Goodbye Goody’s, Permanent J. Crew Price Cuts & Next Target Designer Revealed

Today we have an abbreviated blog, a Preppy Digest if you will, providing links on stories you may elect to pursue at your leisure. We start with a few more Signs of the Times; this first one you are probably well aware of as it has been widely reported by many of our favorite blogs and the media:

  • The Waterford Wedgwood group has filed for bankruptcy protection in Ireland
  • After successfully emerging from bankruptcy in October, family-owned department store Goody’s is planning to liquidate. In fact, by the time you read this they may well have auctioned off their inventory.
  • Our third SOTT (Sign of the Times) today is word that discounts are being offered to new Grosse Pointe Yacht Club members, according to a story in Sunday’s Detroit Free Press.



Remember this post talking about the price cuts J. Crew planned to introduce with their spring line? Reading an Associated Press story After sales, will shoppers pay full price again? we learned that:

“Already, retailers including Bebe Stores Inc. and J.Crew Group Inc. are cutting prices on selected spring styles to lure sale-savvy shoppers.”

Additionally, writer Anne D’Innocenzio notes:

“But many…  predict early discounts on spring goods. The signs are already there. Bebe has cut certain spring sweaters by 25 percent, while J.Crew has marked some spring items anywhere from 25 to 40 percent off, according to Amy Wilcox Noblin, an analyst at PaliCapital Inc.”

Back in a November post we shared comments on pricing from Crew CEO Mickey Drexler:

“… our ballet flat category will start at under $100 for the first time ever…If you look at our January catalog, you’ll see a ballet flat assortment at $98. This year I think they started at $128.”

J. Crew

J. Crew

And to be sure, new shoes have arrived; they are priced at $98, as seen here with the Jane suede ballet flat.

J. Crew Jane Ballet Flat

J. Crew Jane Ballet Flat

How is your shopping psyche? Forever changed by the deep discounting, or are you still willing to make the purchase at full price? Or is it contingent upon circumstances, cash flow and need?

Speaking of discounts at Crew, the following landed in our email today:

This Final Sale promotion is online only, ends Sunday, and requires promo code FREESHIP09 for the complimentary shipping on purchases more than $100. Be advised we have read in a couple of places that once again the website is not functioning.


A quick mention is needed on Target’s next GO International designer, Tracy Feith, known for his beach and surf looks.  Below, Sarah Jessica Parker in one of Mr. Feith’s colorblocked dresses.

The line will hit online and in stores May 17, with prices ranging from $14.99 to $44.99.  In this courtesy photo the inspiration board for the line can be seen.

Courtesy Target via WWD

Courtesy Target via WWD

In an interview with WWD (Women’s Wear Daily), we learn Mr. Feith’s color palette for the Collection:

“…shades called lollypop red, Persian turquoise, seafoam green, neon orange and pink, and Saturn lime.”

We like the way that sounds! The group will include one upscale item priced at $139.99, a cropped motorcycle jacket in leather.  The good folks at Fashion Week Daily have this photo of Whitney Port in a Tracy Feith during a Clinique promotion they covered back in 2007. (Full story here.)

Fashion Week Daily

Fashion Week Daily

Grins and giggles until next time!


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13 responses to “Goodbye Goody’s, Permanent J. Crew Price Cuts & Next Target Designer Revealed

  1. Our local J Crew looked like it was ransacked, yet nothing I wanted was on sale again. I hope Spring styles are lower priced.

  2. $98.00.

    JCrew is calling that a deal?

    Remember the days when their prices were reasonable and not completely out of control?

  3. Which is why *some* people join other, better yacht clubs. Just saying 🙂

  4. So, so sad about Waterford, et al. I thought the prices were better in my new j. Crew Spring catalogue. What did you think Tp?? I am going to shop there no matter – I love their things. Even at my age I can always find something that is age appropro! xoxo

  5. I imagine that Jcrew could mark down their prices a lot and still make a profit. There prices are cookaloo!!!!

  6. So depressing! I mean, I love a good sale, but depressing for the sake of the economy. I agree with Mrs. Newlywed. The guy’s acting like he’s giving away the shoes! Not quite, Mickey.

  7. Lovely flats. I would like to have in Spain or in other European country JCrew stores!! They have lovely clothes!!!

  8. Yes, I do think my mindset has changed somewhat in regards to bargain shopping; I am more likely now to wait for an item to go on sale or just skip it entirely.

    Sad, sad news about Waterford Wedgwood.

    Finally, I adore that Tracy Feith that SJP is wearing as well as Feith’s inspiration du Target board. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

  9. …”The Waterford Wedgwood group has filed for bankruptcy protection in Ireland…”

    …Does this mean that my Wedgwood collection is about to appreciate? Yay! *ahem* I mean…so sorry to hear about the far-reaching suck of the modern economic state…

  10. KK

    JCrew needed to lower their prices anyway. I love them but they were getting too big for their britches. Yay for reasonably prices and cute shoes!!

  11. I agree with many, I think j. crew is still making a nice profit EVEN with their heavy discounts. How about you PP? Has your web site seen a decline in orders? Mine has retail, but wholesale? Very busy.

  12. I would shop more at J.Crew but there website problems drive me nutso!

  13. Oddly, not too many sentiments expressing support for J. Crew! Not that we disagree, our biggest frustration has been the website, and a perceived touch of arrogance prior to the onset of their struggles in the summer.

    It really is an interesting phenomenon to us, as we think folks would defend other retailers vigorously, like Target, or perhaps Vineyard Vines. Do you agree?

    And Miss Player, we are doing okay, not stellar, but steady, and for that we are grateful, as always. It is good to see your wholesale biz is booming!


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