All Hands On Deck & While The Princess Is Away…

Hello to all you lovers of fine fashion!  The Princess Consort here.  I’ve sent my stunningly attractive bride, known to all as The Preppy Princess, for a brief visit to The Queen Mother.  We have been ravaged by high winds and have been without power since 4am Sunday.  This is being composed on a laptop with a quickly failing battery.  The temperature inside the Prepatorium is a numbing 41 degrees and falling.  The Princess is safe and warm.  I am safe and not as warm but dutybound to remain at my post until power is restored.  This is where I make my stand. (music swells to crescendo – picture fades to black)

I saw a brief mention of a woman who captured my attention during my first visit to the city of Angels.  I was a young man unschooled in the ways of the world.  When I saw a billboard sized vision of blonde excess my heart skipped a beat.  She is famous because she is who she is.  She is a media manipulator of the highest order and today’s celebutantes could learn some lessons from her.  She is timeless.  She was the original Gossip Girl when that meant something entirely different. Her preppy fashion sense is to never be seen in any other color than pink.

She is…



Can you imagine the impact she had on a young lad such as I?  It is no wonder The Princess sometimes will look at me and just shake her head.  But enough of this wandering down memory lane…

I must attend to my duties here in the darkened Prepatorium.  So I leave you with the soulful stylings of The Five Stairsteps.  Enjoy the music and don’t forget to tip your waitperson.



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6 responses to “All Hands On Deck & While The Princess Is Away…

  1. I love how you are using the last few minutes of battery power to post this! 😉

  2. I am so sorry about the power!! Stay Warm!!

  3. Oh, I love Angelyne. What a fascinating thing. So sorry about the power issue – it is currently blowing a lovely 500mph wind here in NE, but we do in fact have power.

  4. nooo! hope you have lots of candles! who is this curious, pink Angelyne woman?

  5. Landlocked Mermaid

    You are hilarious, I remember that big pic from the Moonlighting trailer!! xo

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