Gossip Guys and Girls, Qee at Target

We probably should have seen this one coming, but it simply never occurred to us. Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and other Gossip Girls on magazine covers? Yes.  But Penn Badgely, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick on a cover together? (Below, Blake Lively on this month’s Cosmopolitan.)

And might we just show our fuddy-duddiness by commenting on how TQM (The Queen Mother) would never allow TP to set foot, nay, not even one toe in the house with Cosmo if the headlines were anything like those seen here. Not. Ever.

Perhaps a magazine cover should be dedicated to Ms. Lively and her ‘real-life’ sweetheart, Penn Badgely, seen walking to the Gossip Girl set last week in New York.

Edward Opinaldo/Splash News

Photo: Edward Opinaldo/Splash News

Ms. Lively and co-star Leighton Meester both lent their name to a very good cause, the 8th annual Stuart Weitzman Celebrity Shoe Auction; the fundraiser supports efforts to develop a new test for ovarian cancer. Below, shoes that were up for auction from Ms. Lively, then Ms. Meester. September was Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

TP is mortified we didn’t run this story previously so anyone interested in bidding could actually do so; we apologize for being a dolt. Below, Ms. Meester doing some charitable work for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation at the Armory on September 20th.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Target collaborations continue apace; this one is really very cute, at least we find it cute.  Just 2-1/2″ tall, it is a limited edition Qee, the oh-so-cute toy designer toy figure you may already be familiar with. If not, you aren’t alone, and BTW, in the process of discovering Qees we learned the proper pronunciation is “key”.

The one in the photo above as well as below are both the result of a collaboration between TOY2R and Target, and both come equipped with their optional keychain attachment. Hopefully you aren’t overly fond of the little creatures, as unfortunately you can’t have one, and neither can we.

Apparently these were made only for select Target Team Members and unless you know someone… who may know someone… who really does know someone, then it’s unlikely the little creatures will be dangling from your Birkin. (This may be heresy to some, and we do apologize for disturbing anyone’s equilibrium, but TP actually does find this a whimsical accent to a Birkin bag, although we’re not seeing it with our Longchamps or Goyard.)

AP photo/Jason Bronis

AP photo/Jason Bronis

And to all our fellow Americans coping with gas shortages that are being incredibly under-reported, we hear your pain. Ouch! As an FYI, Forbes has a story on it.

The scenes over the past several days in places like Nashville, Tenn., Anniston, Ala., and western North Carolina looked like file footage from 1979 – with bags over empty gas pumps and quarter-mile long lines of cars waiting to fill up at stations that hadn’t run out.

We close on an up note with word that our neighbors to the north will be able to order from Saks.com this holiday season. The retailer has finally made arrangements for shipping to Canada; it is long overdue.


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8 responses to “Gossip Guys and Girls, Qee at Target

  1. LOOOOVE this post! I just can’t get enough of Gossip Girl! I love the clothes and I LOVE Blair! TEAM BLAIR!!!!

  2. I’m with the Queen Mother on this one – “Cosmopolitan” is shocking to me at my ripe old age, let alone during one’s impressionable teenage years. I’ll confess to having read it throughout college, feeling wildly rebellious while doing so, but thankfully those days have passed. Well, not college – I miss those days, but not the smutty reading phase (says the girl reading Tori Spelling’s memoirs).

    PS – You have a Goyard bag? I’m on Team Jealous.

  3. I love Gossip Girl, have you read their blog? Best, Becs


    That cover of the guys is so cute 🙂

  5. Those Cosmo headlines are hilarious – not just ‘what he thinks of your naked’ (a.k.a. how to make a woman paranoid and overly concerned about what men think), but ‘what he thinks of you BUTT naked.’ Classy! Also quite funny, yet sad at the same time! I am quite happy however, to comment that the Gossip Girl Chaps are quite simply lush, and will grow up to be quite beeeeoutiful I’m sure. Ed Sedgewick is playing such a charmingly cleverly evil yet witty character. He should have stayed British for the part! 🙂

  6. SERIOUSLY underreported, obvs i’ve been watching too much Katie Couric and not enough news! perhaps now that the “debate” is over they’ll all get back to the news.
    And we must get those cute Target things, to hang from our Birkins, i love that! but i need to get a Birkin, too, sigh!

  7. i know gas prices are high but i have not noticed a shortage where i lived.

  8. Queen Mother

    I don’t recall you ever being deprived of Cosmo!

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