**SPOILER ALERT** Olympics Opening Ceremony Coverage Special Edition



***Today’s post features photos and editorial copy of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies***

Hello, Happy Friday and welcome to a special edition of the Preppy Princess!

This will surprise no one that is a regular reader: The Princess Consort found multiple live feeds of the events going on over on the other side of the world. He also also took the “Sharing is Caring” sentiment to heart. Concentration is impossible. Therefore this post will be short and hopefully a bit better than bittersweet after yesterday‘s tirade measured comments about the air quality in Beijing. It will however, be about the Opening Ceremonies, so if that is something you don’t even want to hear about, you should skedaddle away until they have aired this evening.

First off, a few shots of the Ralph Lauren Olympic Summer Games Parade Uniform as worn today by our athletes in Beijing at the Opening Ceremonies.

Tyson Gay

Tyson Gay

Shortly after this international Parade of Athletes aired on the Consort’s computer in real time, we received email correspondence from Polo Ralph Lauren “Presenting the Official Parade Uniform of the 2008 US Olympic Team.” If interested in purchasing pieces from this Collection, you can head to the Polo site through the links in the previous sentence or use the USOC’s site for most of the Opening Ceremony items.

The Princess learned several lessons today whilst working:

1) Silly girl! Trying to sit and write a blog and conduct other business with the Opening Ceremonies going on one desk over is futile. Utterly pointless. Cease. The Preppy Princess will survive while for an hour until this ends, so stop. Now. Give it up and go watch. (Take Kleenex.)

2) As discussed on other blogs last night, for reasons unknown to us, human spectacles like the Opening Ceremonies provoke an emotional response. (Yes, I know, how very dreary.)

3) The US Team looks very sharp in their uniforms. As anticipated, the Ralph Lauren designs are stellar and the Chinese execution of them also outstanding. The caps, or berets, are a nice touch and not at all foppish as some feared.

Looking at each nation’s uniforms is a blood sport for some, but not TP. That however, does not prevent a running commentary on the looks worn by other countries, enhanced only by the fact these are being viewed on a 24″ inch iMac monitor, not a large television. Thoughts? Japanese-snappy. Argentina-casual. Great Britain-this one is a TBD, requiring further attention. Bolivia-elegant. France-disheveled. Canada-slightly wacky motif that needed better definition

Parade of Athletes - Japan

Parade of Athletes - Japan

Parade of Athletes - Argentina

Parade of Athletes - Argentina

Parade of Athletes - The UK

Parade of Athletes - Bolivia

Parade of Athletes - Bolivia

Parade of Athletes - France

Parade of Athletes - France

Parade of Athletes - Canada

Parade of Athletes - Canada

The NY Times Olympic Blog had some fabulous fashion commentary. We don’t have pix to pick up on their critiques of certain looks, so you will simply have to watch the television tonight or go hunting on the internet if you want photographic references to their commentary.

The Lithuanian team, led by flagbearer Sarunas Jasikevicius of the basketball team, is clad in shockingly lime-green polo shirts.

While some teams look like they have wilted a bit in the heat, the Spanish team, oh so colorful in their yellow and red suits, came in waving their Panama hats to the crowd.

Spanish basketball star Pau Gasol, however, is not waving but chatting on his cell phone.

The women of Hungary’s team are unfortunately dressed in skirts and jackets that appear to have been doused in splotches of red paint.

The Cuban team, always surprisingly large for such a small country, comes in wearing khaki suits, followed shortly by Burkina Faso athletes in pointy straw hats and Burundi women wearing grass headdresses and carrying spears.

It is a small miracle those got through security.

For more commentary, all of which is simply excellent, go to Lynn Zinser’s Olympic blog at the Times online site.

It seems no one can execute ceremonial occasions on a grand scale with the precision the Chinese can, with the possible exception of the Russians. Majestic barely describes some of this, and we only saw about forty-five minutes of the event.

