Ivy League Bag, “Preppy Chic,” & The Coolest Sneakers!

Hello-Hello and Happy Day! It is dismal, dreary, and downright nasty outside. This is not our favorite time of year. But you knew that. Onward.
We start with last week’s opening of the new Fred Flare in Brooklyn, more specifically, Greenpoint. Flare is one of our favorites, approaching fashion with a light and whimsical touch while also carrying solid merchandise. Here we show the Ivy League weekender, available in two colorways at a reasonable $66.


A peek inside the new store.

Courtesy Refinery 29

Courtesy Refinery 29

We neglected to provide yet another view on Men’s fashion involving ‘preppy’ style, this one from a site in the UK, the “Here is the City” blog. In an outstanding column entitled Men: Your Look Next Summer, writer Lisa Bathurst shares thoughts on next Spring’s look, including this on Preppy Chic:
Preppy Chic
Preppy chic continues as a running theme from recent menswear collections with a cropped trouser and jacket look as seen on the Rag & Bone catwalk in NYC. Plenty of smart preppy black blazers and shirts, perfect for work and easily translatable to an after work date.
Another negative shot has been fired at über-preppy retailer J. Crew, this time from popular fashion and style blog Fashionista. In a post titled “J. Crew Needs a Lesson in Subtlety” writer Britt Aboutaleb makes a point about this Crewcuts Girls’ ivory tweed Coco jacket priced at $248.

“… But we would suggest taking note of the catalog description which oh-so-subtly admits that, “this little jacket is a nod to vintage.  It is indeed.  As well as a nod to Karl Lagerfeld and the team of couturiers who continue to produce Coco Chanel’s signature tweeds.

Tangentially, even if you’re disgustingly obsessed with your gorgeous kid, do you honestly buy them a $250 white jacket?”

Ouch. If one is not familiar with J. Crew’s recent run of negative press in publications ranging from the Times to simple blogs, here is one of TP’s posts on the issue.
On a more up note the retailer hosted a party last week for Domino, the interior style magazine, at their new J. Crew Collection store in the city.  The celebration honored the magazine’s new book, Domino: The Book of Decorating (seen above).  The newest issue of Domino features J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons on the cover.

Below, a photo of Ms. Lyons with husband, artist Vince Mazeau at the Domino party.

Patrick McMullan ©

Photo: Patrick McMullan ©

The story gives readers an inside peek at the personal style of the Lyons-Mazeau household.

PHOTO: Melanie Acevedo

There is also a video with Ms. Lyons, her husband and their baby.

“J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons brings her talent for updating classic silhouettes to her elegantly edgy Brooklyn brownstone.”

Melanie Acevedo

PHOTO: Melanie Acevedo

Speaking of launches, American Eagle’s new website 77Kids is now live, offering clothing and accessories for the little ones. They carry Toddler, Boy’s, and Girl’s sizes.  There are lots of fun things, like this Toddler Girls Cat Hoodie sweater, and the oh-so-cool Rad Plaid Trapper hat.

If this isn’t one of the coolest designs for “fashion sneakers,” we truly don’t know what is.

These are Van’s Authentic Modular tennies. The Begonia Pink/Neon Pink color combination is like a massive smile for the feet.  And the primary color combination is equally fabulous. It is possible we will require both pair.

We are betting that even The Queen Mother might be inquiring about a pair.

Finally, today’s Pretty in Pink picture comes to us via another incredible pastry chef, Michelle Doll Cakes.  Below, the Pink Argyle Topsy Turvey non-traditional cake.

Michelle Doll Cakes

Grins and Giggles for whatever your social secretary has you scheduled for this week!



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11 responses to “Ivy League Bag, “Preppy Chic,” & The Coolest Sneakers!

  1. Had to laugh at that snap of what appears to be Ms. Lyons’ closet – with those horns on the wall, that room would be quite at home in any number of Texas residences I’ve seen! Not sure how the average Manhattanite (if there is such a creature) would feel about that.

    I like those Van’s too. On a different note, perhaps these are further evidence of TP’s secret skateboarding hobby?

  2. Those sneakers are quite the statement! I believe I may have dated someone in my past life [ahem high school] who would have been a sucker for those shoes.

    Ah yes. The prepster and the skateboarder. What a couple we were!

    Is TP telling us she practices skateboarding?!?

  3. Tried to send you e-mail but bounced. Thought you’d enjoy new site Ivy-Style.com.

  4. The Ivy League weekender is so cute – I love it. I could throw my whole life in that big bag! And the sneakers are stylish yet wearable – good qualities. And let’s talk about that cake – almost too gorgeous to eat but I bet it tastes divine.

  5. Preppy 101

    That jacket would be tempting… 😉

  6. ‘elegantly edgy’ – i’ve heard it all! Fred Flare in my hood, yay! I must drop by for a visit.

  7. Queen Mother

    I assure you the Princess does not practice skateboarding and I don’t think she would be tempted even with the tennies. The Queen Mother likes the tennies very much—she thinks the primary colors look like a Mondrian painting!

  8. Oh, those photos of Ms. Lyons house just made me gasp out loud….in a good way. Love it!

    The topsy turvy cake is the cutest thing! If I had it for some occasion, I might seriously consider just asking everyone if we could skip on cutting the cake and just eat ice cream instead.

  9. That weekender bag really is absolutely adorable. And the J. Crew child’s jacket is crazy. It actually is beautiful, but it would probably stay that way for only 5 minutes.

  10. Amelia

    Love that cake!!! As for the tennis shoes… not real sure about those!

  11. That first bag is HUGE! I love the pink plaid though.

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