can survive this economy. Hartmarx is a grand and wonderful American manufacturing company that has always made high quality clothing at an acceptable price point.

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