Brooks Brothers & the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval?

Hello-Hello and happy start to the new week!

Let us ponder the relationship between the Brooks Brothers cashmere cardigan….

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers

and the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval?

Courtesy Good Housekeeping

Courtesy Good Housekeeping

But of course, silly Princess! We didn’t realize testing was done on cashmere sweaters by the folks at Good Housekeeping!  The Brooks Brothers sweater was described:

“…aced both the construction and fabric-weight tests…it’s one flaw: moderate pilling.”

Oops.  Testers appeared to favor the Ann Taylor V-Neck Cashmere Sweater:


(Ummm… might we just interject that this Ann Taylor sweater is now running about $52?)

We get a teeny bit confused by the description of results for a few of the sweaters (Land’s End and LL Bean are included), not clear about the pilling on a few. Those categorized as Not-So-Good include Kohl’s Apt. 9 Cashmere Crewneck for Misses, a shame as their argyle sweater looked cute!

Also scoring poorly were two sweaters from Macy’s Charter Club.


We have chatted previously about all of the fun events surrounding Barbie’s 50th Anniversary, most recently last Saturday. We neglected to mention the very grown-up cosmetic collection Barbie is getting as part of her anniversary celebration! Mattel has partnered with Stila Cosmetics; below, some of the products in the Foxy Doll collection:

Courtesy Mattel via WWD

Courtesy Mattel via WWD

Mattel did a Barbie collaboration with MAC cosmetics in 2007.  According to the story in WWD, this collection will be a limited edition, available at select Sephora stores and  Four different dolls will be featured, including Ponytail Barbie from 1959, Foxy Doll, the first African-American Barbie, Malibu Barbie and Jewel Doll.  (Of course, discussion of anything related to Barbie is quite difficult for TP, related to the childhood Barbie trauma that we explained in this post; do scroll to the bottom if you glance at it.)


Frequent readers may recall a post back in September, Another ‘How to be Preppy Guide,” featuring insight from the wise folks writing the Style section over at Complex.  In a Friday story they point out the attributes of the classic pea coat:

“…. “so-called “pea coats” have become associated with preppy blueblood types, but their roots are much more rugged. The classic American style is actually based on Britain’s Royal Navy Jacket, which was designed to help sailors withstand the brutal conditions of the high seas without getting tangled in the mess of sails and ropes. Before long, the American Navy adopted it as its own.”

Complex also shares info about a great deal, Schott NYC’s Melton Wool pea coat:

Schott NYC Pea Coat

Schott NYC Pea Coat

This fabulous creation is available in several colors, including black, grey, and navy. Schott is family-owned; all of their products are made in the USA, and they are outstanding investments.  Obviously this is an upgrade from the Isaac Mizrahi pink pea coat at Target we shared just a few days ago.


We close today with a fun “revision” to the back cover of The Preppy Handbook:

House of Cassette

House of Cassette

It is difficult to discern the text, but the photos probably tell you everything you need to know. The “new back cover” includes some choice writing:

“Consider the ascendance of Gossip Girl’s upper east side snot Chuck Bass…and the steady resurgence of populist-prep label J. Crew…”

There are also mentions of Kanye West, described as ‘the Fresh Prince of Nantucket’, Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg, and preppy band Vampire Weekend.

We hope everyone enjoys a simply splendid week!


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13 responses to “Brooks Brothers & the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval?

  1. OOH! What a lovely post! Just perfect to start the week with! Love: the pink pea coat, the info on BB and the “revised” Preppy Handbook!

  2. O I ❤ you, Chuck Bass, you bad, bad, boy! *heehee!* & I just read today that Kanye West is currently helping out at Louis Vuitton….hmm….interesting.

  3. Even if they’re $52, I love those Ann Taylor sweaters! So classic.

  4. Kanye West, huh?

    I like him, but preppy? Hmm…hip hop prepster maybe?

  5. I cannot say enough good things about Vampire Weekend & their debut album. Loved them before I even knew of their prepster provenance.

    On a related note, did you see the recent Lisa Birnbach interview in which she basically denounced The Handbook? Think it may have been in “Elle” . . . in any event, it was a bit surprising to see the authoress bite the preppy hand that fed her, as it were. Glad to see the spirit of the original – or quest for more royalties – lives on in this new incarnation. 🙂

    Happy Monday, and hope that the bad midwest weather pipes down soon!
    – LBM

  6. populist-prep, hahaha! I used to have a great Schott leather jacket and rue the day I gave it away. Great company.

  7. JM

    I wear Stila eyeshadow and LOVE it!

  8. I adore the changes made to the Preppy Handbook. It’s nice to see something so classic updated SO well!!

  9. Oh, I just love the Barbie for Stila! The Preppy Handbook I ordered has not come yet! I should of voted for Vampier Weekend for Preppy-ist!!

  10. I cannot stand cashmere that pills. I had a Land’s End one I quite liked. Barbie and Stila is so cute – I LOVE Stila . . . can’t live without their lipgloss. My city just got all “with it” and opened a Sephora so I can finally go buy it in person and not online 🙂

  11. Love the Preppy Handbook mention!

    I’m totally intrigued about Legallyblondemel’s comment about Lisa Birnbauch…I’m going to have to track down that article.

  12. Did I mention before that one of my closest friend’s sister is pictured in the original Preppy Handbook?

  13. I have two of the Kohl’s cashmere sweaters, the robe pink v neck and the black, green and grey cardi and they pill so I’m guessing this is why they tested poorly. But other than that, I like them alot, they have a nice midweight to them and are soft. Also I like the bright color selection instead of all navy, black, ivory, brown etc.

    I had the turquoise and grey argyle and it is very cute but alas didn’t fit so had to be returned. I paid $39 per sweater on Black Friday and even with the pilling, which is annoying but not a deal breaker, I think they were a good buy.

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