Election Night Fashions from Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain, Sarah Palin and More

Hello-hello everyone! We hope everyone is enjoying the soft and sunny weather we are experiencing today!

As we are more than a little swamped here at Princess HQ, we will offer a short post looking at the Narciso Rodriguez dress worn by Michelle Obama Monday evening.

Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty

Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty

Clearly not a Mario Pinto creation, as discussed in last night’s post, this was shown as part of the Rodriguez Spring 2009 Collection.

George Chinsee

PHOTO: George Chinsee

The selection of this particular dress and cardigan brought some negative fashion feedback, unusual in and of itself as Mrs. Obama has been credited throughout the campaign for her fashion-forward style.

The issue? This is not considered a “good TV dress.”

Joe Raedle/Getty

PHOTO: Joe Raedle/Getty

Joe Raedle/Getty

PHOTO: Joe Raedle/Getty

While TP is convinced this is a stunning dress in person, it was probably not Ms. Obama’s finest fashion moment.  The ombre dot motif is exquisite in design and tres figure-enhancing but it doesn’t stand up well on television and in photographs.  And yes, the broadcasting & print careers influence our thought process on this topic, no doubt about it.

However, we think the First-Lady-To-Be is entitled to wear whatever strikes her fancy, whatever makes her feel good.  And no one can say the family was not color-coordinated last evening.

Jim Young/Reuters

PHOTO: Jim Young/Reuters

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Rodriguez, here is a look at one of his more memorable gowns, Carolyn Bissette Kennedy’s wedding dress.


NOTE: The following portion of the blog is INCORRECT!

On the other side of the aisle, Cindy McCain chose to wear the Oscar de la Renta silk suit she wore for her appearance with First Lady Laura Bush at the Republican Convention.

Chris Carlson/AP

PHOTO: Chris Carlson/AP

Here is the CORRECT info: Below, a photo of the dress worn by Cindy McCain at the convention on September 1st. (Okay Princess, dress vs. suit…. how difficult can this be?! Perhaps it is time for a little Prozac pick-me-up, hhhmm?)

Mike Segar/Reuters

PHOTO: Mike Segar/Reuters

Thank you to the wonderful MOMX2 for alerting us in her ever-so-kind manner that we had a boo-boo in today’s post. She is too sweet and if you haven’t been over for a visit, you must reward yourself and pop in to say ‘hello.’

Now we must start our hunt for the designer behind last night’s Cindy McCain fashion; we still think we have seen this particular suit before, which is the thought process that started us on this slippery slope in the first place. But before we can do that, we must toddle along to our Tiara repair expert. We need to bring down the size of our Tiara a tad, as our head has shrunk just a bit in the last few hours. Silly Princess.

(Editor’s Note: We are leaving in our mistake deliberately to avoid any confusion we would create by simply correcting this in the ‘comments’ section.)

Back to your regularly scheduled programing now:


Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was in an elegant deep navy cocktail suit.

Mike Blake/Reuters

PHOTO: Mike Blake/Reuters

We must include this photo of a rather woebegone Piper Palin last night, as she has definitely been one of those little delights that always brought a smile to our face during the long campaign…

Rick Wilking/Reuters

PHOTO: Rick Wilking/Reuters

…as did Malia and Sasha Obama, no doubt thrilled to know they are getting the new puppy they were promised if their father was victorious in the election.

Jason Reed/Reuters

PHOTO: Jason Reed/Reuters

For those interested in a possible Inauguration Day look for Ms. Obama, last night’s late post touched upon that and also shared Oprah Winfrey’s plans for an Inauguration Day dress.

We close with a look at how the story was played elsewhere, starting with one of the President-elect’s hometown newspapers, the Chicago Sun-Times:

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times

WaPo as TP refers to it, the Washington Post:

The Washington Post

The Washington Post

The Times:

The New York Times

The New York Times

And USA Today:

USA Today

USA Today

Out the door and simply *racing* to another function!


