End Your Year With A Freebie & It’s Open Season On The Princess Consort

Hello again, my friends.  My lovely and talented spouse, known to you all as The Preppy Princess, is on a shopping binge not seen since Imelda Marcos discovered Payless Shoes.  While she leaves a trail of exhausted and over-stressed sales associates I will step to the microphone and entertain you with some mindless drivel.  Which we all could use these days.

We’ll begin today with our final give-away for 2008.  Of course, as your parents have told you, nothing in life is free.  However, most things are, with good accounting, tax deductible.  But I digress.  To my point: The Princess is offering up a wonderful tote from our favorite website to the lucky winner this week. It’s tasteful, understated and just what you need to haul your holiday goodies.

You Could Win Kate's Tote in Ocean Blue

You Could Win Kate's Tote in Ocean Blue

Entering this week’s random drawing couldn’t be easier.  Just leave a comment asking The Consort a question.  Ask me anything.  Having relationship issues?  Go ahead and bare your soul.  I may not look like Oprah and I’m sure not Dr. Phil but I’ll give you my $.02 worth.  Trouble with a stopped up kitchen drain?  Can’t decide which shoes to wear to that office holiday party?  Go ahead and ask anything.  The answer you receive might surprise you.   It will certainly, I hope, entertain you.  Fire at will, friends.  This is your chance to probe into the kind of mind that wonders why people do things like this to family pets.

There are some things that are just not meant to be.  Like cats riding roombas.  Or English Bulldogs swimming.

As you may or may not know TPP and I are proud owners of Tilly, our own English Bulldog.  Tilly is a rescue dog who comes from a horrific background.  She was battered, abandoned and starved.  But her spirit is unbroken and her capacity to love unconditionally is remarkable.  Please permit me to ask you one favor today.  If you are thinking of bringing a new pet into your family circle consider a rescue animal.  It is not difficult to find rescue/adoption programs for full-breed dogs.  You will be taking on an animal with a history.  It’s not always pretty and it may not be easy.  But the rewards are unlike anything you’ve probably ever experienced.

Excuse me while I step down from the soapbox.  Thank you, that’s better.  Enough for tonight.  Remember, ask the Princess Consort any question and you’re entered to win a great tote.  It’s safe, non-fattening and fun for the whole family.  Now sit back, relax and enjoy the musical stylings of  “? and the Mysterians” with their hit song “96 Tears”.


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41 responses to “End Your Year With A Freebie & It’s Open Season On The Princess Consort

  1. hey! well i have two questions actually. what’s your favorite genre of music? and who is your favorite singer/group/band? Oh and who’s your favorite actress and or actor?…. okay i lied. i have 3 questions 😀

  2. I love that kitty Roomba video!!! Soooo cute!
    I tried with all my heart, mind and pocket book to adopt from the Westie Rescue Society and they approved our application and now are not responding to my calls. They supposedly have over 10 Westies to adopt out and yet they have left us hanging for over 2 months. Grrr!! Anyway, I am totally needing a Westie and I cannot wait any longer so we are going through a breeder. I really tried, TP, I really did!!!

  3. enc

    That cat riding the Roomba is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

  4. Ah, La Belette Rouge – We don’t always understand the decision-making process behind the adoption/rescue groups. We were vetted extensively before we got the call about Tilly. When we got the call we had to act quickly. The next week they called again offering another bulldog. The need is so great for people willing to adopt but we were scratching our heads over the double offer. Please don’t think poorly of the adoption/rescue people. They are doing a difficult task to the best of their ability. I am touched that you were willing to open your heart and home to a dog in need. You, mon ami, are a special person.

  5. Three questions! I am impressed with your curiosity. First, I love all music. My tastes run from classical to old-school hip-hop. I’m not much of a fan for the new rap but enjoy the fact that old beats are being recycled. If I want to enjoy some sensational guitar work I listen to Tommy Emmanuel. Favorite singer/group/band? Female singer: Tie between Tori Amos, Sarah McLaughlin and Ella Fitzgerald. Male: Vince Gill or young Frank Sinatra. Group: Straight No Chaser. Band: Radiohead. Favorite actor: Liam Neeson. Favorite actress: Charlize Theron. Thanks for the questions and good luck in the drawing for the tote!

