The Princess’s Dirty Little Secret, and a Royal Rule-Breaker at Ascot!

It’s the beginning of a new week. It is also time for the truth. At last it comes out.

The cost of keeping this inside is just too high.

We refuse to live a lie.

Remember those little commentaries about the Tiffany sunglasses and logos, our concern about cheapening of the brand, etc.? You may recall how we made some comments that might have been deemed disparaging (*might* have…hello?) in the broadest of interpretations about the tarted-up Tiffany items? In particular, especially the Return to Tiffany Collection, the Tiffany 1837 group, and some of the Tiffany Notes line? (Any lines we didn’t rail against?) Our unloving statements concerning all the little charms and the other ‘only available online and in the catalog’ merchandise? Well, it would seem that yours truly neglected to mention one minor item. And it is an item that we lust for. Deeply. Ever-so-deeply. In our heart, but actually, also in our mind. We give you the Tiffany Blue Box® charm.

Tiffany Blue Box® charm

This is insanity, for it is one of those very items we have carried on about! It is available only online. Or in the catalog. It is most definitely not seen in stores. Really. Trust us on this one.

It’s a charm simply shrieking lack of lucid thought. It screams “Start the competency hearings soonest, this week if at all possible, and get Mummy back from the Cape please. Now.” Truth or dare? We don’t have, Do. Not. Have the charm in our possession. Nor shall we. But you must remember, for CAPs like us (Catholic American Princesses) there are Sins of Omission as well as Sins of Commission. And we simply couldn’t keep Omitting this deep, dark secret from you any longer. Thank you for your understanding of our need to finally get our wanton craving for this out in the open.

We are feeling much better now, really we do, thank you. We just couldn’t hold on to our private love for something we railed against publicly any longer. You’re the best.

This did remind us of one other fabulous little Tiffany photo we don’t believe we have ever shared because we did not have a blog at the time – horrors! This trio of three beautiful models in Tiffany blue and diamonds is from the opening of the Financial District store last October.

Tiffany Girls

Aren’t they stunning? And how much do you love those gowns? Sigh.

One quick footnote to last week’s Royal Ascot activities, which would not be complete, of course, without some sort of royal controversy. Here is this year’s:

Royal Ascot Princess Eugenie Dress Scandal

While this is most assuredly not a mini-skirt by Princess standards, it does appear to be more than the 2″ above the knee specifically verboten in the new rules for those allowed in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot.

Princess Eugenie Royal Ascot Dress To Do

You know we are partial to Princesses, and love the spunk exhibited by Princess Eugenie, wearer of the ‘short’ dress in question. But the white dress from New Zealand/Australian designer Collette Dinnigan didn’t favor the young royal at all. Dinnigan does some stunning things,as shown below from her 2008 Spring Ready to Wear collection.

Collette Dinnigan 2008 RTW

Dinnigan 2008 RTW

On that royal fashion note we shall leave you as we pursue more Monday madness.


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7 responses to “The Princess’s Dirty Little Secret, and a Royal Rule-Breaker at Ascot!

  1. Oh, I simply ADORE this charm!!! I feel like I’ve seen it at the Pasadena boutique? I must be mistaken. TOO “CHARMING”! HAH! Get it??

  2. Those Tiffany dresses are beautiful but did those ladies not have a mirror handy? Or an iron? Or a steam press?

  3. must…have…charm. And I think that dress would have been more flattering longer.

  4. Affirmative on the more flattering… a bit longer. If you do that charm, you know you must tell. You simply must.

  5. I love those big blue boxes next to the models in the Tiffany dresses…I don’t know why really-they just look so cool.

    Way to go Princess Eugenie. Maybe this is redneck…ok, actually this IS redneck, but seeing those young British girls in those Queen Mum hats makes me LOL.

  6. Lipstick! The hats are the best part! 😉 Must be Treacy?

  7. TCP

    Oh, I think I love that charm!

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