The Princess is Obsessed….and She Has a Confession! Also, Prep Schools for the Obama Girls

It had to happen.  You just knew that sooner or later TP was going to locate something new, in pink, for scooting around town.  We confess we are simply ga-ga over this:

Courtesy Hermes

Courtesy Hermès

We present the Hermès Fortwo édition Toile car, unveiled last Thursday in front of the Grand Palais. This creation is in honor of the Smart Car’s 10th Anniversary, and it will cost just under $50,000.

Courtesy Hermes

Courtesy Hermès

It wouldn’t be for everyday of course, and only for certain locales, like Georgetown, or the Loop, perhaps Nob Hill. But not on the highway as almost anything else would turn us into Flat Stanley in an instant! Naturally TPC (The Princess Consort) will have to counsel the staff as a few may be concerned about job security if they aren’t driving TP; he is very good and will work with them to assuage their fears.

Courtesy Hermes

Courtesy Hermès

Those who regularly punish themselves by reading our mental meanderings know how we feel about luxury brand logos and may be concerned we are off the reservation here. Are you perhaps a new reader curious about our case of LogoPhobia? We shall attempt brevity: we loathe them. They are beyond nouveau gauche, with a very few exceptions, most have been mentioned in this space.  We consider them to be hideous in most circumstances and beyond offensive at their worst. (An egregious example follows; the D&G baby bottle is worse than most because in this instance the baby is doing the advertising.)

But back to the car; of course it comes in other colors, like Hermès’ signature orange. Each Smart car will showcase Hermès leather with covered steering wheels, including lime, navy, fuchsia and other colors. But if not in pink… what’s the point?

So be they on apparel (where to start, really?), on luggage (Louis Vuitton anyone?), on eyeglasses or sunglasses (hello Tiffany?), almost anywhere, they are hideous. However, when it comes to the Hermès logo on the Smart Car, it is our understanding it is going to be quite discreet, in Hermès’ original canvas toile there will be the “H.”  What do you think? BTW, our thanks to for their fab photos!

We now know a bit more about some of the prep schools Michelle Obama was looking into while in Washington the before the President-elect arrived in town for their visit with the Bushes at the White House.  One possibility is Georgetown Day; it is co-ed and teaches grades Kindergarten through High School. It was the first integrated school in the city, and also very progressive according to a story in today’s NY Post, with students and teachers on a first name basis. Below, a shot of the school yesterday following Mrs. Obama’s visit. Tuition here would be approximately $27,445 for grades 1-5.

Jacquelyn Martin/AP

PHOTO: Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Other contenders include Sidwell, pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade is actually in the District proper. It is the Quaker school attended by Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton; vice president- elect Joe Biden’s youngest son attends Sidwell now. According to Newsday’s story tuition at Sidwell runs $28,442 for pre-K through 4th grade and $29,442 for grades 5 to 12.

Now it is time for the afore mentioned “True Confessions.” Yesterday we had occasion to spend a good portion of our day in one of the PrincessMobiles, driving halfway across the state. And back again. Having neglected to remember to bring the iPod (a gift from the Princess Consort!) we decided to take our chances with the radio. The buttons are all preset in a plethora of combinations offering a multitude of musical genres. So we reached forward and hit  ‘On” and music filled the air.

Oh yes, this filled the air:

“Have yourself… a merry little Christmas….

Make the yuletide gay…”

And the confession? Yours truly did not immediately push another button, oh no. She sang along with Bing Crosby. And then The Carpenters (honestly) and then Aretha Franklin. And then we turned it off.

The Consort is most concerned.


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12 responses to “The Princess is Obsessed….and She Has a Confession! Also, Prep Schools for the Obama Girls

  1. TCP

    Oh PP, I would have done the same if confronted with a little Bing Crosby unexpectedly. I think we can use all the cheer we can get these days, don’t you?

  2. I despise luxury brands that start making things “outside” of their brand. Tiffany making sunglasses. Gucci making watches. Louis Vuitton making woolen scarves. When my parents offered to get me a high-end watch for law school graduation they insisted (and I agreed) that we were only shopping with those who “make” watches- no Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Coach watches for me.

  3. But that isn’t to say the Hermes car isn’t divine. It is. Sometimes you can take & chance and it is a success. Don’t expect me to buy into a Hermes mug though. No-can-do.

  4. Love smart cars – but aren’t they usually way less expensive than $50K? Love the pink, though!

    I have to say – I consider myself “progressive” and “liberal” and I don’t think they are dirty words. BUT, I cannot condone children being on a first name basis with their teachers. That is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Have a good day!

  5. Question for your plural highness, how have you manged sunglasses without logo? I am in the market and I am finding them to be hard to find. Help me Princess!!

    I have a friend who went to Sidwell and when I hear about her experience I am green with envy.

    The Hermes car is very cute. But, not $50K cute!

  6. Miss TCP, we couldn’t agree more at this point!

    Miss Daisy, we are distressed to hear there is such a thing as a Hermès mug…really? Ewww!

    Miss Mom, we are right with you on the first names issue. Honestly.

    And Miss LBR, we wish we could help. Are you doing prescription sunglasses? Ours are rx, if that makes any difference. A previous pair was D&G with the logo pried off (I wish I was making this up) but that was years ago. I remember doing a post on very cool logo-free sunglasses at some point in the past 6 months. I shall effort looking that up for you.


  7. I completely agree with Daisy’s post!!

    That little itty bitty teeny tiny Smart Car looks like a toy.

    BTW, I tried to leave a comment on your Veteran’s Day post. I kept getting an error message. Computers…eye roll. I want to tell you that the Veteran’s post is beautiful. I got chills and by the end I had tears streaming down my face. Thank you TP.

  8. Preppy Princess! When I checked your status on my blogs I follow – it said you last updated 38 YEARS ago!!!



  9. lol @ hermes mug, ewww! and i would have never turned the dial on Bing.
    I’m with la belette but my problem is regular frames – all the ones i fall in love with have horrid logos. so when i buy, i’m going to sol moscot, where I got the best service ever. and where they make their own frames! unfortunately, not on 34th Street!

  10. MedfordMaven

    The Princess has delicately stumbled on a particularly sensitive area! While shopping for eyeglasses for my spousal unit, we were saddenend to find that all fashionable frames prominently displayed the designers name on the earpiece. My SU does not drive a race car: these are not sponsors he needs to display, they are basic, functional eyeglasses. It was disappointing to us to say the least!

    BTW, your Veterans tribute once again reminds me why I so miss you and the Consort. You know exactly what to say and how to say it!

  11. I almost fainted when I saw the Hermes smart car!!! Its pink & Small & Hermes!!!

  12. Pink, orange, pink, orange…Love the pink but the orange is sooo classic. As for sunglasses, try Oliver Peoples. They’re out of California and that’s all they make so they’re not concerned with selling their name in 2″ on the arms! Also, they make an excellent product.

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