  6. What’s the worst job you have ever had?

  7. preppyacademic

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by – I usually am at my other blog more often than not since this one is about my relationship with argyle and my Japanese electronic dictionary, which can get a bit messy 😉 but I appreciate your comment! Once I am done with school for the semester, I will be bouncing back and forth between the two.

  8. I am wondering your highness: Skipp told me my Christmas present is “BLUE”……what could it be? I’m at a complete loss at guesses! Perhaps you could look in your crystal ball and give me a hint? 😉

  9. Colleen Fortuna

    Would love that tote!

    How do you post your pictures?


    Colleen Fortuna

  10. For the record I would say every job has been a great learning experience. We all know that’s BS. The worst job I ever had was making candles in a converted chicken coop during the hottest summer in the history of summer. Seriously. The place stunk of chicken s**t and human sweat. We worked over vats of tinted hot wax and dipped steel rods mounted on wood blocks into the wax. After about 100 dips the wax was pulled off the rods and put into press molds. When the molds were filled they were cooled and then shaved in layers to create stained glass-looking candles. I would end the day with a wax coating down the front of my overalls and covering my shoes. There was no hair on my arms because if something fell in the wax we had to reach down and pull the object out of the wax. Instant wax hair removal. To this day bikini waxing makes me shudder.

  11. Muffy – Oddly enough, being able to tell the future is a talent I have developed through the years. I have always pledged to use those powers only for good. This is certainly one of those situations. After careful consideration two things come to me: Skipp is either going to give you a stunning sapphire bauble or a BMW Z4 Roadster in metallic blue. Anything less would be a bitter disappointment. You don’t have to thank me; it’s a gift I am compelled to share.

  12. Excellent question Colleen. It gives me an opportunity to share my extensive technical knowledge. Apparently there are little elves inside our computer who take a copy of the pictures and run through the wires to your computer and then you see the pictures. The elves are very small and very fast. Being fast is very important if you are that small. It’s all very sophisticated and difficult to explain. Someone once told me that because we post our photos on WordPress there is software that does all the coding work for us in the background. I’m not sure if I believe that. I’m sticking with my elves as an explanation.

  13. Is there a Junior Royal Consort? Perhaps a Princess-in-waiting?

    And of course, is there a chance we could see a *photo* of this darling Tilly??

    And finally, can you describe *your* wedding dress?

  14. Miss Daisy – What an inquisitive mind! So many questions and our time together is short. I’ll begin with the first two questions because they are connected. Sadly, it has been determined that I am not a role model for impressionable youth. Therefore, the US Congress has taken action (a move that will be denied by all involved) that bars me from reproducing. This, as you can imagine, has caused much angst for the Pater Familias. However, my younger brother has demonstrated a proclivity for breeding like a rabbit. The family name survives for at least one more generation. I am left to soothe my pain with absinthe, cheap cigars and muttering to myself in dark rooms. To a better topic! Tilly might be the most photographed English Bulldog ever. I promise to put up a shot of her doing what she does best (sleeping) in an upcoming post. Now to the question of TPP’s wedding dress. This is a topic that makes me smile as I remember seeing her at the end of the aisle in the church on our wedding day. She was radiant. I thought I loved her before; at that very moment I expected my heart would burst with happiness. Her dress was by Carolina Herrara. It was long-sleeved and had small, hand-sewn daisies in a subdued white on the bodice. Her dress, oddly enough, was very similar to Caroline Kennedy’s with the difference being Ms. Kennedy had shamrocks applied instead of daisies. Very elegant – very TPP. Thank you for the questions and good luck in the drawing!

  15. Well it sounds to me like the Consort makes just about the most fabulous Aunt & Uncle duo of all time!! And of course, I adore anything involving Daisy’s.

    Perhaps the Duke Family Adoptee (BISMOW & I plan on getting a rescue pup next year) and Tilly could be internet pals one day?

