Finally: Sasha and Malia Obama Election Night Dress Info


Before we say anything, let us publicly thank Miss Fabulous herself, Kate at the Nautical by Nature blog for tipping us on where to get the scooop about those darling dresses worn by Malia and Sasha Obama on election night.  Below, a photo of the future First Family on Tuesday night.

Joe Raedle/Getty

Joe Raedle/Getty

As we reported on Thursday, (although at that time we were not entirely convinced it was actually the same dress), the bright red dress worn by Malia Obama is by Biscotti, Inc. The full name of the item is the Biscotti Girls Precious Jewels Christmas Party Dress with Bubble Hem.



According to this report on the Journal’s Fashion Blog, Biscotti has been inundated with requests from buyers:

“Buyers really, really wanted it. We found out we had more of the fabric so we’re quickly producing more,” said Bernadette Reiss, Biscotti’s co-owner. The label says it has enough fabric to make 150 to 200 more pieces.

Here is the Nordstrom photo, followed by a tight shot of the belt that comes with the dress, although Malia opted for a more understated belt.

The dress is made in Vietnam, and Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan’s story notes that this additional run now being manufactured should be available in stores in approximately three weeks.

The story reports that an Obama family spokesperson says the dress was purchased at Nordstrom, which is where we originally showed the item, available at $110.  Best Dressed Child also shows the dress, but at $104. While this style does appear to be sold out/selling out fast, there are a number of *very* similar styles by Biscotti, including this one; the primary difference is in the sleeves and the big bow in the back. We show the dress as available at ‘Shop Girl Super Chic Boutique‘.




Here is one of the matching cardigans or shrugs in the Biscotti Girls Precious Jewels Christmas Party group.

We now move on to the incredibly sweet party frock with the giant bow on the front worn by Sasha Obama. We have deliberately kept the photo almost full-size to better show the dress.

Jim Bourg

PHOTO: Jim Bourg

It turns out the dress is made by Gerson & Gerson, Inc., according to another story on the Journal’s fashion blog.  The company’s headquarters and showroom are in New York; their apparel is made under the Iris & Ivy label as well as the Bonnie Jean name.

“… the company has nevertheless sold out of the $72 dress that it makes under the Iris & Ivy children’s label and sells at retailers like Nordstrom and Dillard’s.”

Jason Reed/Reuters

PHOTO: Jason Reed/Reuters

Here is a photo from the Gerson & Gerson website; the URL may also show up in your browser as “Bonnie Jean.”  Gerson is the parent company to that line.


Ms. Tan’s story includes company President Barbara Zein’s plans for exploiting the Sasha Obama connection to their dress:

“Ms. Zein already has plans to further capitalize on the Obama connection. “We’re bringing back the style immediately in a different fabrication,” says Ms. Zein, who adds that the pieces will probably be in stores by spring. To cement the link to the new First Family, she’s given the style a name: Sasha.”

TP believes there is a very fine line between smart, aggressive marketing and the boundaries of good taste. Ms. Zein’s toe just went over it.

Joe Raedle/Getty

PHOTO: Joe Raedle/Getty

Above all, the Obama children looked beautiful and were charming throughout the evening. Below, a behind the scenes photo shows Sasha giving big sister Malia a little kiss as Mom watches.

Obama Campaign

Obama Campaign

There is an entire album of behind-the-scenes photographs available for anyone to view at the Flckr website.

Another fun set of photos? The “Project Runway Ball Gown Challenge” over at the Daily Beast. Here is just one sketch, from Chris March, a Season 4 semifinalist.

Another tidbit from Tuesday night we hadn’t shared (for space considerations) is the Vogue magazine chatter. Below, a fun shot of Vogue magazine’s editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley, via Fashion Week Daily’s story. TP loved reading this if only for the knowledge she was not hallucinogenic Tuesday evening when watching the events in Grant Park.

