The Vineyard vs. Nantucket, Hermès Green Thumb

A little housekeeping here, because The Princess was amazed to discover she had been graced with a Brillante Weblog award! Our own Little Bow Prep surprised us with this, and we offer our humble “Thank You” for such lovely recognition, undeserved as it is! Because TP believes that we truly keep only that which we give away, we send this on to Mommypie, Techyness, Misadventures of a Newlywed, Mamalicious, Fashion Herald. There are many more also deserving of the award (just glance at our Blogroll!), but they have already been recipients so we won’t ‘double-tag’ them.

Oh, to be agonizing over the distinctions between Martha’s Vineyard and the Cape, at least in the summertime. The two islands *are* different, but not to the extend Boston Globe reporter Jonathan Levitt details in a story about his first visit to Nantucket.

“A Hostel Guy in a Lilly Pulitzer World” chronicles Levitt’s trip to the island, but at at times his perspective sounds more like a teenager making snarky comments about a schoolmate than it does the work of a seasoned travel writer covering a vacation spot.

The village looks like the centerpiece of a living history museum or the campus of a small New England liberal arts college on parents weekend. Everything is scrubbed and blooming and preserved in the glory days of pre-traffic lights and pre-asphalt and pre-chain stores. And there are shops, but it is not a place to look for what you need, unless what you need is Lilly Pulitzer, or a $700 fishing reel, or an oil painting of dunes and breaking waves.

The people that I see look alike (tall and tan and blond and lovely) and are dressed similarly in a sort of Nantucket uniform, a specific, preppy, just-woke-up-from-a-nap-on-the-wooden-sailboat look. For men it’s a collar-up polo shirt in soft fruity colors like periwinkle blue and Bermuda sand pink (actually called Nantucket Red), longish almost to the knees shorts or straight-front pants with a pattern of lobsters or whales, a cloth belt embroidered with more whales or classic sports cars, leather loafers or boat shoes without socks, big waterproof sailing and diving chronograph watch, gold wedding band, and the haircut, long enough for conditioner but short in the back and around the ears.

BTW, the photo above shows folks on the high-speed catamaran heading to Nantucket from Hyannis; it was shot by Levitt for the Globe. Now if the truth be told, TP favors Truro; a quiet and smallish town perfectly situated for embracing the splendor of its surroundings. Here’s a visual aide that may be helpful if you are not familiar with the area. (A tip: it’s helpful even if you *are* familiar with the area!)

If a trip to either locale isn’t on your radar screen for this summer, perhaps this will make you feel as if you made it to the Cape anyway:

It’s the Hermès Cape Cod 1928, a limited edition watch released last year (as best we remember). Pricey? Yes. Elegantly understated on a gentleman’s wrist? Absolutely.

Now since we’re on the Hermès topic, and because The Princess does consider her pursuit of Extreme Gardening a new sport, we thought the Hermès Gardening Tools might be a set we need to  add to our collection out in the Gardener’s shed. You know the one. The group of tools the Head Gardener hovers over protectively whenever we approach; what does the man think we’re about to do with them? We think he’s just bitter because we insisted he have some of the animals in the topiary spray painted pink. The flamingos. Here’s a better shot.

I really don’t understand why he has a problem with it; there are only 40 of them on the property,  and the landscaper brought people in to do the actual work. Something about “not natural.” We’re thinking he needs to get over the “not natural” issue. In a hurry. Lest he find someone else in charge of the green thumbs at the Prepatorium. 

Well we must fly, TSU (The Spousal Unit) has his houseman dialing up AMC on the satellite. The season opener is starting soon! :

Don’t you just love the fashions – mid-century, 1962 and faboo! Just look at Betty Draper (January Jones) and Francine Hanson (Anne Dudek) just below and then the divine blue coat on ‘Betty.’ 


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8 responses to “The Vineyard vs. Nantucket, Hermès Green Thumb

  1. I really really wanted to give you that award too- but I know I’ve given you awards before and I didn’t want to play favorites and double tag. Oh well, everyone knows you’re one of my very favorites anyhow! I guess my secret is out! HAHAHA!!! I am SOOOO excited about Season Two of Mad Men! Did you see my post on the fashions of the show? EXQUISITE! Have a lovely week dah-link! xoxo, Muffy

  2. Oohh! I just love their dresses! Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the right era……

    happy pow, princess!!

  3. Yay! Thanks so much PP! I’ll display it with pride (as soon as I figure out how …)

    As for the Cape — oh, I’d LOVE to vacation there with MP. Used to go there as a kid — wonderful memories!

    AND, didn’t know if you ever saw your little mention last week — hope you’re recovering from the wreck okay …

  4. Oh Miss MommyPie, yes we have mostly recovered, but sadly, there was pink and green fashion dust everywhere! OMG, you should have been there.

    Well, I guess in a way you were with the photos. Thank god you didn’t post them, it would have been simply wretched, more-than-horrid. Do you know what happens to pink and green madras fibers when a person who has ingested too many jello shots crashes into you on their Segue? In a word? It is wretched, simply wretched.

    Lilly would die if she knew, but fortunately that extra-wide super-seersucker-plus headband was strong enough to save me, and I was able to dangle by one flip-flop for hour until the rescue crew could get the Jaws’ O Life in there. It was a close call and frankly, very frightening when The Princess Consort almost called The Preppy Police because it seemed there wasn’t a natural fiber to be found anywhere that I could cloak myself in! We managed to have Brooks deliver some things to the hotel, but we were in Polyester Peril, I can tell you that much.

    As far as the rest of me goes, once the preppy dust dissipated I managed to escape with only one broken nail; the fuchsia polish wasn’t even chipped on any of the others. So it looked much worse than it was. (There was a little mascara smudging, but truthfully, nowhere near as awful as when I wept after being given the Preppy Princess Magic Wand at the pageant.)

    Thanks for checking on us. You are so sweet. 🙂

    Back to Mad Men and the party frock at the hotel. (Which happens to be pink, I might add.)


  5. Oh, you totally deserve it!

    I love mid-century fashion as well!

  6. I love Mad Men. I was awaiting last night’s premiere like it was Christmas. It didn’t disappoint.

  7. I agree, you deserve this fab award!!!

    Love the flamingos; they’re my very favorite animals (of couse, they’re pink!!!)

    Re: the BG article, I saw that, too. It was so very obnoxious.

  8. My brother was just telling me how much he loves Mad Men. Must check it out.

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