The Preppy Princess Great Giveaway! Win a Preppy Tote or Madras Cards!

Hello-hello and thanks for popping in for a visit here at the Prepatorium!

Aren’t you ready for some just plain fun? The Princess most assuredly is, and hopes you are as well.  That’s why we are starting our new “Thankful Thursdays” giveaway posts, giving away sublime goodies from the Preppy Princess.  Our first week’s primary prize is this fabulous Scout Tote in the Diamond Jane pattern. Scout Tote Scout Tote


Our Scout bags are essentially indestructible, and the perfect thing to replace plastic and/or paper bags at the market.  They are collapsible, super lightweight and water-resistant, very easy to wipe clean.

How does the Great Giveaway work?

  1. Simply leave a comment on this blog specifying one thing about America for which you are thankful. One thing you appreciate, or are grateful for, related to the United States.  (And yes, by all means list more than one thing, but be aware multiple posts will not improve your chances of winning.)
  2. One needn’t be from America or be a U.S. citizen to enter.
  3. One must have a valid email address so we can contact you.
  4. The comment must be left on the Preppy Princess blog between today, Wednesday, November 6th at 4pm EST and next Wednesday November 12 at 11:59:59pm EST. Any day in this week is fine, take your pick.  Write early, write often.
  5. There is a BONUS: if you write about or mention this giveaway on your blog and you are the winner, you can designate a recipient for a secondary prize, shown below.
  6. International Primary Gift winners are required to pay actual shipping expenses over and above $7 USD. If winner chooses a secondary gift recipient residing outside the Continental U.S., they are responsible for all shipping expenses.

This week’s secondary prize is from the Preppy Princess Paper Collection, an excellent boxed set of Holly House Madras photocards, just perfect for this time of year! So remember, if you posted about the giveaway in your blog before next Wednesday’s 11:59pm deadline and you are the winner, you can select someone to receive the madras Holly House photocards! Holly House cards Holly House cards

A week from today, Thursday, Nov. 13th, we will announce our first Great Giveaway winner! And we pay the shipping on everything as well, unless it is headed out of the Continental U.S.

This is TP’s first giveaway and we are crossing all our fingers and our toes it goes well!

Grins and Giggles to all!


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33 responses to “The Preppy Princess Great Giveaway! Win a Preppy Tote or Madras Cards!

  1. Oh my!

    You know I am entering 🙂

  2. So nice of you to do this. You are a generous blogger.:-)

  3. I love the contest rules! I love that, thanks to Americans, on Lincoln’s 200th anniversary celebration at the memorial in Washington, DC next February, there will be an African American presiding.

  4. Gasp! I love that bag!!!

    Re America…I am so grateful for the peaceful transfer of power that we have. We had a hotly contested race and at the end of it all, we had (and always have had) a grateful winner accompanied by a consiliatory concession speech. I LOVE that we don’t have to worry about a para-military coup trying to overthrow the government. I love America!

  5. I am filled with gratitude that all of us are able to express ourselves freely, so that this terrific website and so many others out there have the platform to exist. We must celebrate the freedom that we have to be ourselves, and of course that includes being preppy to the core, and to care passionately for good manners, politesse and the kind of impeccable polish and gentlemanly behavior exhibited by both presidential candidates on the night of the election. One of the greatest changes that I hope to see unfolding is the display of dignity and sound self esteem evidenced by our new first lady to be. She sets the tone and example for the new order of true gentility! I am grateful that as human beings in this country we have the resources with which to empower ourselves and through that to serve and teach others. Hooray for us! And Hooray for creativity

  6. Preppy 101

    Thanks for the giveaway. America is the land of opportunity, but it is also a place that tries to right any wrongs that her people may suffer! I am thankful for these things among many others. America is really the GREATEST country in the world.

  7. I love having a strong, powerful neighbour to our south (I am Canadian), one that is also a well-rounded trading partner, and a world super-power. And my life *really* wouldn’t be the same without The Office, so thanks to America for that one too!!!

  8. I would LOVE to win! I am thankful for many things regarding America. I still believe that we are the greatest Country in the world! There are so many opportunities here, and we are able to speak our minds on subjects that are important to us!

  9. Things I love about America:
    Good Ice makers
    Fostering innovation (esp. in business)
    Eisenhower Interstate Highway System
    Cable TV
    The good kind of Football
    Home of Chick-fil-a and Diet Coke

    tip of the iceberg

  10. Ooh! How lovely! I adore tote bags.

    I am grateful for two gracious speeches on election night. It was wonderful to end on a positive & respectful note.

  11. Beautiful bag and charming stationary. I am putting a post on my website because this is so great. What I love about America is, wait, just one thing, that is hard! I am thankful that women have so many rights that our girls in other countries cannot even imagine.

