Inauguration Countdown & Putting A Little Tarnish On The Golden Globes

Hello, hello and hello.  The Princess Consort here stepping mikeside to entertain you while my lovely and talented bride, known best as The Preppy Princess, is a bit under the weather.  This is some weather to be under, too.  High temperature today at The Prepatorium is 11.  That’s 1-1.  As in way too cold.  But I’m a positive kind of guy so I’m always looking ahead.  The forecast high for Thursday is 1.  One lousy degree.  For a high temperature.  Makes today seem balmy by comparison.  Also makes me wonder about the weather for the upcoming coronation inauguration.  If these weather systems work easterly it could be nasty cold.  For now the forecast for Washington DC is 38 and dry on Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day.  I recall some cold inauguration days.  I’m sure you’re all familiar with the story that JFK hastened the death of the mens hat industry when he chose to not wear a hat during his inauguration.

JFK Presidential Library Photo

JFK Presidential Library Photo

Of course, hats for men never really went away and we’re the richer for that.  A snappy chapeau on a well-dressed man is often the finishing touch.  Our friends at “Mad Men” certainly got that right.

While we’re on the topic of right… I watched the Golden Globes (don’t get me started about that award show) with some casual interest.  To be truthful, the red carpet was much more entertaining.  As were some of the fashion choices.

Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa and Lorraine Schwartz Photo by Tyler Boye

Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa and Lorraine Schwartz Photo by Tyler Boye

Jennifer Lopez proving once again that the gold foil that NASA puts on the spaceships can be recycled.  In these green times I think she shows a remarkable respect for Mother Earth.  Didn’t she do this same dress a few years back in green?  I recall the late comedian Chris Farley spoofing it.

Marisa Tomei wearing Oscar de la Renta dress. Photo by Tyler Boye

Marisa Tomei wearing Oscar de la Renta dress. Photo by Tyler Boye

These days piracy on the high seas is a very real problem.  Somewhere on the oceans a pirate wants his shirt back.  Or Jerry Seinfeld is looking through his closet to make sure his puffy shirt hasn’t fallen into Marisa’s hands.  Either way, it’s an interesting fashion statement.  Now let’s all practice being pirates and say after me: ARRGH!

Blake Lively wearing Nina Ricci and Fred Leighton. Photo by Tyler Boye

Blake Lively wearing Nina Ricci and Fred Leighton. Photo by Tyler Boye

Oh, to be young, preppy and a size 0.  “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively gives ’em something to talk about with this classic look from Nina Ricci.  Maybe I’m a sucker for blue but the construction of this dress and the detailing is breathtaking.  The young woman’s stylist gets major points for not “tarting up” the star.  Brava!

Rumer Willis Photo by Tyler Boye

Rumer Willis Photo by Tyler Boye

Which brings us to Rumer Willis.  Hmm.  Apparently Ms. Willis was unprepared for the event so she chose to wear the drapes from her hotel room.  That is a valiant effort and she went the extra step by trying to dye her hair to match the drapes.  We have to give her major points for creative problem solving when she realized she had no dress to wear.  I’m afraid there are no amount of points to compensate for dowdy.  I’m just sayin’.

I can see I have done enough damage today.  I’ll leave you now so I can care for my adorable bride.  Remember to try the meatloaf special and don’t forget to treat your waitperson right; they’re working hard for you tonight.  Now, for your listening and dancing pleasure,  the delicious sounds of Motown’s finest, the tempting Temptations!



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16 responses to “Inauguration Countdown & Putting A Little Tarnish On The Golden Globes

  1. Red & White Preppy

    I actually wasn’t a fan of Blake Lively’s dress. I thought her dress was too tight and wasn’t flattering. I completely agree with everything else though 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, TPP! Make sure to enter my giveaway!

  2. You mean the Princess doesn’t own a gold foil dress?

  3. my thoughts exactly on rumer and marisa! I loved JLo’s outfit though, but gold and gaudy Studio 54 recycled just is her thing!


  4. Hee-hee!! You are a funny princess. I actually don’t mind Marisa’s homage to the puffy shirt.

  5. How excessively diverting to hear this from a man’s point of view! Funny, I would have thought the J. Lo dress (which I actually rather like on her, NASA influences and all) would have been a hit, and the Blake Lively (which I liked the color of, but disliked the cut for her figure) a miss. Nice to see from another perspective.

  6. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the Princess!

    Oh, and I truly hope Obama doesn’t wear a hat. With his ears the poor fella will look awfully silly in a hat.

  7. Amelia

    I am going to have to agree with R&WP on Blake Lively. She is young, but I think she could have used some control garments under that dress. Or perhaps not tried to fit into the 0!?!

  8. JM

    Agreed on the Blake Lively dress. It is very unflattering!

  9. Hope it warms up y’all up there–we are a ‘chilly’ 34. I will stop complaining 😉

    I just don’t get the Hollywood thing anymore. I still love clothes but don’t know anyone wearing them :0

  10. I hope the princess feels better!

  11. Queen Mother

    I completely agree with the comments on Blake Lively’s blue dress—she needed some “shape wear”. We used to call them GIRDLES!

  12. Get well soon PP!!! That’s an order 🙂

    But well done PC . . . I giggled out loud at the gold foil and drapes 😉

  13. JLo’s dress hurt me immensely. And yes, all I could think about was that goofy green frock she did YEARS ago. Shame on her choice.

  14. Wow, you are so so right about JLo’s dress, & with all of the dresses!! That blue is a great color on Blake Lively!

  15. I have no words for J. Lo’s Dress…

  16. Victoria

    Its Inauguration day and we all need to discuss this as soon as possible.
    Dear Princess, am I really looking at chartreuse here? I am riveted……..

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