Banana Republic Closing Monogram? Hilfiger & Ferragamo Black Friday Deals


Well, if we don’t seem to be encountering another preppy money moment here. We just read that Banana Republic’s new upscale line, Monogram, is closing its doors on Bleecker Street. According to the folks at Racked, American Apparel is moving into the space.  Below, the Monogram store.


The line received a fair amount of splash when introduced; regulars may recall The Princess wrote about it upon its launch back in April.  The line was described as being more sophisticated, more tailored, and more expensive; 30-40% more expensive in some cases.


This may not be as cataclysmic as it appears however, as we do remember reading back in April the standalone store was only scheduled to be open for 9 months, which would sync up with the timetable mentioned in the Racked story.

Courtesy Banana Republic

Courtesy Banana Republic

We would be more than surprised if the line performed at anywhere near hoped-for levels. Many loyal Banana Republic customers felt the collection was overpriced, with the merchandise providing little or no justification for the higher cost. Nor was there enough distinction between the Monogram pieces and original Banana Republic fare to attract a new following.

Below, a BR Monogram knot halter gown that is definitely not for the faint of heart, at least not in the Chroma Pink colorway.

As our Tuesday post focused in large part on the J. Crew struggles, and now today we are talking about Banana Republic, it seems ideal that Austin’s American Statesman recently did an interesting story advising readers how they can achieve ‘a James Bond look’ at J. Crew and/or Banana Republic prices.  In the story writer Marques G. Harper suggests:

“If Savile Row isn’t in your budget, other spots worth a look for Bond-style wares are Banana Republic and J. Crew.”

“….the BR Monogram specialty line has classic items such as cardigans, patterned pants, dress shirts, trench coats and a tuxedo (it goes for $650 compared with a Tom Ford tux, which sells for $4,650). In other words, get your Bond look for less.”

A photo accompanies the story, featuring a Tom Ford tuxedo and other items at Needless Markup Neiman Marcus.

Rodolfo Gonzalez


In our continuing effort to provide information that is moderately entertaining, yet also fiscally friendly, here are a few more tidbits on Black Friday sales and discounts, as originally mentioned in the WSJ blog:

  • Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques will begin holiday sales Dec. 4, marking down men’s and women’s clothing and accessories by 35% to 50%.
  • Tommy Hilfiger company stores will offer 40% off the entire store on Black Friday, plus they’ll take an additional 25% off purchases of $200 or more between the hours of midnight and 10 a.m.

One cautionary note: as TP was initially reading this she neglected to notice it only applies to Tommy Hilfiger factory stores, or outlet stores, whichever term you prefer.


The new Gap advertising campaign features a personality from one of TP’s favorite shows, Mad Men.  Actor Jon Hamm plays the show’s always-natty lead character Don Draper; he is joined in the commercial by his real-life significant other, actress Jennifer Westfeldt.

Courtesy The Gap
Below, a photo of Mr. Hamm and actress January Jones, who plays Don’s wife, Betty Draper.
Courtesy amc tv


One more quick shopping tip, in this case directed at anyone who uses Clinique cosmetics: there is a Trina Turk-designed ‘gift with purchase‘ underway now at Nordstrom. The goodies shown below accompany any $25 Clinique purchase at Nordstrom, actually a fairly good arrangement IOHO, as the lines at the beauty counters can really be tedious when it is GWP time.  TP loves collecting these throughout the year (only as appropriate, when we genuinely require something from the line doing the giveaway, honestly!) and then donating them to a local shelter at the holidays.

Whether visiting the store in person, or in a virtual sense, don’t forget this is going on:



For today’s Pretty in Pink, this Leather Mini Wallet isn’t one you are likely to be lose inside the giant pile otherwise known as your purse! It is from one of TP’s favorites, Elaine Turner.

Don’t forget to enter the Great Giveaway, with $100+ in outstanding preppy gifts from Boatman Geller, the Preppy Princess, with the Summer at Tiffany book as a bonus gift! Just leave a comment telling us one friend you are grateful for and you are entered!

We hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weeknd!