(Yes, that was Kung-Fu in the photo above.) As we mentioned we really only viewed perhaps forty-five minutes or so of online 4″-frame-on-the-screen video and it was dazzling. We have elected not to show you more photos, of which there are hundreds, because they really would be “spoilers” in our humble opinion, detracting from one’s spontaneous reactions to the events as they unfold on NBC’s taped broadcast this evening.

We can tell you some of our favorite tennis players were on hand:

Parade of Athletes - Roger Federer Carries Swiss Flag

Roger Federer carries the Swiss Flag

Parade of Athletes - Rafael Nadal

Parade of Athletes - Rafael Nadal

Mr. Nadal looking slightly more relaxed than he when he was swarmed by media upon arriving at the Beijing airport; such a throng formed that some referred to it a stampede.

Truly one of the most emotional images of the day, and one part of the ceremony you probably want to be sure you’re watching, is the moment when Chinese flag bearer Yao Ming enters the stadium. Because Yao leads the athletes from the host nation, they are the last in the Parade of Athletes to make their entrance.

Parade of Athletes - China

Parade of Athletes - China

It becomes immediately evident he is accompanied by a child; it turns out the child is a nine-year-old boy who saved the lives of two classmates during the killer earthquake that rocked Sichuan province a few months back. When this giant of a man (he is 7′ 6″ tall) reaches down to take the child’s hand your heart may skip a beat in wonder at the sight.

And on that extraordinary image, we will leave you for the time being.


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16 responses to “**SPOILER ALERT** Olympics Opening Ceremony Coverage Special Edition

  1. I only read bits and pieces so I didn’t ruin the whole thing. Sounds great!

  2. I was totally about to post on this!

    Your post is awesome.

    The Lithuanian team’s outfits were awful. Mexico’s outfits were quite stylish and classy (esp. the women’s outfit).

  3. I can’t wait! But are the French athletes wearing seersucker jackets??? Also, I got a tear in my eye at that last photo. I am so excited to watch tonight.

  4. Heather

    This is a great post. Did you happen to be able to get pictures of the Irish coming in? Do you think you could add those? or maybe help me in my search.

  5. Hello Miss Heather, and thanks for popping by for a visit!

    Methinks we have a photo of the Irish, we’ll include it in today’s early post, going u p shortly!

    Have a splendid Saturday,
    The Princess

  6. Yao and that little boy was one of the cutest / sweetest things of the night.

  7. nora kosztolanyi

    I am really appalled how you people ,including NBC are making fun of the Hungarian team. What is it with you people that you have to be so cruel and superficial?
    The Olympics are not a fashion competition or a fashion statement.
    Oh, yea the US team looked just great in those stupid hats?
    It is extremely arrogant to humiliate a nation on TV in front of the whole world. Very low class indeed!!!!
    By the way, have you ever done anything significant as making it to the Olympics? My guess , no.
    So why don’t you all just keep your insulting and ignorant thoughts to yourself and go do something good and productive with your lives.

  8. Nora, as a Hungarian American, Muffy must point out that our dear beloved country was wearing TRULY HIDEOUS outfits. The flower print! Those hats! ISTENEM! I don’t blame NBC for a single second. What were they thinking?!? Also, the Preppy Princess has not been malicious in her commentary. I believe her coverage is fair and interesting. If fashion were not a large part of these ceremonies, I doubt the USA would have hired Ralph Lauren to design them. Don’t take all this too seriously, it’s about world peace and athletic perfection! Enjoy it!


  9. Momx2, all those bonus points the French got for wearing seersucker went right down the drain (pun intended) with the when their swimmers made those rather over the top statements about their purpose in participating at the Games. Talk about a little hostility, oh my!

    Ms. Kosztolanyi, thank you for sharing your thoughts, although we’re unclear where we made fun of the Hungarian team. However, we apologize if we did offend you, or the Hungarian team in any way. That is not our purpose here.

    We must disagree with your comment that the “Olympics are not a fashion competition or a fashion statement.”

    Sadly, the IOC made them into *precisely this* when they adopted the Rule stating no team can wear or use the same uniforms in consecutive Games. That rather upped the fashion portion of the equation, needlessly in our opinion.

