The Tory Burch Sofa, “Preppy Tec” & Barack Obama Inaugural Sketches (including Vineyard Vines)

Hello-Hello and Happy Day!

We have a number of quick topics we shall fly through this blustery day, but first we must say “Thank you” to everyone playing along in what has been dubbed the ‘Quiz the Consort Post‘ from this weekend!  In case you missed it, the Consort did a post about the next Giveaway, and all anyone need do to enter is leave a comment on any post asking the Consort a Question! (Frankly, we are a bit concerned; does anyone really think we need to encourage his behavior? Honestly.)

First, the Tory Burch Couch at Nordstrom, part of their Ultimate Gift Collection.

Tory Burch at Nordstrom

Tory Burch at Nordstrom

The group of upscale gifts was introduced the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, partly in response to the Black Friday discounts at Nordie’s competitors. Other items in the six-piece Collection include a family portrait sitting with noted photographer Sam Jones; there are two of these packages at $50,000 per package.  Perhaps of more interest to TPP readers, an armoire loaded with “everything from the world of Juicy” at $15,000.  FYI, these items are only available online.

If not inclined to partake of the Ultimate Gifts, the Nordstrom sale continues, providing an opportunity for today’s Pretty in Pink! For your consideration we offer the Smythe Quilted Mini Jacket, at $384.90, 40% off the original selling price. Free shipping with purchases over $100 is also available through the 18th; the promo code is HOLIDAY08.

Smythe Quilted Jacket at

Smythe Quilted Jacket at

And speaking of Tory Burch, we neglected to mention she opened her new shop in Manhattan last week.  Located in the Meatpacking District, it is just one of five the designer plans to open in the next year.

Talaya Centeno for WWD

PHOTO: Talaya Centeno for WWD

It is the second Manhattan location for Ms. Burch, who is hoping to expand into the Home category in 2009.  And she is relaunching the Tory Burch website within the next two weeks.

Talaya Centeno for WWD

PHOTO: Talaya Centeno for WWD


We learned a new term today, “Techno-Prep.” This comes from online fashion retailer, described in part below by Ian Bryder, in charge of the company’s Menswear Design.

“For our Preppy trend – which we’ve christened ‘Preppy Tec’ – we’re presenting a sharp, contemporary take on the classic American Ivy League look but with a softer, more colourful palette, influenced by the Italian Paninaro scooter gangs that influenced terrace fashions of the 80’s and 90’s.


In describing their Spring/Summer 2009 Men’s collection the UK-based retailer also notes:

“Collegiate takes a new direction, fusing the classic all-American preppy look with urban sportswear influences to create a sharper, more contemporary feel. ‘Ivy League’ shirts and college sweats are updated…”



There you have it. Indeed.


And for those unable to sleep peacefully at night for wont of worrying about precisely what a ‘preppy hotel room’ looks like, TP brings you the following from a story on Hotel Chatter:

“… The Betsy’s new rooms, in all their preppy white and lavender glory, got us all excited…”

The Betsy Hotel

The Betsy Hotel

The story updates progress on the newly renovated Betsy Hotel (we knew it as the Betsy Ross in its former life) in South Beach, scheduled to reopen early in 2009.  While the rooms look lovely, we are not seeing the ‘preppiness’ of the decor; the inability to grasp this is clearly a lack on our part, no doubt.


Following their success with the designer sketches of proposed inaugural gowns for Michelle Obama, WWD repeats the exercise with possible fashions for President-elect Obama from some of the top menswear minds in the US. Below, one of the two looks submitted by Brooks Brothers to Women’s Wear Daily.

WWD/Brooks Brothers

WWD/Brooks Brothers

Next, a Rag and Bone night look:

Rag and Bone via WWD

Rag and Bone via WWD

Most fun to see? The submission by the gentlemen at Vineyard Vines!

Vineyard Vines for WWD

Vineyard Vines for WWD

We shall post more of these in coming days; they are fascinating, and more than enjoyable to look at! But if one can’t wait, click here and hopefully WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) will have the story and accompanying photos in the free content potion of their site.  We’ll leave you with a Reem Acra sketch of their vision for the entire Obama family’s Inaugural fashions, including daughters Malia and Sasha.

Reem Acra via WWD

Reem Acra via WWD


Don’t forget to leave a comment asking The Princess Consort a question!

May the rest of this Monday be fun for you and yours!


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16 responses to “The Tory Burch Sofa, “Preppy Tec” & Barack Obama Inaugural Sketches (including Vineyard Vines)

  1. I love this post. I have WWD post too and did not see the dress/outfit above. This is my favorite.

  2. I hope to be on South Beach in March. The Betsey looks great.

  3. I want my closet to look like Tory Burch’s NY store. Hey, a weasel can dream!;-)

  4. Bleurgh – I don’t know what’s worse, the Tory couch or $15,000 worth of Juicy stuffed in a case.

    But on to brighter things, I’m so enjoying the inaugural sketches. I adore all of those tuxedo looks!

  5. ASOS has some great, affordable stuff. The whole wayfarer – hat combo has been a big thing over here – I’m expecting more of it in summer!

  6. Ohh, loveliness all around. I’m sure our future Prez and First Lady will look smashing no matter what!

  7. That hotel looks LOVELY! I think I should VISIT!

  8. I’m completely in love with the Smythe Quilted Mini Jacket, although as many jackets of its class seem to this year, it has the slightly shorter arm length, which just looks a bit *off* to me. I’m a long-armed gal so these shorter lengths are not totally flattering on me.

    Tory Burch does couches? I’m so out of the loop!!!

  9. I love the Reem Acra sketch – so classy! And that hotel! I agree with Muffy, I should be also visiting the Betsy asap!

  10. I love those Reem Acra sketches! (I think it’s funny that the fashion cartoon Obama is waving!)

    Hmmm…..a question for the Consort. Let’s see…does TP pick out your clothes and do you wear menswear from Lily?

  11. Ohhhhh!!! I love the Tory Burch shop and the Hotel bedroom (Its a great inspiration for home bedroom. Very nice post.

  12. Miss Lipstickatthemailbox – Your question has started me thinking about the difference between style and fashion. I am a firm believer in style. Fashion changes continually, as it should. Style is, in my opinion, something that develops slowly over time. I believe we develop our own style as we age. We become comfortable with our “look” and that becomes our core style. I’m a man of very simple needs but I expect my clothes to be of a certain quality. I am also fortunate that my lovely and talented bride has exquisite taste and understands my style. I trust her completely to pick out my clothes. My choices are usually Territory Ahead, J Crew, Levi Strauss, Charles Tyrwhitt, Hart Schaffner Marx but not Lilly. I love everything about her but have not purchased anything for myself from Lilly. That day will come and I welcome it. It just hasn’t happened yet. I hope that answers your question. Thanks for reading the blog! We can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate our readers. Good luck in the drawing!

  13. TCP

    Oooooh, thanks for the Tory Burch eye candy on a blustery day!

  14. Oh, I love the Techno-Prep look, but the name not so much! The Tory Sofa, little over the top, but love it!!

  15. Fantastic looks for the Obamas!

    a kiss!!!

  16. I can’t wait to find out what designers they choose!

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