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16 responses to “Banana Republic Closing Monogram? Hilfiger & Ferragamo Black Friday Deals

  1. Monogram wasn’t that nice anyway.

    Jon Hamm is just to hot. There is this t-shirt/forward-y thing circulating on tumblr that points out that Don Draper is currently, 84. If he were alive and real.

    I find that funny.

  2. I am so obsessed with Mad Men it is out of control. We have both season 1 on DVD and have watched it quite a few times. We will be buying season 2 shortly…just need to get to the movie store…

  3. I shop at the BR flagship store in San Francisco – the brand’s hometown. The main entrance on Sutter St. opens right into a whole section of the Monogram product, which is some prime positioning…

    I will say that while I do find the fabrics & constructions far better than their main brand, I think this is only because I work in the industry and know a lot about fabrics & constructions. Meanwhile, the fit model is definitely different than the main brand (it’s smaller & leaner) which can be good & bad, depending upon your POV.

    So, while I have loved a lot of Monogram pieces, and have bought at least one item that comes to mind, the price and iffy sizing have been the main points against it. I want it all: high quality, cuteness, and affordability – even though I know that is really too much for anyone to ask for! 😉

  4. Landlocked Mermaid

    OH MY that trina turk GWP is a must have.. I adore Trina. Hope you girls are doing just swell. love your blog all the time! xo

  5. Interesting about Monogram. You know, I just don’t think ppl are interested in buying clothes that expensive from a mass retailer like Banana Republic. It is a little like getting a cobb salad from McDonald’s.

  6. Who almost Black Friday. I better star pondering what people might like!! Did Banana Republic Monogram, monogram?? I have not been in there for a while!!

  7. tpp–

    I love getting your comments! You are too sweet. And I’ll definitely be looking for those Gap ads – although I’ll miss last year’s with John Krasinski!

  8. I love Jon Hamm. He is so cute! His aunt lived in my neighborhood and he always came over to walk her dogs (obviously pre-Mad Men!)

  9. What is Mad Men?
    I love that wallet 🙂

  10. enc

    I’m always fascinated when well-established brands with well-established prices launch an upgrade brand, like J.Crew and BR. I end up feeling resistant, because I wonder why they didn’t just start out at the higher quality level in the first place. I think—with these two brands in particular—that their prices outstrip their quality, so I’m not inclined to pay for the “upgrade.”

    On the other hand, from a business standpoint, I completely understand why both BR and J.Crew would want to attempt to capture some of the marketshare in the higher pricepoints. They’d be remiss if they didn’t at least try.

    All that said, I’ve been a dedicated J.Crew customer since the first days when they had widewale cords and that iconic roll-neck sweater in their lineup. My college wardrobe was largely J.Crew.

  11. Love the way the guys in the pics are dressed 🙂 Too bad not many guys dress this way in the real world.

  12. I have got to pick up a DVD of Mad Men. I have yet to watch an episode, but I love the set and the clothes! It seems simply exquisite!

    I love the side note on NM, I always catch myself wondering if their wares are really worth what they ask for them.

  13. More men need to dress that way! And… love the pink wallet!

  14. Miss Leslie: 84…? Oh dear. We think we shall ignore that and remain happily deluded.

    Miss Winkie: You know, before the line came out and we saw a headline on the first story that was our thought precisely: “Why would Banana Republic start monogramming things?”

    Miss Lisa: It is a divine drama on amc-tv that just concluded its second season. Set in the 60’s the fashions are TDF.

    Miss Kate: OMG. Seriously?!

    Miss enc: We’re with you on the resistance.

  15. Oh, hooray for the Jon Hamm feature. Why did they have to go and ruin it by putting his lady love in the photo? (j/k)

    Speaking of, the December “InStyle” has a Hamm story with plenty of delish pics and fashion notes.

    Count me amongst the BR faithful who has generally drawn the line at the Monogram prices. If I’m paying that much, I’m going for a more upmarket make and line. Please take note, J. Crew!

  16. TCP

    Oh, Jon Hamm! Thank you for a much needed pick-me-up on this frigid day!!

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