Everyone Discovers Preppy, Part Two (Including ‘Nouveau Preppie’)

In case you missed yesterday’s post…we discussed the fact there has been a rash, nay, a veritable explosion in the volume of articles, stories and features dedicated to the topic of (for lack of a better term) “Preppy Style.” (We are aware some consider this very phrase an oxymoron.) This morning we are mortified to discover we left at least two stories out of our coverage.

The first is from the Louisville Courier-Journal, simply entitled Prep School. As writer Christine Fellingham puts it:

The preppie look is back … minus the add-a-beads and upturned collars. Here, the finer points on updating the timeless look for this summer.

Referring to the look as Nouveau Preppie, Ms. Fellingham gets her research off on the right foot, starting at The Peppermint Palm, a Lilly Pulitzer shop.

Nouveau Preppie story

Ms. Fellingham finds the biggest change in preppy style to be the fit: what was once loose is now tailored, and more body-conscious as shown in some of the photos below.

Nouveau Preppie Nouveau Preppie

The writer also suggests things be a little less matchy-matchy, a wise idea in our humble opinion, and she offers her input on the topic of animals or ‘critters.’ You’ll have to click on the link to read what she has to say on that topic. It’s a very brief article, we promise. (Hint: It’s in the paragraph ‘Mix, Don’t Match’.)

The second article we neglected to include is author Sherrie Mathieson’s “Forever Cool – In Praise of Preppy Style” from the fab site BoomerGirl.com. While brief, the article is just delightful, and among other things, makes just good common sense points, like the following:

2. Preppy can be as conservative as you like (think LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, Britches, Talbot’s) or you can up the ante, as I would urge you to, by using it as your core look with a “twist” (think Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, J Crew).

Ms. Mathiseson’s story mentions a number of designers and companies, a group as diverse as LL Bean and Kate Spade. There are no photos with her story, so we were forced to select our own, and you know how we hate that. (Heh-heh-heh.) Below we show LL Bean’s Sea Spray Surf Set, which comes in both Infant and Toddler Girls sizes, and guess what? It is on sale, originally $26.50 and now $16.95! Once again, you cannot say The Princess is not hearting your bankbook. (Is that how one refers to that sentiment? Hearting?)

LL BeaN Sea SPray Surf Set

And below we share the Kate Spade Miramar Minu Clutch, also with a delightful price savings in effect!

Kate Spade Miramar Clutch

We love that Mathieson refers to ‘preppy style’ as “widely misunderstood and underrated;” as it is sadly thus in many cases, when it comes to equating internal personality traits with external appearances. Besides, how could we possibly resist any article that speaks glowingly of Lilly? Speaking of… might we seize the moment and insert a photo from the Home Collection at The Pink Palm? (Everything seen in the photo below is 50% off. Just a little FYI from the Princess.)

Lilly Pulitzer Accessories at The Pink Palm

Mathieson is an outstanding writer, to the point, without a lot of frou-frou. Her background is costume design and style consulting – she has her own book out called Forever Cool.

Sherrie Mathieson Book Forever Cool

C’mon, dig out your glasses and settle in for some reading. It’s good for the soul.


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3 responses to “Everyone Discovers Preppy, Part Two (Including ‘Nouveau Preppie’)

  1. That green Kate Spade clutch is almost too much! I want, I need, I have to have…

    I too am intrigued by all this “how to be preppy” info. I like it though-that sort of thing has given me fashion guidance. I have been through basically four fashion phases in my life. 1. wear crazy stuff to be a rebellious teenager 2. wear sexy stuff to show off 3. wear whatever doesn’t have to be ironed (aka new mom look) 4. i am grown-up and want to emerge from new mom look. In stage 4, I discovered preppy. I am pretty well convinced that I will remain in stage 4 forever.
    As always, great post! Air kiss!

  2. Quite possibly your best post ever. Love it all!!!! 🙂

  3. hey, can’t we bring back add-a-bead??!! Seriously! I need pictures, it sounds so cool, but I don’t think we had that in iowa way back when….
    and totally agree w/lipstick, love the green Kate Spade clutch! But Lipstick, don’t forget the “I’m old and could give a bleep what anyone thinks, they have to listen to me and can’t say anything” fashion stage. I’m thinking a little helen gurley brown and a dash of leona helmsley, anyone else, ladies?

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