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15 responses to “Election Night Fashions from Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain, Sarah Palin and More

  1. Dear HRH Preppy Princess, I hate to correct you but I do not think Cindy McCain wore that suit at the convention. The dress she wore with Laura Bush was a similar color but if you recall, it had an upturned collar and was more cinched at the waist. Regardless, she always looks impeccable.

    You are right indeed – that was not MO’s best wardrobe choice. Especially not a for a history-making night.

  2. Oh Miss Mom, THANK YOU a thousand times for pointing out our error! Arrgghh!


  3. I was very shocked by Michelle Obama’s dress choice! What an odd [read: awful] decision.

    It will be quite the chance in the White House. From the ever + always elegant Laura Bush to the fashion risk taker…

  4. Oh I just love this post! Love your fashion insight!

  5. OK I am so glad other people didn’t like the future First Lady’s choice of clothing. It looked like a home ec experiment gone terrible wrong. I know that sounds awful–I expected something better. The girls were super cute though 🙂
    Yay for a puppy!

  6. Legallyblondemel

    Definitely a sartorial misstep for Mrs. Obama . . . that dress is not only wrong for TV, as you expertly point out, but all kinds of wrong on her figure. Look at how elegant it appears on the (wide shoulders/ slim hips) runway model, vs. how it emphasizes all of the wrong parts on Obama. Nonetheless, I’ll be interested to see the high/low mixes and the occasional fashion risk she seems to enjoy. Quite the change from the current Oscar de la Renta administration . . .

  7. Preppy 101

    Michelle should have stayed with J. Crew! And you assessed it accurately – bad dress for photo/tv. The runway pic looked okay, but not last night. It is also cuter without a jacket/sweater.

  8. This is quite unrelated to this post, but Mrs. Princess I am having quite the problem with your website! This newlywed is trying to purchase one or two Christmas items for the Church collection, and the site isn’t loading right!

    I wanted to let you know…although it may just be my computer…it is just loading funny…with a big blank white space next to the toolbar on the left. If I knew how to take a screenshot [I am not quite technologically advanced to be kind] I would do so to show you.


    We have looked at the site and are correcting the problems….arrgghh! You are too wonderful to alert us to the problem…a thousand thank you’s from everyone here at InterGlactic Princess HQ.

    (Actually, that is a more than liberal use of the word “we.” Quite liberal indeed, as it is The Princess Consort and the tech-heads running the site who are correcting it. Yours truly is far too technically challenged to even touch a pixel on those pages!)

    With appreciation,

  10. C Walker Hunter

    I usually love Ms. Obama’s choices, but I agree that last night’s dress was a little too fashion forward for the event. I like the fact though that she isn’t afraid to be a little bit haute couture with her taste.

    I am absolutely dying to know though who was the designer for the childrens’ dresses? Sasha’s black dress with the bow was sensational and I want to find it for my little angel! Where can I get it? Does anyone know?

  11. at first i did NOT like the dress and was disappointed. but after seeing it up close I loved it. so yes, probably not the best TV choice.

  12. I love Michelle. But, not a fan of that dress. And, the two yellow outfits on Cindy. I think she looked very pretty in the dress. To my mind, the yellow suit was not a winner.

  13. Lois

    Any idea where Sarah Palin’s suit came from? I have to have that suit!

    BTW – so right on Michelle’s dress…it looked horrible on her.; I did like it on the model though. Nothing against Michelle as she does normally dress rather stylishly.

  14. Jess

    Ditto on Lois’s comment: LOVED Palin’s suit, and must have it. Where oh where did she get it?

    When Michelle Obama walked out on stage, the first words out of my mouth were, “Gah, what is she wearing?” She’s going to be a beautiful First Lady though. Let’s just hope that dress was a fluke.

  15. MaryM

    Cindy McCain’s dresses soooooo well on all occasions. Hope she can teach Michelle O. Poor Michelle’s poor choice again on that inaugeration evening gown…it looks like a shower curtain sold at Anthropologie…or maybe it was Target. (and I do love both of those stores)

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