J. Crew Selling Vintage Rolex Watches, Hostess Gift Ideas, Steamy Calvin Klein & Gossip Girl Ads

Hello and happy end-of-the-weekend to everyone! We are most fortunate to have enjoyed a delightful trip to the Large Lake… simply sublime with weather that was a gift and even better company! Sadly, The Princess Consort neglected to bring a camera; no photos to add to our memories of this quick getaway.

Well, if it is a combination of Calvin Klein and advertising, it must be banned somewhere. And it is; everywhere in fact, on network TV. This isn’t the issue of “nothing coming between me and my Calvins,” this is about the steamy new campaign selling Calvin Klein Secret Obsession perfume.

The print and video campaigns star Eva Mendes and despite the company’s best efforts and re-editing of the TV spot, you won’t be seeing it in prime time, or any other time on any of the networks. In talking about the whole issue back in May, a VP at Coty (they are in charge of the Calvin Klein fragrance brand) was quoted in WWD as saying:

“It taps into the secrecy of a private moment — it’s clear Eva is having illicit thoughts…It’s somewhat open to interpretation — because of how it’s shot, and what you see and hear, and what you can’t see and hear.”

‘Open to interpretation…?’ Methinks not. Really. Late Friday the commercial started airing on the internet; should you be interested in deciding for yourself if it belonged on ‘regular TV” just click here. We looked at the spot ourselves, and cannot believe anyone involved with the creative content of the commercial believes it belongs on any free, over-the-air television network. Please. A shot from the print campaign is just below.

Ms. Mendes is getting quite a bit of play in tandem with the perfume ad campaign. She has the cover of Interview magazine‘s August issue. One rather interesting tidbit contained in the accompanying story: Ms. Mendes makes the point that she wishes people would cease usage of the word “limo,” remarking “It’s so ’80s.” Her preferred term for the vehicle? “Car.” TP couldn’t agree more on this one.

BTW, the magazine also has a story on Mad Men you may find entertaining. One more “steamy” topic today, that many of you have probably seen and heard discussed to death: the Gossip Girl ads.

If you haven’t heard all the hoo-hah (highly technical term meaning “to-do”) on this particular tempest, here’s the short story: the CW released ads for G2 that (as expected) generated loads of negative response from lots of places. What is unusual (but a brilliant move by the people responsible for the campaign) is the lifting of various negative comments and phrases and using them in the ads, such as the “Mind-blowingly inappropriate” reaction from the Parents Television Council.

One of the more vocal groups articulating their thoughts on the ads for the show that is oh-so-preppy when it comes to fashion was the PTC, as quoted below in MediaWeek magazine:

“The Parents Television Council deplores the CW’s deliberate use of profanity and sexual imagery to exploit and further corrupt young viewers, and has warned its members about the show and the new ad campaign,” a representative of the PTC said. “Teenagers are a particularly vulnerable audience and are more apt to be influenced by the programming they watch than adults.”

Naturally, the folks over at the CW network are ecstatic about all the free publicity the controversy has generated.


What did you end up taking as a hostess gift this weekend when you went out to your friend’s cottage on the Cape? We ended up with a last minute dinner invite and scurried about in a frenzy looking for something unusual and different for our situation. The Princess Consort had a brilliant idea, we ended bringing 2 pounds of Kilwin’s Fudge as a gift. It proved enormously popular; it turned out the host and hostess spent so much time dealing with the rest of the evening they forgot to plan dessert; the fudge was perfect!

So now what to take as a gift when you visit Claire and Nelson this weekend….? The Times had a delightful story yesterday that may provide some guidance, and you can look at it online if so inclined, it is formatted as one of their slide shows. We thought the fact they suggested a gift item from Etsy was kind of nifty. One suggestion is these fabulous cups that look just like plastic party cups (seen above). Much too fun, they aren’t plastic, they’re melamine!

They come in two sizes and there are also matching bowls (below). These are perfect for us on Cook’s night off; the entire staff is given the night off and these lovelies are perfect as they can go on the top shelf of the dishwasher! All are *very* reasonable and all are available from Apartment 48.

Another suggestion is the Grobal self-watering planter, from A + R Global Design’s online store (below). This also comes in two sizes and loads of bright colors in addition to several more neutral, blendable, decorator-approved tones.


Here’s one last tidbit that is also several days ‘old,’ so we do apologize if you have seen it covered in other media; we don’t want you to think of us as dreary and slow in getting the preppy news to you! This is the tale of the vintage Rolex watches for sale at the J Crew online site.

We aren’t sure precisely how long the watches have been up on the site, less than a month as best we can tell. WE thank our friends over at The Frisky for the screen shot, as we can’t get a good photo anymore of the watches; there is something odd going on with the J. Crew site. (Obviously the ‘something odd going on with the site’ does not come as a surprise.)

There are two watches offered, the one above is 14K on an original Oyster bracelet, circa the 1960s. The other is an Oyster Perpetual on an Oyster bracelet, circa the 1970s. We would love to share more details about these, but when you attempt to go to a page for either watch, you get a blank page with this message:

“We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try a little later”

It would appear that the J Crew website continues to experience some challenges although the majority of it seems to have regained all its functionality. That’s probably it all for us right now, do have a wonderful Monday afternoon!



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6 responses to “J. Crew Selling Vintage Rolex Watches, Hostess Gift Ideas, Steamy Calvin Klein & Gossip Girl Ads

  1. Katie

    The Obsession commercial is so scandalous! I can’t even imagine them dreaming of posting that on television! Glad you had a fabulous weekend!

  2. Love the GG ads. Eva is from Glendale, so I can’t say anything negative about her, and the Rolex watches seem nice although strange on the Crew site.

  3. yeah, why is vintage rolex on J Crew? i love the melamine cups!

  4. Vintage Rolex on J Crew? That seems SO random….almost like an uber fancy yard sale.

  5. Wanted to inform you that your link to the vintage Rolex watches on J Crew no longer works. A friend of mine has a quick and easy proposition for you over at http://www.grayandsons.com that might be of interest to you for this page. Contact me for more info.

    Edward James Parker
    Watch Historian

  6. Love the circa 1960’s Oyster Rolex. The fact that it is a pre owned piece may mean that us humble human beings may well be able to at last afford a geunie Rolex but I doubt it! That is the problem with buying second hand watches though, you have to exercise so much caution especially with Rolex’s given the quality of reproduction models these days, buyer beware…

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