Obama Inaugural Gown Update, Preps Party at CFDA

Well, here we are again!

The volume of inquiries surrounding plans for the Michelle Obama inauguration gown is increasing; thus today’s additional post.  At last night’s CFDA gala Diane von Furstenberg shared an interesting tidbit, according to a story in today’s online New York magazine: she has submitted sketches for an inugural gown.  And why did she send sketches?

“Well, they asked me to. Of course, everybody has,” she said. “I’m so proud to be an American.”

In the story by Alisa Gould-Simon, the question of a dress for all those Inaugural Balls was put to one of Mrs. Obama’s favorite designers:

Thakoon Panichgul, one of Michelle’s favorite designers, tried to remain elusive when we asked if he’d submitted sketches. “Um … we’ll see what happens,” he said with a devilish smirk.

And the Observer has a headline that will grab the attention of most fashionistas: “Narciso Rodriguez Hoping for a Second Chance to Dress Michelle Obama,”with insight from designer Narciso Rodriguez on one of his designs being worn by Ms. Obama election night:

“She saw that dress and she liked it,” said Narciso Rodriguez, who designed Michelle Obama‘s Election Night dress. “She saw it on the runway, she chose it, I guess from the runway…” He nodded slowly and mouthed “yes” when asked if he’d known in advance that she would wear it.”

Should one be interested in more information about some of the Thakoon designs worn by Ms. Obama, here is a post as well as here. The Observer story includes speculation from those in attendance at the dinner about an inaugural gown:

The young designers of Proenza Schouler approached Mr. Rodriguez. “Did you see Michelle Obama in his dress?” cried Lazaro Hernandez. “Really major!”

They have a fabulous new bag line,” deflected Mr. Rodriguez. Mr. Hernandez asked if Mr. Rodriguez was designing the inaugural gown. “It would be nice to think so,” he said modestly.

Also in attendance at the CFDA/Vogue gala were Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively (in a dress that didn’t really wow us) …

Scott Gries/Getty

PHOTO: Scott Gries/Getty

…and Penn Badgley….

Scott Gries/Getty

PHOTO: Scott Gries/Getty

…along with Tory Burch

Scott Gries/Getty

PHOTO: Scott Gries/Getty

and über-preppy couple David Lauren and Lauren Bush…

Scott Gries/Getty

PHOTO: Scott Gries/Getty

We apologize for being tedious, but we may need to be back one more time again today with our update on Black Friday sales for Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and more.  We’re typing as fast as we can!


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7 responses to “Obama Inaugural Gown Update, Preps Party at CFDA


    Are you telling me that if Lauren Bush married David Lauren…….her name would be LAUREN LAUREN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone else find this as hysterical as me?!

  2. Preppy 101

    Thank you for all your information!!! I hope Michelle’s inaugural gown is more flattering and photographs better than the election night fiasco. . .

  3. TAG

    Blake Lively, what were you thinking?!

  4. Blake’s dress is seriously one of those “what was she thinking?” moments…

  5. The potentially Lauren Lauren is so stylish!!

  6. Oh, I loooove Tory Burch! Wow, even a star like Blake has an “off day” once in a while too!

  7. TP, you couldn’t be tedious if you tried! Please keep the sales info coming.

    Enjoying all the speculation about the Obama inauguration frock. Much as I love Narciso, I can’t imagine Mrs. Obama going with him after that paint-ball disaster on Election Night. Thakoon would be a very “now” pick by an American designer, which seems to be a priority for the fashion-y Mrs. Obama.

    As for Lauren future Lauren, I’ve long been a fan. If we could only convince her to switch that handbag up every now again (yes, yes, I know it’s for a good cause blah blah), she’d be perfection.

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