Return of the Prep School Look … Again. Ralph Lauren Kids Opens

Hello-Hello and Happy Day!

In anticipation of The Big Vote (now officially dubbed TBV here at the Prepatorium) we share the following fashionably patriotic accessories, compliments of today’s WWD.

Thomas Iannaccone

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone

The style statements are from a variety of designers, including:

Courtesy Jennifer Roulette

Courtesy Jennifer Roulette


And believe it or not, the headline on the post is correct; it would seem that the Preppy or Prep School look has returned. Again.

This time it is compliments of our neighbors to the north, more specifically in an article entitled “Return of Prep School Look” from the Regina Leader-Post. One apparel line mentioned in the story is Canada’s Jacob Connexion.

“The attitude behind Connexion for fall ’08 is casual with a certain level of chic, a very put-together, yet worldly preppy feel,” said Jacob creative director Karen Pornillos. “It is Parisian ‘bon chic, bon genre’ with a tad of East Coast Ivy League flavour.”

The Ivy-league style blazer is seen below.

Jacob Connexion

Jacob Connexion

Here are a few more looks from the company’s fall line:

The story also says “…navy blazers, kilts, and knee-highs” have been spotted lately, and “…not just on the posh Upper East Siders on TV’s Gossip Girl….”

“The prep-school look, once reserved solely for uniforms and naughty Halloween costumes, has become the trend for fall among both students and young professionals, as crests, bows, and ruffles take over mannequins and store racks at retailers across the country.”

The following illustration accompanies the story:

Photos Phots Courtesy The CW; Graphic Design by Linda Rea-Rosseker, Leader-Post

Photos: CW Graphic: Linda Rea-Rosseker, Leader-Post

The Jacob Connexion line is spun off from the Jacob Collection, offering several more looks we find appealing. Very appealing.

In keeping with the style under discussion here, word today from the good folks at Racked that the Ralph Lauren Children’s store is now open on Bleecker Street.

This is the store that previously carried the Women’s Collections.

A quick update on the J. Crew cardigan mentioned in our previous post about Michelle Obama wearing J. Crew fashions on the Leno Show: the sweater surfaced over the weekend at a rally in Columbus, Ohio.

Emmanuel Dunand/Getty

PHOTO: Emmanuel Dunand/Getty

Here is a closer look at the ‘Crystal-button colorblock cardigan‘ from J. Crew.

Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

Our argyle updates wouldn’t be complete without a few treasures we fell over online, including the Paul Frank Argyle 3-pack.

And from the CrewMutts collection at J. Crew, the Argyle dog sweater in lambswool.  A reminder, this is one of those items available only by catalog and online.

Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

BTW, does anyone know the reasoning for the Crewmutts merchandise falling into the Women’s section on the website?  It is merely curiosity that prompts the query.

In closing, today’s Pretty in Pink comes to us via LL Bean.  Below, Bean shows a creative use of a preppy standard, grosgrain ribbon. In this case the retailer uses it to adorn their Maine Isle Slipper.

Courtesy LL Bean

Courtesy LL Bean


That is it for today. A reminder in the best Chicago tradition, “Vote Early and Vote Often!” We are thinking many of our fabulous Chicago bloggers (Momx2, Lipstick at the Mailbox, Third Coast Preppy, Tres Poshe Preppy and more!) recognize this saying!


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11 responses to “Return of the Prep School Look … Again. Ralph Lauren Kids Opens

  1. TCP

    Ah yes, the beauty of Chicago politics…I have received several voter registration applications this year, including several for addresses where i have never lived (like my ILs)!

  2. How cozy do those slippers look? They’re adorable!!! Would be so nice on my cold hardwood floors in winter. Living in Canada, I love Jacob – been shopping there for years . . . and will be again soon when I am back to work and not sitting at home, lol. I’m not usually a big Jacob Connexion fan, it tends to market to a younger crowd, one that I am sadly not in anymore 😦 (I am 34, feelin’ older).

  3. I have never heard of the Jacob Connection. You, at the Preppy Princess, are so wonderfully on top of things. The J Crew pictures of puppies in sweaters only heightens my longing for a puppy. So cute.

    And, as I look terrible in yellow, I will not vote for that sweater. But, I will vote for the guy who is married to the gal in the yellow sweater. Wasn’t I clever in not saying the name of my candidate? 😉

  4. I will have to check out these new (to me at least) preppy labels. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Looks like my kids’ school uniforms are hip again–I love the headbands too 😉

  6. oh, noes, poor princess! yet another “return of the prep” story! But if it means Paul Frank keeps making those cute socks, fine by me!

  7. Preppy 101

    Cute, cute stuff! You do such a great post!!

  8. Canadian Preppy

    Hi there!
    I’m a long time reader, first time commenter. I just had to comment on this post since I am Canadian. First off, I have been a Jacob customer since the age of about 14. It is a really great store with classic, quality clothing at reasonable prices. I have also shopped at Jacob connection a few times and have noticed recently that they have been carrying more ‘preppy’ clothes like the blazer with a crest that you posted and also things like tartan ribbon belts and plaids. However, I must argee with you that Jacob collection is the a far better store. Thanks for shining light on one of my favourite canadian stores!

  9. Are we back yet again? This only being Tuesday, I wonder how many resurgences a girl / lifestyle can stage in one week? The minds reels . . .

    I confess that I giggle every time “GG” of all things is credited for traditional anything coming back; please see last night’s episode in which a main character wears a decolletage-revealing club dress to a Yale interview. Not that I was watching or anything. Ahem.

    On to happier things, love the Election Day themed ensemble, particularly that wool hat. Fab finds, TP, as always.

  10. Hello and welcome to Miss Shannon from A Crafty Blog, and also to Miss Canadian Preppy! Thank you for popping in and sharing your thoughts and perspective, we hope you come back again and again!

    La Belette and Kate, we’re with you in loving the learning about new labels! Miss 101, Miss Herald, and Miss LBM, isn’t it amazing how things keep “coming back…” ????!!! And Miss Lisa, we are with you on the school uniform.

    Happy Voting!

  11. Hey, Sharing ideas and style boards always helps. Our newest line of hand made headband made from same straw we use in our hats.

    Style one must posses, fashion can be bought

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