  12. Fun! I love Scout bags! I love the fact that we have freedom of speech. I wish we didn’t have freedom to speak and be rude at the same time though. 🙂

  13. LOVE the bag!!

    I am most grateful that in America, if you work hard, you can be successful. We’re not a hugely classist society where people can never aspire to be something more. I’m grateful to live in a country where I can say whatever I want and not worry about being jailed for it.

    Love the giveway!

  14. Maureen

    Such a wonderful bag.
    America is a country that is home. it is a country where there is so much out there for an individual to try out different ideas and philosophies. People are from all walks of cultures and society yet each is allowed to voice his or her own opinion.

  15. I am grateful that I was born here and that I have the priveledge to vote-there are many countries where you are not allowed to have your say and unfortunately, there are many Americans that seem to forget that…apathy is our modern sin.

  16. Bboss

    I love it that we can worship freely, travel freely without hassles (except highway construction!) and that we can speak freely without fear of being arrested.

    I’m also thankful for the very American style of Prep!

    BTW I love your coverage of the election fashion. A nice diversion from the realities of life!

  17. Oh yay!!! How cool are classy are you?!

    I thank my lucky stars we live in a country where we can go to church without fear of imprisonment; we can vote for our leaders and in terms of personal charity, we trump the entire world in giving 🙂

  18. KK

    So fun!!

    I am thankful that we have voting equality! All voices are allowed to be heard and all voices hold an equal weight. No one is better or worse, more or less, higher or lower than anyone else. It’s awesome!

    I am also grateful that we are allowed to enter any church or no church at all. Good golly this is a great country!

  19. Super giveaway!

    Freedom, to me, is the root of all of the best things about living in America. We can agree, disagree, protest… and we all have the right to be free. Wonderul!

  20. Hello TP! YOU Know I have to enter and will surely be writing about this on my blog. You win in my book for leaving the best comments ever when you visit me. I am still on a search for something to get this skin through til my next facial
    You know what i love about my country? Whenever I travel and come home I am reminded of it. We have choices. Choices to do , say, be and become whatever we wish to be. I love that I can walk out my door on any given day and have the freedom to make it the best day ever.
    Love this giveaway xoxoxoxo

  21. I am very thankful to live in a country where we are allowed to own firearms – it makes us different from everywhere else. Target and skeet shooting is a fun family hobby, and I love having the right to defend myself and my family.

  22. Great giveaway!

    I am thankful for the awesome shopping we have here in the states 😉

    Ok I second what Landlocked Mermaid said-we have so many choices and the FREEDOM to choose to do and to say what we want

  23. I am thankful that we have the right to vote. I am thankful for terms, term limits, and checks and balances. I am thankful for the American public caring about their right to vote and getting involved.

  24. I love this bag!! I am thankful that it appears the majority of people in our great country are willing to embrace our new leader, regardless of if he was their personal choice for election or not – it gives hope for unity in the future.

  25. Thanks so much for this giveaway!
    I’ve been thinking a couple of days about this because there are SO many things about America I’m thankful for. One is the right to vote. Especially being a woman. I find it so hard to believe that not that long ago, women could not vote. Amazing. Another is that my boys were able to witness and be a part of such an incredible time in history with our past election. My nephew is bi-racial and that day (election day) I truly felt like a new door had been opened for him. I’m so proud of my America.

  26. Annlouise

    I am thankful for the opportunities that our country provides, some of which are the opportunities to learn, give, and serve. I am thankful that we have so many choices… whether it is voting in an election or waking up every morning with the right to choose what it is we do with our lives that day. America truly is a wonderful place. (LOVE the bag by the way!!)

  27. What a great giveaway. I would love to win that bag.

    America has so many great things about it. We have freedom of speech, women’s rights, the right to VOTE and on and on and on. This country is truly amazing along with the people. I think many of us Americans take it all for granted. We live in a wonderful country.

  28. Lisa

    Freedom! Love the bag

  29. Very cute bag! I would love to win it. I am thankful that this country is so diverse in both people and landscape. our freedom here extends past our constitutional rights- if we want to live by a beach, we can, if we want to live in the mountains- we have that too! Desert? Check! Rainforest? check! We have such a beautiful country and lately people seem to be making an effort to keep it that way- which is really great.

  30. In spite of recent difficulties, I feel like as Americans – we have SO much to be thankful for. Most of all, lately, I am thankful for my right to vote.

  31. Love the bag and your blog!
    I am so thankful that Americans have the right of free speech! We can vote and pray however we choose. We are so lucky!

  32. I would like to enter, please!

    My favorite thing about our fabulous country is that we have a choice. We have a choice for our government and what’s even better about it is – if our choice DOESN’T win – we can complain all we want because we have freedom of speech.

    Because of this – we can live with and love others who might not agree with us.


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