Fashion Week Daily

Fashion Week Daily

Mr. Talley and Vogue Editor Anna Wintour hosted numerous fund-raising parties on behalf of the Obama-Biden ticket.  As NY Magazine‘s wonderful blog The Cut reported in June :

“Rumor has it André Leon Talley is just dying to get his hands on Michelle Obama. The New York Post reports he wants to style her, like he did Venus Williams for the Costume Institute gala or Jennifer Hudson at the 2007 Oscars. Only ALT’s not always spot-on with his wardrobe choices; many critics flat-out hated the gold python bolero jacket Hudson wore at said Oscars. And some Democrats are a wee bit nervous that Talley might lead Obama to fashion faux pas–dom as well. (Since when did these politicos become so fashion-conscious?)”

But the real chatter involves Ms. Obama appearing on Vogue’s cover, a tradition for First Ladies, although not always immediately following the elction. Another celebrity in the VIP area of Chicago’s Grant Park Tuesday was super-celebrity Oprah Winfrey.

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty

We have to post this photo collage because we just didn’t realize all the magazine covers featuring the President-elect prior to the election.



We have yet to obtain positive confirmation that Cassandra Bromfield has been selected to create Michelle Obama’s gown for the Inaugural Balls, or that she is designing daywear for the other events on January 20th. Below, another image

Courtesy Cassandra Bromfield

Courtesy Cassandra Bromfield


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17 responses to “Finally: Sasha and Malia Obama Election Night Dress Info

  1. Adorable girls in darling dresses. And, thanks to the link for the Flickr photos. There are some fantastic photos. Really lovely.

  2. Preppy Princess- it wasn’t me who sent you the tip. I totally wish I did but it must have been another Kate!

    I do love all of the bows 🙂

  3. Very impressive collage!

    I think it will be fun to see kids in the White House. Since JFK was before my time, I have never seen kids in the WH. (oops temporarily forgot about Chelsea, but she was always out of sight it seemed).

  4. the obama girls are SO cute!!

  5. Kate

    I was the person who left the comment with the WSJ links — I’m just a regular old reader and fan of the blog! I don’t have a blog of my own. 🙂 But I am very glad you found the information useful!

  6. The dresses are very lovely! They look quite adorable!

  7. BTW,
    I simply love your Blog Banner with the Blow! It is just perfect!!

  8. They are such a BEAUTIFUL family, I have the feeling they will give Camelot a run for it’s money!

  9. Princess – would love to be on your blogroll. Thanks. : )

  10. Preppy Princess, how great to see some coverage on the Obama girls! I thought they looked super-cute. I think it will be so fun to watch the First Daughters grow up. And they’re getting a puppy!

  11. Barbara Zeins, Gerson and Gerson

    As an old line American company, we are proud and honored that our dress was chosen to be worn on this historic night. We also congratulate Biscotti and their beautiful dress.

    Thank you for listing our labels and company names, so people can judge for themselves our values. We have not and will not advertise this dress or use Sasha’s image in any way, but you cannot blame us for telling our clients, our friends, and our sons and daughters the good news!

    My toe is not “over the line”, but I AM over the top with excitement for our new first family.

  12. I love these dresses. I am happy to see they do not cost a fortune.

  13. Phyllis

    Ok. So, Mrs. Obama wore a designer dress on election night. Well…..that may be “all well and good” but buying a designer or Target dress that fits your figure/shape is more important. My mumble opinion is that the big band of red at the top of the dress made her look “way” too big and the red around the hips made them look “way” too big. Mrs. Obama has the perfect “hour-glass” figure and this dress this not showcase her classic figure.

  14. Just wanted to offer my kudos on your article. I just surfed around looking for articles about Sasha and Malia’s dresses, and found yours to be one of the most informative and visually appealing 🙂

  15. rip

    anything less than a damning and wary criticism is due for the choice of sasha’s dress and the color scheme for the whole family. Black? for celebration? on a little girl? don’t suck up to the race card. it was awful and eerie.

  16. Kayenda

    Hey, me and my sister just wanted to know where Malia and Sasha shopped for their dresses durning the campain, that one night on Aug.28,2008.

  17. Anonymous

    love the dress

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