  16. Bboss

    I really enjoy your website and you have taught me to embrace my inner prep!
    Do you have now or have you ever owned a tiara?
    My husband wanted me to wear one on our wedding day. Sadly I was a minimalist at the time and shunned any sequins or crystal.

  17. Thank you for your kind words. I do try to lead the nieces and nephews down the road of sin and degradation. One does what one does best, after all. We would be honored to have Tilly and your soon-to-be-the-luckiest-dog-in-the-world be Internet BFFs. That would be exquisite.

  18. Bboss – Your question has me a bit flummoxed. In all honesty I can say TPP has never, to my knowledge, owned a tiara. However, I own a modest tiara but only wear it on the weekends when TPP and I have our “special” dress-up nights. Discretion does not allow me to elaborate. Thank you for asking.

  19. Does the Consort cook? If so, what is his specialty?

  20. Oh my, PC, your worst job does indeed sound terrible! What was your best job?

  21. “Purple is not Preppy.”
    ~The Official Preppy Handbook (p. 128)

    Does this apply to shades of lavender and plum, or just Crayola purple?

  22. I think adopting a dog is a great idea but I doubt we would ever have a dog…I can barely get the hubs to pick up after himself! My question to you what made you decide to start this blog?

  23. Coco – I can think of few things I enjoy more than cooking. However, I can think of many things that I do better than cooking. I am an enthusiastic cook. My skills are limited to a scrumptious egg-white omelet, 40 clove chicken (yes, that’s 40 cloves of garlic!), a number of wok dishes and grilling assorted meats and vegetables. There is something special about preparing food for someone else. It can almost be a sensual experience. At the very least it is sharing. I am certain your parents taught you to share when you are able. I enjoy that experience. Thank you for the question and good luck in the drawing.

  24. This is a question that will get a response that will surprise many people. After 27 years in broadcast television, including working at the highest levels of the industry, I cannot include any of those positions as one of my best jobs. That distinction would be a toss-up between being an usher for a major league baseball team or working at a Harley-Davidson dealership. Both positions were very service-oriented and the gratification was immediate for a job done well. As an usher I was able to enhance the baseball experience for my guests. Needless to say, I love baseball. My favorite memory is of a three-year old boy with his father. The father, who had been sitting in the upper deck, wanted to take his son down my aisle to see the field from ground level. The child’s eyes were as big as saucers. I sent them through and told them to enjoy themselves. A few minutes later they returned and the father thanked me. He didn’t need to thank me. The joy on his son’s face was all I needed to see. The H-D dealership was great because I solved problems using tools, my hands and experience. The guys I worked with would be considered “rough” by a lot of people but I never met a nicer bunch of people. Honest, hard-working and talented beyond most people’s understanding. You can’t BS in those positions. Either something works or it doesn’t. I like that honesty. Good question! Good luck in the drawing… the tote is great!

  25. Bernadette – In my opinion, purple, especially Crayola purple, is best seen in a crayon. Lavender and plum have always worked well for me. Perhaps it’s because they can be worn with khaki and not cause a visual food fight. Purple has traditionally been a color for royalty to wear. Like Julius Caesar. Look what wearing purple got him. He wasn’t stabbed by traitors; he was attacked by Rome’s fashion critics. Interesting question and thank you for giving me the opportunity to set the record straight on a little known fact of ancient Rome.

  26. Aartee – Did you ever consider training a dog to pick up after your husband? It’s something to think about and training a dog is easier, by far, than training a husband. Now to your question: The lovely and talented TPP began this blog because she loves fashion, gossip and writing. It’s also part of http://www.PreppyPrincess.com and that growing empire. My role is merely to drop in now and again with my views from the lunatic fringe. We love the friends we make each and every day because of the blog and website. It’s a lot of work but we are passionate about keeping the blog fun, informative and snarky. We can’t do it without your feedback so come back often and bring a friend!

