Obama Fashion & Prep School Updates, Worst Concealers Ever List

Hello-Hello on a busy Tuesday!

We start with an update to our initial story on the Obama school search.

The ongoing effort to find the best school for Malia and Sasha Obama moved to the next level yesterday when Michelle Obama took Malia and Sasha for a two-hour visit at Georgetown Day School.

Georgetown Day Lower School

Georgetown Day Lower School

Before you know it we may be seeing a run on these:

Georgetown Day School

Georgetown Day School

Today the girls and the next First Lady are expected to repeat that exercise at the Sidwell Friends campus.  Below, a photo from the Time magazine story that says Sidwell is the “…greenest school” in the United States.

David Burnett for TIME

PHOTO: David Burnett for TIME

Writer Margaret Carlson has an interesting perspective on the schools in her recent Bloomberg story.

“The car pool line at Sidwell runs to Mercedes and BMWs. At Maret, where journalists’ children abound, and at GDS, where students call teachers by their first names, you see more Volvos and Priuses. At Sidwell you might see a Palin Valentino. At Maret, Banana Republic.”

The article discusses Maret, a school we discussed very little in our previous post, as as we don’t believe it to be in serious consideration at this point.


The discussion continues regarding the dress Mrs. Obama wore for the 60 minutes interview that aired Sunday.

Aaron Tomlinson/CBS News Handout

PHOTO: Aaron Tomlinson/CBS News Handout

Many are suggesting it is another Maria Pinto design, primarily because of the color and lines. When we find out we will let you know.

And the Times has another story about the J. Crew ensemble the future First Lady wore for her Tonight Show appearance.

“A spokeswoman for the J. Crew Group said the company had no idea Mrs. Obama would wear J. Crew until it began seeing teasers of her “Tonight Show” appearance. But it moved quickly to capitalize on it.

Marketers bought “Michelle Obama” keywords on Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, built a page on the jcrew.com Web site that promoted her outfit, and told call-center representatives how to handle queries about Mrs. Obama’s fashion.”

For one of our previous posts with photos, descriptions of the pieces and links to those items at J. Crew, just click here.  BTW, J. Crew is now promoting a 25% off regular-priced Women’s shoes through tomorrow night.  The promo code is SHOESALE.

J. Crew

J. Crew


Ladies, you know we try to maintain proper etiquette standards here in our corner condo at Princess HQ, especially when it comes to issues of bloggage. Therefore TP is a tad timid; we fear we are treading dangerously close to the ‘poor taste’ line with our next topic: dark circles under one’s eyes. Does anyone else suffer from this wretched phenomenon?

The good folks at Total Beauty have a quick little slide show on the “Worst Concealers Ever” that is simply fascinating! We couldn’t not share the link with you! Please don’t think less of us, the UTP (Urge to Post) was overwhelming and we couldn’t help ourselves! We do feel better knowing we are not the only who struggles with this.


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8 responses to “Obama Fashion & Prep School Updates, Worst Concealers Ever List

  1. I don’t think that’s crass. Perhaps toilet troubles might not be in good taste, but a simple make-up need or like is nothing to cringe over!

  2. The Mona Lisa photo made me giggle 🙂

    And I am all over the J Crew sale 😉

  3. Oh the dreaded circles! I think you are being perfectly tasteful as it is a topic for all this time of year as we visit one social after another! I prefer the nice and cheap Cover Girl concealer. It isn’t the one in their slideshow…it is even less expensive. Works wonders after a long night at the club’s Christmas party!

  4. Oh! And I forgot to mention that Bobbi Brown concealer (the thick one, in the tub, with the powder attached to it) is fabulous for any under-eye issue!

  5. me! I totally suffer from dark circles. I was just obsessing about them in all the H&M mirrors in Herald Square. Horrid! and i stay far away from under eye concealers, because after mid 30’s, that stuff just makes you look OLD!
    thanks for the inaugural gown updates. now where are our invites?!

  6. enc

    I just ordered metallic ballet flats from J.Crew. Alas, they weren’t on sale.

  7. Oh Miss Daisy, affirmative on the Bobbi Brown…oh yes! And Mrs. Newlywed, we carry a Cover Girl stick thingie in our handbag.

  8. I am going to the Jcrew shoe sale and see if I can start rebuilding my shoe collection. And, it was the dark circles that led me to the Restylane. My dark circles required desperate measures.

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