2 More *Big* Designers to Target, Gossip Girl Casting Call

Hello-Hello and happy day!

Oh my goodness, the witty and wonderful “Well I Do Declare” has been ever-so-kind and dubbed The Princess a Kreativ Blogger! Whoo-hoo!

While feeling utterly undeserving, we say “Thank You” and share 6 blogs that make our day brighter and better.

Tickled Pink & Green is always fun, especially her photo of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin in their Dancing with the Stars debut.

Mom x 2 is an outstanding writer who shares the wit and wisdom that help us keep things in perspective.

Lipstick at the Mailbox somehow (and we don’t know how) manages to find the time to create posts that are sheer bliss to read.

The Jewish Girl in WASPS’s Clothing is an extraordinary writer with insight usually found in much older individuals. We think she has an old soul in a young body. In our dreams we write like this.

The Southern Social is planning parties, sharing social activities with readers, and loving life in Atlanta.

Muffy Martini is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face while also providing some perspective on preppy life on the west coast.

We need to get ourselves updated here at the Prepatorium. We have fallen woefully behind on reporting some of Target’s newest collaborations, as they are blockbusters. Both are by what many in the younger generation would call ‘hip’ designers, both are worn by a certain Presidential candidate’s spouse, and both will hit the Boutique Tarzjay smack-dab on a holiday.

The clues are in the photos that follow; in the first Michelle Obama wears a dress by Designer Number One.

Jae C. Hong/AP Photo

Jae C. Hong/AP Photo

His name is Thakoon Panichgul and Michelle Obama wore his creation (seen above) on the final night of the Democratic convention in Denver. She also wore a Thakoon design to the presidential debate at the University of Mississippi in September. Below, the Floral Inside-Out dress as seen on Ms. Obama and then at the eLuxury site, available for purchase for $1250.

Emmanuel Durand/AFP/Getty

Emmanuel Durand/AFP/Getty

The sportswear collection actually hits Target stores on Christmas Day, an odd choice to debut a collection, in our humble opinion. And how was it working with Target? In a story last week in WWD (Women’s Wear Daily):

“They were very easy to work with,” Panichgul said Saturday in Dallas. “They wanted a lot of prints, and I chose silhouettes that have done well in the past.”

Now, in this next photo she has on jewelry from Designer Number Two….

Rick Wilking /Reuters

Rick Wilking /Reuters

The Erickson-Beamon brooch is front and center on Ms. Obama’s dress (seen with daughters Sasha and Malia) worn at the Democratic Convention in Denver. BTW, the dress was one of the pieces worn by Ms. Obama from Chicago-based designer Maria Pinto. The brand, named for designers Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon, is only the fourth partner selected for a jewelry collaboration with Target.

Here we show the Erickson Beamon Flower Brooch in blue, available at Blue Bee for $303.

As for Erickson Beamon, their collection hits on Valentine’s Day next year, a day that is probaly a little more manageable for most in terms of shopping.  Here we see a more elaborate piece from the “I’m with the Band!” Collection, featuring crimson leather intertwined through the 22″ triple chain.

This is available at Electric Couture for $658. Next we show something Ms. Obama is probably more likely to gravitate toward, the Gold Leaf Cuff at Net-a-Porter for $525.

Moving on from the wacky world of politics to the bizarre land inhabited by Gossip Girl.

CW Courtesy Photo

CW Courtesy Photo

Perhaps the Gossip Girl production company has all of the extras they require for the  big party shoot this week… but perhaps not. If you are looking for some pocket change, the New York Craig’s List has an ad for extras to shoot Gossip Girl party scenes this week. The compensation is $85 for a ten-hour day, but one is required to BYOW, Bring Your Own Wardrobe.

“We are currently seeking women who can portray Upper East Side types between the ages of 18 and 28 with formal gowns in cool “icy” colors such as ivory, silver, light grey, slate, ice blue, ice violet, etc. We are also seeking gentleman who can portray 18-28 y/o with full traditional black tuxedos with ivory or buff colored vests.”

We’ll be looking for you on the little screen.


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6 responses to “2 More *Big* Designers to Target, Gossip Girl Casting Call

  1. Thank you so much, TP! What a nice surprise on a Monday.

    You know I like Michelle Obama but I have to say I think those Thakoon dresses are horrid. And that brooch…eeks! Not a fan. She does better when she sticks to solids and pearls. Am I wrong? And what’s with the big black bow on that dress? Odd.

    Thanks, as always, for keeping us informed!

  2. TAG

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This REALLY made me smile.

    P.S. I sent a photo in to GG. Will keep you posted.

  3. Amelia

    I want to be on GG!! Too bad I don’t live in NYC, but you better believe I sent it to my friends who do 🙂

  4. Just one more reason to visit Target!!!

  5. Oh my TP!!! I am so very excited and honored. “sheer bliss”….that totally made my day! Cyber-curtsey!

    Interesting about Tar-jay. You know what I think is kind of weird about Michelle Obama–I don’t think she dresses for her height.

    The waistline of everything she wears always looks too high for me and her dresses always look like they are riding up. She is really tall, but her clothes look like they would be much better in a petite size. Does that make sense? I think I just rambled…

  6. Thank you! I saw this awhile back, but never saw a comments thingie till now, so I’m saying thank you (finally)….


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