  27. JM

    I have bought my boyfriend’s mother the following Xmas gifts:
    a creamy nutmeg candle from Bath & Body Works, a bronze wine bag from Pottery Barn, and a bottle of her fave white wine(since she drinks wine every day). Do you have any other suggestions???
    Btw, I love the bag in blue:)

  28. JM – You are so thoughtful! It sounds to me like you’re covering the senses. You’ve done smell (candle), touch (wine bag) and taste (wine). You might consider a visit to Williams-Sonoma for a personalized wine stopper (sight). You could also stop in to silverimpressions.com or crateandbarrel.com for more of a selection. To cover the sense of hearing you might consider a CD from her favorite artist. What you’ve done is create a wonderful personal experience for your BF’s mother. She will think you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. Trust me, that’s the impression you want them to have! Best of luck in the drawing… the blue tote is fabulous!

  29. I love all these questions so far.
    Let’s see I am wondering what TPP really wants for Christmas?

  30. Lisa – Before I answer that question I must first let you know a little more about TPP. She is a woman of refined tastes. She is comfortable in her own skin and does not feel the need to impress people by flaunting designer labels or making empty acquisitions. I support her in her attitudes that way. Now, to answer your question. I believe she wants to spend some quiet time with The Princess Consort. Not working… not answering the phone… just being. Time is so precious and it slips away from us so quickly. On some days we crawl into bed and just wonder what happened to the day. Please understand one thing: We love the life we’re living. We’re on a path that we chose to walk. But when it’s all said and done all we have is each other. Our time, devotion and attention are the best gifts we can give each other this year. However, it wouldn’t hurt if I were to stop at Tiffany… Thanks for the question! Hug the kids and good luck in the drawing.

  31. Dear Princess Consort, aka He Whose Musical Tastes are Excellent (Tori A. and Ella, hooray!):

    Since today’s post seems to have something of an animal theme, what would be a good Christmas present for the discerning Pug who has everything?

    And good on you & TP for doing rescue. I’ve only just become involved in our local Pug rescue; the need for good foster & adopted homes is overwhelming. Like you said, for those looking into the process, do try and be patient; most rescues are run by volunteers who have day jobs and are in dire need of more time and resources.

    Miss Legallyblondemel

  32. Miss Legallyblondemel – You have, once again, cut to the very essence of animal rescue. Thank you for your brilliant comment. Of course, I am humbled by your kind remarks regarding my musical tastes. I get emotional over music. Last night I had tears streaming down my cheeks while listening to “Mansions of the Lord” from the President Reagan funeral on YouTube. I urge you all to give it a viewing. But we have a larger issue here. What do we get the discerning Pug who has everything? It goes without saying that chew toys are too common. Those dreadful little sweaters are just that… dreadful. Animals should flaunt their nudity. Lord knows I do. But that’s another issue for another day. So where does this leave us? With one choice: contact lenses. I’ve seen the eyes on that breed. A good set of contact lenses will work wonders for your faithful little friend. It doesn’t matter if your Pug is male or female. Contact lenses will make your Pug the envy of the kennel or dog park. No more Marty Feldman impressions! No, sirree! Your Pug will be a canine sensation and the improved vision will do wonders for the dog’s self-image. Trust me on this one, my friend. Now, if contacts are not on your radar screen then I recommend a handmade grosgrain ribbon collar that will truly amaze your little buddy. Happy holidays, thanks for stopping by with the question and good luck in the drawing!

  33. Well hello consort, I see you are a witty and charming match for our beloved princess! What is the preppiest destination for a twenty something looking to summer at a charming and not budget breaking location not involving carrying a backpack or staying in a hostel?

  34. Danielle – You are too kind with your compliments. Searching for the ideal summer location is always a challenge. So many factors come into play. I’ve always had great luck on Block Island. My friends and I used to enjoy flying to the island for coffee. Charming! There are some rentals that won’t send you to the poor house or exhaust the trust fund payout. You might choose to begin your search with these private homes. Good luck with your search and thanks for your question.

