Thakoon for Target Now Online, Gossip Guy goes Prep

Hello-Hello and Happy Days-After-Christmas!

A quick reminder to all that the Thakoon for Target collection has dropped, at least online. 32 items are priced below $24, the additional 23 items are in the $25 – $49 range, so the Collection is fiscally friendly, as promised.

As best we can tell from the photos, there are some nice pieces, like the Oxford Stripe Tee:

Thakoon for Target®

Thakoon for Target®

The Sleeveless Sweater is also cotton, available in ‘navy pride’ and grey.

Thakoon for Target

Thakoon for Target

The brightly colored bathing suits look fun, and are wisely being sold as separates, similar to the way Shoshanna markets her fabulous swimsuits. Many of the looks carry a preppy aesthetic in either their overall design or the textile pattern. (Or both in isolated instances.)

We aren’t overly entranced with all of the pieces in the collection; this Pleated Stripe Dress is 100% polyster. Ouch. It is a shame, because it almost looks like the perfect repp tie stripe, no?


Sadly, the colorblock dress we were so enchanted by in all of the early photos is also polyester.

Thakoon for Target

We just don’t understand the poly, especially when used for pieces designed to be worn next to one’s skin. Who knows, TP is frequently wrong and it is entirely possible our opinion will be changed after visiting the Boutique and feeling the material firsthand. So to speak. At any rate, the entire Collection should be available tomorrow morning at those Target stores  designated to carry the line.

We can only hope it won’t be long before we learn if this gifted designer has been selected to style either Michelle Obama’s Inaugural gown, or her daytime look for January 20th.


Another month, another big magazine story featuring one of the oh-so-popular Gossip Girl stars.

Terry Richardson

PHOTO: Terry Richardson

In the January 2009 GQ (yes, the one with Ms. Aniston on the cover in nothing but a Brooks Brothers tie) issue, actor Penn Badgley is featured in “AMERICAN SPLENDOR – Essential pieces of sartorial Americana worn by Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley. In the photo above Mr.Badgley wears a Lacoste sweater and polo shirt.

Terry Richardson

PHOTO: Terry Richardson

All pieces shown in the photo above are Polo by Ralph Lauren. We found the caption/descriptor intriguing:

“It used to be that cardigans were worn by preppies and grandpas. Lately, they’re worn by everyone from artists to DJs (and yes, still grandpas). Try yours with a tie—you needn’t belong to a Princeton eating club to pull it off.”

BTW, Mr. Badgley and co-star/off-screen companion Blake Lively are named as one of the “Best Celebrity Hookups 2008” in a story from Canada’s National Post.  (We can hardly contain our excitement.)

Robert Pitts/Landov/MCT

PHOTO: Robert Pitts/Landov/MCT

Another ‘Gossip Guy’ figures in a cover story for the upcoming Spring issue of “YourProm” magazine. Teen singing sensation Taylor Swift (a talent of whom we are quite fond) shares her dream date for prom; it is none other than Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford.

Your Prom

Your Prom

BTW, GQ is running a contest on their site featuring (among other prizes) a $10,000 J. Crew wardrobe.

And finally, a look at what happens When Pink Goes Wrong:

No one will be surprised to learn the pink Bentley belongs to one of our very first anti-preps.

We are now speechless.



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16 responses to “Thakoon for Target Now Online, Gossip Guy goes Prep

  1. Oh, that HORRENDOUS Bentley!!! DISTASTEFUL!!! News flash Paris: You will NEVER be ANGELYNE!!!!!

  2. Charlotte

    Oh gosh she is just too much!

  3. It is not surprising that GOSSIP GIRL influences fashion so very much. The PR is all over the place. I don’t mind as it is east coast/urban prep. We certainly do not need the Paris Hilton/Trashy influence as evidenced by her hideous wheels!
    Happy New year!

  4. I love Penn Badgley’s photoshoot! It’s cute!!! And for some reason seeing Paris Hilton with that pink car makes me smile…

    Btw, my blog’s address has moved to so if you have the time could you please change the link on your blog roll? Thanks!

  5. Isn’t it mandatory jail time or at least serious community service for doing that to Bentley?!

    I like the Target stuff but like you, I am not a fan of poly!

  6. Paris’ Peptobsimo pink Bentley made me feel a little sick. Yuck!!!

  7. JM

    I love pink, but that Bentley is ick! Btw, thank you for your comment about the watch. I actually did get a similiar version for Xmas. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas:)

  8. Mhhh… Thakoon for Target. I all ways miss the Guest designers at Target! Oh…Paris Hiltons pink bentley is just awful!

  9. TCP

    Ugh, when pink goes wrong indeed!!

  10. I’m sorry, when did Paris partner with Pepto? Did I miss something?

    Your posts make me smile…thanks TP!

  11. I love the photos! Penn Badgley’s jaunty thumbs-up jump just made my day. And could I wear the Targethakoon colorblock dress….hmm…
    * : )
    Ed Westwick is actually my favorite GG fella, except he can’t seem to stop making kissy-lips at the camera *heehee!

  12. My friend drove by Intuition when Paris and her pink car were there and she said it was craziness outside!

  13. KK

    The car (and driver) are beyond tacky!! But I can’t get past the “sleeveless sweater.” Um….that is clearly made for Floridians only because trust me, your arms would fall off up here in NY!

  14. When I got to Target the little Target-creature was just putting these lovely items out, so I felt honored to be one of the first to view them! I love the striped dress, it’s too cute.

  15. That Bentley is the most heinous thing EVER. I don’t think I would have traded even for our old car that had no heating, no a/c, all the paint peeled off, leaky windows, and a trunk that opened whenever it felt like it.

  16. chanel fashionista

    i ❤ taylor swift, she is so cute! i also love your blog, so cute! i just started one, check it out some time!

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