It’s Baaaack – Ultimate Preppy Names

Hello-Hello, and good thoughts hoping everyone is enjoying a splendid day, not too frazzled and frenzied by the holiday crunch.

We start with a holiday greeting from one of the employees here at the Prepatorium, perhaps the hardest working staff member. If you ask her. Frankly, we think she spends more time lounging around than she does testing products, which was part of her job description. (And she promised us she was qualified for this part of the job way back when we hired her to be part of the Princess Team.)

It’s not like it’s a hard job either. This is one of the products we needed her to try out:

Stewart Dog Collar at

Stewart Dog Collar at


Heh-heh-heh. Yep. We are talking about Silly Tilly, the largest lounge lizard this side of the Mississippi. And she just couldn’t turn down the delightful Daisy’s request for a photo op.  Of course, this all started with the Princess Consort’s Giveaway Post.  (Don’t forget to enter! Just leave a comment asking him a question; the drawing is tomorrow night.)

Tilly's Christmas Wish for You

Tilly's Christmas Wish for You

Oh, and those fabulous grosgrain ribbon dog collars?  Miss Tilly is only allowed to wear a harness because of her throat issues, no more collars. (Don’t ask; we’ll just say the most recent surgery involved removing tonsils and trying to help her collapsed trachea. She is our little Bulldog Rescue girl, health issues and all!)

Besides, when it comes to work, this is Miss Tilly’s idea of a hard day at the office.

Tilly at Work

Tilly at Work

And after what Tilly refers to as “The Episode”…..

"Never Again!"

"Never Again!"

… we were advised that she was going on strike.  (Honestly, it was just a little fundraiser put on by Vet students at the The Great Midwestern University nearby.)


Once again, it is time to break out the Prep-O-Meter; we need to rank some names in terms of their ‘preppiness.’

  • Caldwell Rohrbach
  • Thayer Damm
  • Skyler Hopkins
  • Porter Whitman
  • Wick Kelley

Yes, these are names of real people on Lacrosse teams at real schools. Every year Inside Lacrosse selects the preppiest sounding names, all in good fun, and puts together the Inside Lacrosse Yearbook All-Name Team.

Inside Lacrosse

Inside Lacrosse

As described by the editors:

“Lacrosse has long been known for its prep school roots. And while that changes and diversifies rapidly every year, it still crops up in some of the 1,000-plus names that appear in IL’s Face-Off Yearbook.”

The list is more than entertaining, click here to read all of the names on the 2009 rosters; many just shriek prep, or old school, or WASP.  If thinking about your very own copy of the Inside Lacrosse Yearbook, just click here.


We have been sharing some of the Inaugural Day sketches submitted by menswear designers for President-elect Obama.  The request for the fashions came from WWD, and they have all been posted on their site as well as the looks, their visions of stylish looks for the next President.

Today a few of the suggestions for accessorizing, starting with Brooks Brothers and their Tie #1 in silk and cashmere:

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

And as seen in the catalog in a different colorway:

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers

If you are looking for the tie Ms. Aniston wore on the cover of GQ, that is Brooks’ Black Fleece Triple Guard Stripe Tie in silk and cotton.  (No, we aren’t running the photo.) That tie is actually on sale, now $112.50 from $150.

An offering from Countess Mara:

Countess Mara

Countess Mara Tie

Having visited the Countess Mara site for the first time in forever we must say we find their marketing more than intriguing: “Countess Mara – Be a Gentleman.”

Countess Mara

Countess Mara

The next sketch is from Perry Ellis .


Perry Ellis

For today’s Argyle Update we offer a Black Fleece Argyle Sweater at Brooks Brothers. One of designer Thom Browne’s better looks, in cashmere with grosgrain trim.  (Quite the bargain too, originally $1000, now $600.)

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

We close with Miss Tilly giving you the look she generally wears:

Merry-Merry, Happy-Happy, & Joyful-Joyful!


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25 responses to “It’s Baaaack – Ultimate Preppy Names

  1. Miss Tilly did not disappoint!! She is just entirely too adorable. Thank you Tilly for your patience- perhaps you’ll be back to model some spring fashions shortly?

  2. A lot of those names sound like law firms. Tucker Sampson? Lol! But I do like Garrett. If we didn’t already have a mini with a G name, I might use it.

    Happy Holidays, Princess.

  3. I know that they are not lax players but, I went to school with two preppy-turned-hippie girls named:

    BrooksAnne (I love this name by the way)



    Would you believe me if I told you they were both from the Cape? 😉 Well, they were!


  4. TCP

    I’ll have to check out that preppy name list for the as-yet unnamed baby! 😉

  5. QueenBeeSwain

    Porter Whitham wins the name contest in my book!


  6. What a HANDSOME pup!!!! Love the names too! HAHA!

  7. Oh Miss Tilly! You are gorgeous! You’ll have to meet Maxwell. He’s my sis’s bulldog. You two would make a handsome couple. Love it!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Miss Tilly is divine! If she’s ever in the market for a gentleman Pug caller, please do have her people contact HRH Pug’s people.

    Speaking of, HRH Pug is only able to wear harnesses as well; if your excellent retail shop ends up offering those, we’ll be the first in line!

  9. Tilly would be DH’s ideal pet. I can see she is almost adorable, dear…

  10. Oh, my goodness! Tilly is blushing and has a case of the vapors! She’s so overcome by the idea of meeting your handsome gentleman Pug that she must retire to her fainting couch. BTW – we are now looking at some outstanding harness manufacturers and hope to have them online for spring!

  11. J’adore the preppy puppy!!! I am looking for tartan collars, sweaters,etc. for the newest member of Chez Weasel.

  12. Bboss

    Your Miss Tilly is truly a sweetheart. I’ve never had the nerve to adopt a rescue dog, but I’ve been tempted to donate my very bad Airedale (especially this morning when he ate 1/2 my b-fast). But I digress (and I’m kidding).

    I knew a guy named Harley J. Methfessel, III. We called him Bucky. Not only that, he married a girl named Beth. She kept her name. I would’ve too.

    Merry Christmas to the Princess, her Consort and Tilly, too!

  13. Oh-Miss Tilly made me smile-just what I needed! What a lucky dog she is to have you as a mom!

  14. I think that the best name is Porter Whitman!

  15. When Henry the dog gives us that look, we tell him “put your teeth away!”

  16. Miss Tilly is just too cute for words! I hope you all have a Happy Holiday!

  17. Thayer and Porter are pretty darn preppy. I don’t really think Skyler is preppy anymore. Way too trendy!

  18. PS-I love Tilly 🙂 Those photos are hilarious

  19. MCW

    Ms. Princess! I just stumbled upon this old post and I had to laugh! My brother is on this Inside Lacrosse list…He got an Honorable Mention for a coach, Keegan!

  20. Troy McClure

    Hey Bboss,
    I knew Bucky Methfessel in the seventies too. He was a class-A JERK. Maybe he grew nice in his old age?

  21. Ann

    Tilly is beautiful!

  22. Chad

    Hey Troy McClure-
    Apparently old age has turned you into one..

  23. Pegster

    I’ve known Bucky for almost 30 years. He is a fine wine.

  24. Anonymous

    Bucky and I have been friends for DECADES! Come on, with a name like Harley J. Methfessel, III, a.k.a. Bucky, how can you not like the guy. Seriously, though, Bucky’s a good man, means only the best.

  25. Anonymous

    I know a guy named Clayborne Knickerbocker Cadieux.

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