We Have A Winner & To All A Goodnight!

Hi-dee-ho there, neighbor.  My holly-bedecked bride, known to all as The Preppy Princess, is cavorting through the house at this very moment.  Therefore,  it is my great pleasure to announce the winner of this week’s drawing.  Our lovely, and always tastefully dressed, Miss Complete Prep, is the winner of the teal tote from http://www.PreppyPrincess.com.  You must visit her blog and get caught up on the latest happenings in the great state of Texas.

I must apologize for not bringing anything to our little get-together today.  We are frantically trying to get out the door for a one-night command performance at the Queen Mother’s residence.   It is always great fun but we seem to be packing enough baggage for a ten-week tour of The Continent.  Perhaps this short video will be ample compensation for your trouble.  Enjoy and have a safe holiday!


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