PRIVATE SALES: Kate Spade, Polo Ralph Lauren, Barneys, Bergdorf’s, Brooks Brothers, Neiman Marcus + the Argyle Bicycle!

Hello-hello and Happy Friday!

Additional sales are everywhere it seems, many from retailers with a preppy aesthetic, if you will. We start with the Kate Spade Private Sale. A word of caution: when you click on this link or the image below, you will be taken to a page where you need to register. Not to worry, it’s not like filling out an application for the Country Club; one simply must provide a first name, an email address and zip code. That’s it.

Courtesy Kate Spade

Courtesy Kate Spade

Do not wait too long on this one as it ends on the 14th!  We thought this puffer vest might offer a high snuggle factor.

Barneys is also having a ‘Private Sale,’

Courtesy Barneys

Courtesy Barneys

As of this writing there are more than 390 shoe styles on sale just in the shoe department!

At Polo Ralph Lauren the Private Sale is on through Monday, Nov.17….. unless they extend or expand it, which would surprise no one at this point.

And while we adore the Windowpane Plaid Ricky bag, it just seems… well, it feels inappropriate somehow to spend $2400 on a handbag at this point in time.

Ralph Lauren Collection Windowpane Plaid Ricky bag

Ralph Lauren Collection Windowpane Plaid Ricky bag

What do you think? Is TP taking the economy too seriously? Am I wrong on this one?

At Bloomingdale’s there is an additional 30% to 50% off the already-discounted sale merchandise….

Some of it “wear now” merchandise, like this Ralph Lauren Petites “Batya” Cashmere Sweater.

Ralph Lauren Petites Cashmere Sweater

Ralph Lauren Petites Cashmere Sweater

Of course it is also time for the First Call at Neiman Marcus.

Even Bergdorf Goodman is goosing their sale; do not let the “Save as much as 40% Off” fool you. There are *many* items marked down 50%.

We end today with another Argyle Update, this one showcasing the absolutely TDF Electra Holiday Cruiser bicycle at the Gap in their “signature blue argyle pattern.”

Courtesy The Gap

Courtesy The Gap

It is available in two sizes, Adult and Kids.  We can’t imagine how we would react if it were also in pink – we would probably layoff the drivers (heh-heh) and start pedaling around ourselves! (Well, actually, no, I don’t think that is what we would do at all. Not really.)

Today we start a new feature that will pop up every now and again: “Can You Tell It’s Ratings?” as in “oh my gosh sweetie, do you think they are doing this story because it is ratings?” Also known as “sweeps” in our former life, you know what we mean (of course you know what we mean!) ladies, stories that are heavily promoted on local and network news and entertainment programs. Stories that are teased dramatically, breathlessly, that you simply must see, that you cannot miss!

Like this one on ABC….

Kristian Dowling/Getty Images for Beatie

PHOTO: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images for Beatie

Or the “Are you a Sex Addict?” quiz on KTLA-TV in Los Angeles.



And let us not forget our personal favorite: “Sharks in Lake Michigan – Tonight at 11!”

We are off to a function in the Big City tonight, major party frockage, so we must run-run-run out the door. Grins and giggles to everyone, and don’t forget to to enter the Great Preppy Giveaway!


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13 responses to “PRIVATE SALES: Kate Spade, Polo Ralph Lauren, Barneys, Bergdorf’s, Brooks Brothers, Neiman Marcus + the Argyle Bicycle!

  1. Oh, that argyle pick DOES come in pink, my friend. I got a coupon in the mail this week from GAP with a photo of the pink one!!!

  2. OOH! I am LOVING the Kate Spade private sale (now with additional 20% off!) and I like that bike from the Gap for $499 is a tad steep. You are totally on the ball with the Ralph Lauren bag. I love it but these are just not the times for $2400 bags. AGREED. Great post!

  3. Hi Sweets! I have given your lovely blog an award. Come on over and claim it.

  4. Just when I thought the pregnant man had completed his 15 minutes ABC has to put him in the news again. If nothing else, I guess this is a diversion from the state of the economy. Ha ha!

    I hope you have a nice weekend!

  5. I am very lucky to be next to the BIG Neiman Marcus–I may have to stop by and check this out. The bike is cute–wonder if it comes in pink?!

  6. The cruiser looks quite awesome!

  7. enc

    oh BOY would I like to have that grey shawl-collar cashmere sweater.

  8. Oh Dear, Momx2, now we have a dilemma of significant proportions!!!

    And Miss Lisa, did you see what Momx2 said…it DOES come in pink!

    Miss Muffy has a good point however on the price being a tad steep.

    Oh, what to do, what to do, what to do?!?

  9. Thanks! My dinghie is just stored for the winter! Oh & I found the dinghie picture on

  10. These sales are killing me! It is so hard to resist! Fortunately babysitting pays pretty well 😉

  11. Jennifer Jackson

    As much as I love the sales, I cannot stand the crowded malls, so I have to shop online.

    I usually use Twenga to get some good prices.

    Any other recommendation?

  12. Release the Hounds

    Uh, I don’t know but from where I’m sitting the economy is doing just fine. I believe it may be the Forbes 400 that is to blame for all this tomfoolery.

  13. Release the Hounds

    Or maybe I just feel good because my man “BAMA” got his economic team together this week.

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