    At any rate, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the topic, and please don’t hesitate to comment again.

    Miss Muffy, thank you for doing a vastly superior job of capturing the hoped-for sense and sentiment of the blog. 🙂

  10. TCP

    I’m so happy that you recapped the outfits…TCP Toddler fought bedtime and I didn’t get to watch the coverage until the Sarah Brightman song…well after the Parade of Nations! Thanks!!

  11. nora kosztolanyi

    To the Hungarian who sent me to message. I am Hungarian as well and I am very dissapointed by your attitude. You say I should not take it to seriously? Well, the Hungarians I talked with from the team and back in Hungary do take it quite seriously. They are hurt and offended.
    I don’t care if they wore potato sacks. No person has the right the humiliate a country on TV in front of the whole world, especcially a country whoes soldier are in Iraq helping the US. It is one thing to have your own personal opinion but it is not right when you are online or your broadcasting it on TV. You say, the Olympics is about peace? Then there should be no comments made that offendes an entire nation over clothing.
    I am glad the US has all the money to hire Ralph Lauren, perhaps they can next time loan out Ralph Lauren to Hungary to avoid future insults.
    No Hungarian I know has the same opinion than you do. They are quite outraged.
    Nora Kosztolanyi

  12. nora kosztolanyi

    To the moderator of this blog.
    Here is the copied statement about the Hungarian team.

    “The women of Hungary’s team are unfortunately dressed in skirts and jackets that appear to have been doused in splotches of red paint.”

    Why even say anything? If you don’t like it live it alone.
    Have some respect for a country and it’s athletes.
    I find this in bad taste for any country. I would feel bad if somone was dragging the US down becuase their outfits . I live here now and care much about this country and how it is treated by the world.
    They were planty bad costumes, why single any of them out.
    It is exactly this superficial attitude that causes so much hurt and suffering in the world.
    I absolutely disagree with you. The Olympics are not about fashion,
    unless you can recieve a medal for outfits.
    This is my last post. I really hope that after having some knowledge how Hungarians feel about these comments perhaps their will be more compassion and kindness.
    Just imagane someone insulting your childs outfit. I think you would take that quite to heart since your child would feel hurt.
    Well, that’s how Hungarians feel right now.

    Nora Kosztolanyi

  13. amy

    I like the Canada uniforms the best. Very sporty – with tennis shoes. Aren’t the Olympics a sporty event anyways and NOT a fashion show?! Some of the countries had the ladies wear heels – what were they thinking?
    Walking, walking , and more walking in heels ! Most of the lady athetics most likely never wear heels – can you imagain how hurtful their feet were the next day! Ouch!

  14. Ben

    Hi PreppyPrincess – love all the posts you’re doing on Olympic Fashion, you’re so thorough! My site just put up a post on some of the most bizarre and interesting looks from the opening ceremony – we’d love to know what you think about it!


    Hope you like it and thanks!

  15. Dear Nora,

    My name is MUFFY. Not “the Hungarian”. MUFFY. I would hardly say that this blog or NBC “humiliated” an entire country. I would like to remind you that the Hungarians willingly CHOSE to wear those terrible outfits (and they WERE terrible). You say that you don’t know a single Hungarian that agrees with me? Guess what? I know plenty. In fact, I was in a hotel room in Vegas with several of my Hungarian relatives when we saw the outfits (we were SO hoping that they would make us proud and wear something chic! maybe they could wear traditional dress!) only to be terribly dissapointed. To be honest, we fell over LAUGHING at how ATROCIOUS their outfits were. I am glad this is your last post. All you seem to do is whine about your feelings being hurt. Get over it. It’s not a big deal. I will make sure to ask Mr. Lauren if he would be willing to donate his skills to our lovely country. I’m sure after seeing the outfits chosen this year, he would be glad to help.


  16. ReallyRadEmoLove

    Yeah, Im so effen confused.
    In consumer science, We need to design an outfit for any continent in the olympics.But we need to research it. I wanna do japan, But I cant see it too well.

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