Second Oops on SATC Sarah Jessica Parker Premiere Gown…and you *Won’t* Believe Who Actually Wore it First (Photographic evidence included!)

The Princess recognizes the following content has nothing whatsoever to do with the posts readers generally associate with this site. And we offer a sincere apology in advance for straying this far from our usual tone and tenor. However, after consuming your time with previous posts on this topic, we feel it only fair to provide what we fervently pray is the final update on this topic.

We speak of course about the Nina Ricci gown Sarah Jessica Parker wore to Thursday’s premiere of Sex and the City.. That it turned out was actually worn previously by socialite Lauren Santo Domingo, several weeks in fact before SJP donned it for her big day. Amazingly, it now turns out someone wore it before either Ms. Parker or Ms. Santo Domingo. Presumably the photograph below gives you some idea about whom we speak.


Lindsay Lohan in Nina Ricci SATC Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker Gown

Yes, it is LiLo, Lindsay Lohan, in the same gown, this time it was worn as part of a cover story that ran in the March Harper’s Bazaar.

Lindsay Lohan in Nina Ricci SATC SJP Gown

This one leaves the editorial staff here at The Princess speechless. Completely.

Nina Ricci Gown #1 Lindsay Lohan Nina Ricci Gown #2 Lauren Santo DomingoNina Ricci Gown #3 SJP Sarah Jessica Parker


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7 responses to “Second Oops on SATC Sarah Jessica Parker Premiere Gown…and you *Won’t* Believe Who Actually Wore it First (Photographic evidence included!)

  1. I am extremely disappointed about this whole situation. The fact that the designer would blatantly lie so many times is just egregious.

  2. If I were SJP, I would be pretty upset. She won’t be wearing this designer again!!!

  3. I like Lauren the best, still.

  4. Ok someone did not do their job! Aren’t these people rich enough (and famous enough) to have someone checking everywhere to make sure no one else has worn the dress??

  5. Oliver has just designed one of the most famous dresses of…the year? the century? Hmm. TBD.

  6. You know, FashionHerald is absolutely spot-on about this whole thing…Olivier and The Dress and Nina Ricci have been talked about how much in the past three days? Hello..? You can’t buy that kind of PR; even if it is negative, *everyone* saw The Dress and knows who designed it.
    Wow. Amazing.

  7. brad taylor


    Not in the fashion world. Sarah Jessica has a lot of fans, both wealthy and not, and they will never buy Nina Ricci (almost forgot the name already), and her powerful stylist and her stylists friends, her famous friends and their rich friends, and the company basically let everyone know that they are shady, don’t put the customer first, don’t have any integrity, and are essentially uncool.

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