Michelle Obama (in Maria Pinto) & Laura Bush

Hello everybody — does anyone recognize the lovely lady in this photo?

Tina Fineberg/AP

PHOTO: Tina Fineberg/AP

Does this picture help?

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Time-Life/Getty Images

PHOTO: Alfred Eisenstaedt, Time-Life/Getty Images

The iconic photograph of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square is from V-J day in 1945.  Up top,  90-year-old Edith Shain is being held by actor Nick Mayo from the cast of South Pacific; she is one of several women who claim to be the nurse in the photo.  Ms. Shain is in the city to serve as Grand Marshal in tomorrow’s New York City Veterans Day parade.


Courtesy: Playbill

The show is on TP’s list of Top 5 Broadway musicals, and the Queen Mother simply raves about Mario Lanza signing “Younger Than Springtime.”


Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty

Monday we saw the coral dress Maria Pinto hoped Michelle Obama would be wearing in Chicago on election night, as discussed in this post. The future First Lady wore it for today’s visit by the Obamas to the White House to see President and Mrs. Bush.

The dress was originally described by the designer to Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan for a piece in the Journal’sHeard on the Runway‘ blog:

“… a coral-red silk crepe sheath with three-quarter sleeves, an empire waist and a high neckline with a burst of sunray pleats emanating from the collar, is a piece that Ms. Obama bought a few months ago but hasn’t worn to an event yet….”

Getty Images

Getty Images

Above, Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Obama in the residential portion of the White House. And what about the designer for the gown the next First Lady will wear to all those Inaugural Balls the night of January 20th?  We still have no confirmation on the Cassandra Bromfield rumor, and as Ms. Pinto shared more recently with Ms. Tan:

“‘Barack gave me this huge hug and said, ‘You’re coming to D.C. with us!” says Ms. Pinto, whose brightly colored, tailored sheaths were spotted on Michelle Obama on the campaign trail.

As for whether she’ll to go Washington, D.C., the Chicago-based designer, who has seen sales spike 45% in the last 12 months, says there’s no question. “Hell, yeah!” she says. “I’m going anywhere they want me to go.”’

BTW, we do want to compliment Ms. Tan on her many ‘firsts’ on this continuing story; she knows her stuff.  Not a surprise, considering she was senior fashion writer for In Style magazine before moving to the Journal.


We seem to have a new term coined by our friends at Saks in their effort to help ease us through these challenging times. It is ‘Chic-onomics 101’ or more accurately, at least in our vernacular: Investment Bags. (And it appears from this that Saks isn’t the first to use this term, not by a long shot.)

A reminder: the Saks sale now online is available at all the stores as of tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 11.

More later!


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12 responses to “Michelle Obama (in Maria Pinto) & Laura Bush

  1. Great articles! Both Mrs Bush and Obama were very elegant and gracious. This transition was a great moment in our history and it was terrific to see both first ladies appear together for the first time.


  2. I noticed Saks’ new marketing ploy and did not buy it.

  3. Some of these purses hold their value better than stocks. I knew it was better to put my money into luxury purses than it was the stock market, and my broker laughed when I said suggested it. Saks is a better financial adviser than those at Goldman Sachs.;-)

  4. pip

    Do you think you could post something off the topic of politics and fashion? Because this is getting REALLY VERY boring.

  5. I loved MO’s dress yesterday. She looked elegant but not stodgy – very modern and yet appropriate for her age. Well done! And I have to say, as much as I haven’t been a fan of Bush’s, he and his administration are conducting themselves very well during the transition. Much more mature than his predecessor.

    I, for one, love your reporting on the politicos’ clothes.

  6. Oh Miss Mom, thank you ever-so-much for your kind words! They brightened our morning!

    We thought we were managing an acceptable ratio of maintaining our standard preppy story count with things in our last posts about Tory Burch, J. Crew, Harold’s, and Palm Beach… but if people feel we are straying from what they want to read about, do let us know. We are always open to input, although we must acknowledge our preference for maintaining a civil tone regardless of the nature of one’s commments.

    Hugs to you Miss Mom!


  7. I thought Mrs. Bush & Mrs. Obama looked very nice! Obama redeemed herself after the election night dress!

  8. Hmm, the Maria Pinto dress would have been perfect for election night. Such a better choice than the NR dress.

  9. I too have really been enjoying your politco fashion stories – please keep up the great work!

    I really, really like this latest Mrs. Obama dress; fashion-forward and yet conservative at the same time. As usual, Mrs. Bush also looks lovely; classic cut and lovely fall color.

  10. Queen Mother

    The Queen Mother’s favorite song from the original South Pacific is “Some Enchanted Evening” sung by Ezio Pinza!

  11. pendulumswing

    Loyalty to Maria Pinto, who has “done right” by our next First Lady could be wonderful thing. Nevertheless, Mrs. O has shown a willingness to embrace more than just one designer. That said, Cassandra Bromfield would be a lovely candidate for the inaugural gown and on her blog she addresses the rumor mill.


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