The Preppy Plate has Arrived! Also, Michelle Obama in J. Crew

At this moment the downpours are so torrential, this is what The Princess really needs:

In case you don’t receive Daily Candy where these Shuella boots were recently featured, they slip on right over your shoes and can handle almost any size heel. Umbrellas for your shoes = Shuellas.

But the weather makes us neither glum nor gloomy because we have these bright and beautiful treasures to make us smile here at the Prepatorium!

We’re not entirely sure which of these is our favorite – that changes minute by minute! The preppy plates are from one of our very favorite vendors, Boatman Geller, a name we know you recognize and respect.  We think this one will be appealing for Kate over at Nautical by Nature.

The plates are melamine and measure 10″ in diameter; up to three lines of personalization are included in the $25 price. They are food safe, and dishwasher safe, but the microwave is a no-no.

For some reason we are just crazy about the monkey plate!

Okay, back to the down and dirty of politics. Sigh.

Actually, regular readers know TP doesn’t do the down and dirty.  We try and stick to the more pleasant and often frivolous topics like today’s: Michelle Obama’s on-trend selection of J. Crew for an appearance in Jacksonville, NC yesterday. Below, a photo of Ms. Obama in Crew’s Sketchbook Roses patterned Belle skirt, followed by the actual silk taffeta piece.

Chuck Beckley/AP

PHOTO: Chuck Beckley/AP

If this is a silhouette you are fond of, the cotton version of the skirt is available at varying price points online: $29.99 for the deep Atlantic blue, $39.99 for bright rhubarb pink, and $59.99 for the more sedate dark fog color and the same for the bubbly Buttercup color.

In more J. Crew news, last night the company store hosted a reading of their recently released book, “What a Man Should Know,” their light-hearted collection of 50 things on that topic.


What a Man Should Know

And even more J. Crew news: it seems aggressive discounting on merchandise will continue throughout the Columbus Day holiday weekend, at least at the company’s outlet stores.  From Oct. 9-Oct. 15 there will be 30 – 50% Off all Sweaters, and during the Columbus Day Weekend sale all shirts will be reduced 30 – 50%.

In our continued effort to help everyone stretch their wardrobe budgets, we have more updates on additional discounts and sales. Our good friends at Ann Taylor are helping out as well.

The Watercolor Rose sweater is available in both missy and petite sizes at $49.99.

The textured tweed Wool Jacket in black is $109.99, discounted more than 60% from its original price.

Whoops, we almost forgot to mention… on top of the existing markdowns there will be another 20% off. For example, this would mean the black jacket above would be $87.99 or so.

We will be back later with more bargains!


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13 responses to “The Preppy Plate has Arrived! Also, Michelle Obama in J. Crew

  1. Oh, BTW, come visit my blog- there is a little something there for you!

  2. I love that skirt on Michelle Obama . . . but I love it with the shoes in the J.Crew photo – so cute. My daughter is getting baptized this weekend and I am totally looking for a new skirt to wear for it.

    The Shuellas are a very neat concept but I can’t see myself walking in them without tripping!! I love your blog!

  3. I need to add this book to my manners for men post on Tuesday. Love that gray skirt, etc.

  4. One more thought, I saw those shoe covers in Chicago at Nordstrom. Not sure what I think, seems easlier to put on boots.

  5. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I am so excited to find your blog. It is great! I will be following. Have a great day!!

  6. Hello Mrs. Preppy Princess, Thank you for tagging me. I have not visited blogger land all week so I just got the tag. I loved your interesting facts about you, your dogs, the paper piles ( sounds like us as well), and how you were the general manager of a CBS station. You are very interesting and a great blogger friend, thanks for all your comments! xoox, Becs

  7. I really like the book. What it is…how it looks. Love it. Your plates are adorable. I’m partial to the monkey as well. You know I have a couple of “monkies” myself. 😉
    Have a great day!

  8. TCP

    I had no idea that BG was into plates…thanks for sharing!

    Love the JCrew skirt. And I love when “celebs” (political or otherwise) buy off the rack.

  9. Those plates are soooo cute 🙂

  10. Oooh I need a set of those plates! Maybe when I get my own place.

  11. I like the plates and the skirt!

  12. I was checking out your blog and wanted to let you know that I always purchase my plates from kates plates. They are the cutest ever!

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