  35. WildChild Grammy

    Christmas Eve dinner has become quite a challenge. Tradition had flown out the window and become any chefs nightmare with the diagnosis of food allergies for some and diabetes for others. Any ideas for delectable and festive treats that are sugar free, gluten free, peanut free? Or maybe should I just serve iced Perrier and dazzle them with gorgeous stemware!! Thanks for any suggestions.
    So would “my Fondest Hearts Desire” be too dramatic or can I just say I NEED that teal bag to make me the most head turning grandma out there when I take the new little darling arriving in May out with his or her Big Sister for a park adventure. It looks like it would hold many diapers, bottles and even snacks for a 5 year old and grammy. The fact that it matches my new boots has NOTHING to do with it….please enter my name in your drawing.
    Merry Christmas and… PICK ME—PICK ME

  36. My lovely WildChild Grammy – For some reason your name seems familiar. But enough of that… you have a much larger issue facing you. We live in a time of increased sensitivities. Peanut allegies, gluten-free, lactose-intolerance. Where does it end? When I was young we never had those issues. People just had shorter life spans. We never understood why someone would suddenly start choking and fall over dead. We just figured their time had come. Those were harsh times but I survived. But that’s not solving your issues, is it? Here is my suggestion: Barbeque ribs. Find a rib joint (and it must fit that description) and have them cater the biggest rib dinner you can handle. People don’t have to eat the potatoes if they are sensitive to that sort of thing. You must have sliced white bread for sopping up the sauce. Drinks? Orange Nehi. No questions tolerated. You don’t need any of that namby-pamby wine nonsense. Orange Nehi goes well with ribs. However, it must be Nehi. That might involve some legwork on your part but it’s the least you can do for your guests. I agree the teal bag would make you the most head-turning grandma around. But for some reason I have the feeling you already are.

  37. Dear Princess Consort Sir, how does one stop one’s husband from stealing the covers at night? Please help, it’s getting really cold!

  38. My dear freezing Fashion Herald – I understand your concern about your husband and his proclivity for stealing the bed covers. In the long term this will cease to be a problem because of global warming. However, we have an immediate situation that demands our complete attention. I will assume your husband has a staple gun. He is, after all, a man and a man must have certain tools. A staple gun is one of the most basic. If he does not have a staple gun then you have a gift suggestion for him. Craftsman makes a fine staple gun for home use. You will need said gun to solve your cover crisis. I suggest you take the staple gun into the bedroom and fasten the covers on your side of the bed to either the bed frame or the box springs. Do not be shy with the staples. They are inexpensive and the solution they will provide is invaluable. Your husband will attempt to steal the covers but your clever use of technology will deny him the opportunity. He will be both stunned and amazed. You will be warm and thanking me all night long. Just not in person, of course.

  39. I bow to the brilliance of the consort. Am running out to look for this “Craftsman” store.

  40. This is such a creative giveaway! Okay, here are my questions and some things on my mind as of lately:

    1. Do you feel like you’ve been in the holiday spirit, people pleasing, good cheer mood lately? (I feel like the jingles at the stores and the white snow have made most people generally nicer. For example, I was in line at JCrew this afternoon, and this woman just let me go in front of her because I only had one thing and she had several. These are the types of things people should be doing all year long!)

    2. What did you ask Santa for this year?


  41. Miss Erica – I do hope you’re having a joyous holiday. This time of year is challenging for many people as they struggle to provide the best holiday experience they can for their loved ones. We won’t have to discuss the woeful economy; that’s plowed ground. It is my belief that people are opening themselves up to help those around them. I get a sense of sharing this year. Perhaps the gifting will be less extravagant and more practical. Consider doing one thing for me this season: The next time you’re grocery shopping buy just one extra 12-pack of toilet tissue. Take that down to your local church or shelter and donate it to their personal needs service. Now do it again next month. And the month following. It’s not much but if we all do something like that we will make a difference. I suppose I’m just an incurable optimist. I prefer to see the good in people and not how I can gain an advantage over somebody else. Now, to your second question: I didn’t ask Santa for anything. I already have everything. I want for nothing. My family is healthy and loves me. I have food and shelter. I have friends who would bail me out of jail in the middle of the night. What else do I need? I guess all I ask for is that we can have this same exchange in one year’s time. That will mean we both made it through another year and we’ve grown a friendship. What great gifts those would be! Thanks for the questions and good luck in the drawing. Happy Holidays from the Princess Consort!

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