Going My Way, Flyboy? Plus, Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Hello again, my friends. The Princess is visiting the Queen today and has asked me to entertain you with some modest dance steps and sleight of hand. I am pleased, in my role as Princess Consort, to honor that request. Let’s get started, shall we?

We begin with hitch-hiking. Years ago, perhaps in a less brutal time in our society, it was not uncommon to see hitch-hikers along the roadways. These vagabonds relied on the kindness of strangers to make their way across America and the world. That wanderlust is part of the fabric of the American soul. Think Jack Kerouac. Think Clark Gable. Think catching a lift on a private jet.

What? Hitch-hiking on a private jet? The New York Times recently published an enlightening article on the art of thumbing rides on jets.

“These people do not refer to themselves as hitchhikers, of course, any more than a gold digger admits to being on the make. The old aphorism that one does not marry for money, but rather mingles with the rich and marries for love has useful applications when it comes to cadging rides on private jets.”

In my younger, less cautious, days I would often hitch-hike. There are some interesting stories that I can share from those experiences. But I’m not sure I have the nerve to weasel catch a ride on a private jet. Besides, I have other issues to which I must over-react. Such as…

One of the most remarkable people to whom I’ve ever been exposed is Guy Kawasaki. He’s a brilliant evangelist for entrepreneurs, a visionary and now an online editor of the fabulous magazine Alltop. In his travels through the Internet he landed on this story.

How’s the water off Nantucket these days? Confession time: I’ve never really been comfortable swimming in the oceans. When I’m not at the top of the food chain I have moments of insecurity. It’s a weakness, I know. In an effort to resolve that fear I hired a man to swim in the ocean for me. I’ve never felt better about myself.

One measure of my manliness is my attraction to bright, shiny geegaws and cool things that move. When The Princess sent me to Polyvore I couldn’t tear away from the site. Here is my first effort at playing with their software:

I took some items from The Preppy Princess site and built what Polyvore calls a “set” with information on how to purchase the items. It’s a great way to visualize an outfit with as much detail as you need. The entire process was easy to follow and so simple even I could learn it. And that, my friends, is simple. Give it a try and tell me what you think of the site. I have no vested interest beyond wanting to share a fun experience.

The Princess will be along tomorrow. Thank you for your indulgence.


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4 responses to “Going My Way, Flyboy? Plus, Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

  1. I really need to check out Polyvore! Everyone is talking about it

  2. Great job while the Princess is away! We miss her terribly! Send her our love!

  3. ha, ha, ha! paying someone to swim for you, you really are a princess consort! dish the hitchhiking stories, please!
    and i need to check out polyvore, too, still haven’t, thanks for the reminder!

  4. really cool!

    a kiss

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