Another Prep Fashion Faux Pas, Inaugural Updates, AntiPreps

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Quick headlines of the day, many of which may well be moldy oldies to many of you, but here we go anyway.

The Presidential daughters will be attending Sidwell Friends school; Malia at the Middle School in Northwest DC (the Upper School Building is also here), and Sasha at the Lower School campus that is actually located in Bethesda. Malia is in fifth grade and Sasha in second grade.

Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

PHOTO: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

The Obamas selected the Quaker school where Chelsea Clinton and Al Gore III received their educations, deciding it was a better fit than Georgetown Day and Maret. For more background, our post here may be helpful.

Newsweek features the future First Lady in their Dec.1 issue, on newsstands today.



And we hear an entire book dedicated to the Michelle Obama style is quickly being put together; former Mademoiselle editor Mandi Norwood is writing the book. It is scheduled for publication sometime next spring by Avon Books.  Coming out even earlier, “Michelle Obama: Meet the First Lady is due December 9.

Harper Collins

Harper Collins

Written by David Bergen Brophy, the publisher is Harper Collins.

Speculation continues on who will design Michelle Obama’s gown for the Inaugural Balls in January, but we have seen little devoted to basic inauguration day apparel for Michelle Obama and the girls….? Seeing some designs in that genre would be most enjoyable.

That now-famous Thakoon dress worn by Michelle Obama is now officially out of production, at least for the time being.

Mark Wilson/Getty

PHOTO: Mark Wilson/Getty

More sketches for Inaugural gowns are floating about from other designers, including this from Isabel Toledo, done at People magazine’s suggestion, for a story.

Isabel Toledo via

Isabel Toledo via

Below, Mrs. Obama in the Isabel Toledo gown worn to a June fundraiser hosted by Anna Wintour (Vogue) and Calvin Klein. Many readers may be familiar with the divine illustrations Ms. Toledo’s husband, Ruben, has done for the Nordstrom catalogues.



And Reem Acra also shared her creativity, again, per People magazine’s request.

Reem Acra via

Reem Acra via


We have another entry in the Gwyneth Paltrow Fashion Faux Pas category. While we do not want to appear as though we are unfairly focusing on Ms. Paltrow, her style statements of late are surprising in light of her über-preppy upbringing.


Above, the actress at the grand re-opening of the remodeled Fontainebleau this weekend. The famed hotel was also home to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show taping.

The always-interesting Styleist blog takes Ms.Paltrow to task for the Antonio Berardi dress she wore (below) to the Two Lovers film premiere in London.

Getty Images

PHOTO: Getty Images

The comments include these:

“We see London, we see France, we see Gwyneth Paltrow in Paris at the premiere of ‘Two Lovers’ wearing another weird dress. Plus we see underpants! And her bra!

Gwyneth frequently comes thisclose to fashion greatness. But then she takes a giant leap off the Cliff of “Odd and Awkward” into the ocean of “Looking at Her Makes Us Wince”. Doesn’t she have any friends? Or a mirror?”

The Victoria’s Secret goings-on alerted us to very frightening news: two Antipreps were in the same place.  At the same time.  Clearly someone neglected to put up the deflector shield.  Mon Dieu.

Exhibit A:

Hans Deryk/Reuters

PHOTO: Hans Deryk/Reuters

In case anyone is fortunate enough to *not* recognize this individual, it is TV personality Kim Kardashian; here is our initial post affirming Ms. Kardashian attaining official AntiPrep status.

Next we have Paris Hilton, our very first Anti-prep, as explained here. It could almost be said Ms. Hilton prompted the necessity of an Anti-prep category.  BTW, for those keeping score at home, this is the second such occurrence of dual (dueling?) anti-preps appearing at the same location.

Hans Deryk/Reuters

PHOTO: Hans Deryk/Reuters

We apologize for the multiple spellings on antiprep; we just can’t locate the word in our Webster’s and don’t know how to spell it so we can find it when we look things up in the blog.

Until next time!


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10 responses to “Another Prep Fashion Faux Pas, Inaugural Updates, AntiPreps

  1. 1. It’s interesting for me to hear about those schools since I know at least one person who attends each of those schools (in fact my parents looked into them and even a few other boarding schools when I was a rising freshman).

    2. Michelle Obama’s hair looks very lovely on the Newsweek cover!

    3. The Isabel Toledo and Reem Acra sketches are both quite pretty.

    4. I was disappointed with my 740 on my math SAT II that I took my freshman year, so I retook it. I was very lucky to get a 800 because I only had about four hours on Friday to study for it.

  2. I live pretty close to the middle/upper school campus of Sidwell so maybe I’ll get to see the girls on their drive to school 😉

  3. I love those Reem Acra drawings!!!

  4. Poor Gwynnie. What is she doing? That tiny little white dress is awful on her. She has such a fantastic figure and those two dresses do nothing for it.

  5. I think they will love Sidwell. It is a great school, from what I hear.

    I am not a fan of the style of either anti-preps you have listed. Not my taste. But many people love them and to each their own. Right?

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.:-)

  6. I love the Obamas!

    a kiss!!!

  7. TCP

    Lately, I am just so disappointed in Gwyneth…with her genes and background, she could do so much better!!

  8. Oh, dear. If I weren’t laughing so hard, I might comment how very much I enjoy the concept of the Anti-Prep category, if not the subject matter itself. How it is that, ahem, adult video “leakings” can lead to international fame is simply beyond . . .

    As for other prepster shame, I cannot fathom a less flattering dress than that first one Gweneth Paltrow is wearing. Yes, yes – some people argue clothes for the sake of their art, flattery be hanged – but I am not one of those people.

  9. Preppy 101

    Is Gwyneth trying to ‘ugly herself up’???

  10. LOL Preppy 101-touché! I love that the Toledo sketch has the girls with dogs! Posting my award tomorrow…had to do my recipe today. 🙂

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